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Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 11:00 PM Jan 06, 2002 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

Brendon successfully runs for class president, but his connections to Shannon might be his downfall. Paula gets flowers from her class. McGuirk tries out stand-up comedy.

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    H. Jon Benjamin

    H. Jon Benjamin

    Jason Penopolis, Coach John McGuirk, Perry, Various

    Brendon Small

    Brendon Small

    Brendon Small, Dwayne, Walter, Ken & Junior Addleburg, Various

    Melissa Bardin Galsky

    Melissa Bardin Galsky

    Melissa Robbins, Various

    Janine Ditullio

    Janine Ditullio

    Paula Small, Various (2001-2004)

    Loren Bouchard

    Loren Bouchard

    Josie Small, Phone Voice, Various (Uncredited)

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Goof:
        When Brendon & Palua are at the table, the flowers change colors. Once the flowers were all different colors, then later, they become red and pink.

      • Gnome Appearances: There is a real possibilty of no gnomes appearing in this episode.

      • While making a video, Melissa asks Jason to read the top line of a sign that is written in Japanese. Jason says "I can't... I can't read anymore." It looks as if they tried to make the sign say exactly what he just said, but instead of the character for "I", they used the character for "peace", which look similar, and appear right next to each other in the official list of Japanese characters.

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Shannon: You mark my words. You will win, and when you do, I will be there.
        Brendon: Okay; I'm just gonna back away slowly.
        (Brendon slowly backs away from Shannon)
        Shannon: Okay.

      • Shannon: I can feel my serotonin levels dropping.

      • Mr. Lynch: I myself lost all my Frank Sinatra CDs
        Shannon: I love old Blue Eyes
        Mr. Lynch: Well then, you'll be happy to know that I'll be keeping an old blue eye on you. That's right, a great big ol' blue eye.
        Shannon: That's gross
        Mr. Lynch: Yes, yes it is.

      • Shannon: Melissa we've been over this, I'm a thug!

      • Coach McGuirk: Why do they always put the pictures of missing kids on the mik cartons? It's like, I'm trying to eat my breakfast. Thanks for depressing me.
        McGuirk's mom: You Suck!

      • Paula: Now what were you saying?
        Brendan: This meatloaf is dry.
        Paula: Before that.
        Brendan: This is meatloaf?
        Paula: Before that.
        Brendan: This fish is dry.

      • Brendon, Jason, and Melissa: We got Shannon, we got Shannon, right in the cannon, right in the cannon!

    • NOTES (7)

      • This was the first episode to use Macromedia Flash animation. The creators switched from squigglevision because the episodes were cheaper to produce with regular animation.

      • End Credits: Spoken: McGuirk's mom heckles him.

      • The video in "Vote Brendon Small" features a Japanese eye chart. When translated, it becomes "I can't. I can't read anymore."

      • This is the first episode made specifically for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

      • This episode introduces us to Ken Addleburg, the hard-to-understand oddjobber in Brendon's town.

      • Brendon's Filmography:
        "Vote Brendon Small" – Do books burn your eyes when you read them? Brendon Small believes it is time to move away from books and into videos for learning. Vote Brendon Small for class president.
        "Thieves" – Actually not a movie but rather a set up to get Shannon. It kind of works.

      • Shannon's personality seems to have changed a bit. In The Art of the Sucker Punch, he was just a bully who would shove people into mud and such, but now he's breaking into cars and stealing things.

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • random student: Is ketchup a vegetable?
        Referring to the Reagan administration, which declared ketchup a vegetable to spare schools having to spend money on real food.

      • Theives:
        In Brendon's movie theives, Jason's and Melissa's characters are homages to famous theives Bonnie and Clyde.

    • 8:00 pm
      The Carmichael Show President Trump
    • 9:00 pm
      American Ninja Warrior