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Season 1 Episode 7

It Was Supposed To Be Funny

Aired Sunday 11:00 PM Sep 09, 2001 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

Erik approaches Brendon to do a film about Melissa's grandfather's life. Brendon decides to make the movie better by putting Grandpa in drag and having him sing. However, Brendon makes Melissa mad for making fun of her grandfather.

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H. Jon Benjamin

H. Jon Benjamin

Jason Penopolis, Coach John McGuirk, Perry, Various

Brendon Small

Brendon Small

Brendon Small, Dwayne, Walter, Ken & Junior Addleburg, Various

Melissa Bardin Galsky

Melissa Bardin Galsky

Melissa Robbins, Various

Janine Ditullio

Janine Ditullio

Paula Small, Various (2001-2004)

Loren Bouchard

Loren Bouchard

Josie Small, Phone Voice, Various (Uncredited)

Will Lebow

Will Lebow

Melissa's Grandfather, Drive-Thru Employee

Guest Star

Bill Braudis

Bill Braudis


Recurring Role

Jonathan Katz (I)

Jonathan Katz (I)

Eric Robbins

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • LOOK HARD: When Brendon and his mom are in the parking lot eating, they park in the 51 spot -- this is a reference to the Area 51 alien site. Also, a man pulling up to the drive-thru is abducted. The man serving the smalls has a head shaped similar to the roswell aliens.

    • Brendon said he "doesn't do documentaries", however he has done them in several episodes so far.

    • Gnome Appearances: There is a gnome with a WWI hat in the Grandfather's documentary.

    • The colors on the camo suits both McGuirk and Erik wear change colors slightly between shots.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Melissa: (reading McGuirk's date ad) Handsome, sophisticated, man. Enjoys fine wine and lots of it...
      McGuirk: Yeah, I love that.
      Melissa: (continue reading) Seeks beautiful woman for long walks. (stops reading) That's really sweet, Coach McGuirk.
      McGuirk: I changed it from enjoys alcohol.
      Melissa: It sounds nicer.
      McGuirk: I have to boil down my whole personality in one huge lie.
      Melissa: You did a good job.
      McGuirk: Well, thanks.

    • Erik: No, my ideal woman is a woman who cares about the world, plus 15 percent.

    • Brendon: What do you mean, uh, you can't make it?
      Melissa: Well, I'm going to visit my grandfather in the nursing home.
      Brendon: Do you have to go?
      Melissa: No, but I like visiting him. I mean, he's really old, but he's really nice.
      Brendon: For your own sake, do not go because, you know, it's not healthy for you to be hanging around with old people because, you know, you could catch an old person's disease and, uh, suddenly become old.

    • Jason: Uh, Brendon, my grandfather calls me Debbie and tries to kiss me.
      (Brendon and Melissa look at him shocked)
      Jason: No, my grandfather was, um, a surgeon and lost a, well, malpractice suit because he cut off the wrong leg.
      Melissa: That's awful!
      Brendon: It's...it's terrible, Jason.
      Jason: Yeah, that's what the patient said but it was a little more angry.
      Melissa: Is your grandfather still a surgeon?
      Jason: No. That's the short story. The long story is that now he is a very successful, uh, malpractice lawyer.

    • McGuirk: My ideal woman is my mother, actually, who I hate.

    • Coach Mcguirk: David, don't use your hands, this is not tennis!
      (David handballs again)
      Coach Mcguirk: David, SOCCER, NO HANDS!
      (David handballs again)
      Coach Mcguirk: You think I'm kidding, David? What's the stupid look for? Imagine your life with no hands! Bloody stubs is all you're gonna have!
      Brendan: Coach, some of the parents are...
      Coach Mcguirk: I was just kidding David, use your hands, it's fun, this is for fun. (whispers)Thank you Brendan.

    • Erik: I'd like a woman who will accept me for who I am, and not for my money. Although, hey, I'll give you fifty dollars.

    • Brendan: Do you know any german?
      Jason: Uhh..ich bin ein berliner.
      Brendon: Okay, that's not bad, lets try more makeup-
      Jason: Ask not what your country can do for you...
      Brendon: Okay, that's good but it's not german.
      Jason: Ask what you can do for your country.

  • NOTES (5)

    • This episode was produced for UPN but didn't air until the series was picked up by Adult Swim.

    • Brendon's Filmography:
      Melissa's Grandfather: Part I – Brendon tries to make a documentary of Melissa's grandfather, but he is very boring, so Brendon puts him in a dress and makeup.
      Melissa's Grandfather: Part II – It's a reenactment of the greatest moments of Melissa's Grandfather's life where he defeats the Nazis and saves a comrade. (Stars McGuirk and Erik)
      Dating Video - Brendon makes a dating video where he, McGuirk, Erik, Jason, and Ned describe the type women they want.

    • This episode of the first appearance of the supermarket.

    • This episode is the first episode we hear of the relationship of McGuirk and his mother.

    • Due to the fact that most of the script was improvised, much of the cast and crew were given writer credits.


    • Paula's Hand Motion: Crushing Your Head
      The hand motion Paula makes to the guy in the car in front of her at the green light is a small but obvious homage to The Headcrusher character Mark McKinney plays on the Canadian sketch show The Kids In The Hall.

    • Jason: Uhh... ich bin ein berliner.

      The german phrase Jason spits out is a funny reference to a phrase in one of the most famous speeches given by John F. Kennedy, speaking in Berlin after the construction of the Berlin Wall. What does it mean? Translated it says "I am a Berliner," or "I am a citizen of Berlin." It was meant to show solidarity with West Berlin during the Cold War. A joke that has developed around the quote comes from the differences between English and German grammar. The long and short of it is the phrase could mean either "I am a citizen of Berlin" or "I am a jelly doughnut" depending on the context.

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