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  • Just No No No! This Is Not A Good Show At All! Overrated To Hell!

    First of all the plots are overly boring and so boring I loose interest extremely fast, most use movie references and most of the characters are poorly developed. Another thing that is unforgivable is the animation, just because a show is doing something different animation wise does not allow it to get away with what this show is doing. Just like 12 oz. mouse this show deserves the same response as this show. Its just as bad.
  • Absolutely hilarious

    I used to watch this show when it ran as reruns on Adult Swim at 5 AM. I loved it then and have recently begun rewatching the episodes in order and I had forgotten just how smart and funny the writing for this show is. The interactions between Brendon and Coach McGuirk are the highlight of most episodes for me, they are both very sarcastic and have a sort of dysfunctional father/son tyoe relationship that is so entertaining to watch. Extremely smart, witty, and always various, I give Home Movies a 10 and definitely recommend it.
  • The conversation is worth it!

    When I first experienced this show, I judged the way it was drawn. I think most turned away simply because it wasn't pretty to look at. I think the way it looks adds to the humor! Every time I watch an episode I laugh, all of the characters make me laugh, but particularly Brendon and Coach McGuirk have me rolling! I still remember this show after all these years so I guess you can say I liked it.

  • Looks poorly drawn to be a hit

    Sorry, but I cant help looking at the way all the characters are drawn and telling myself, "Gee, they look I just cant get past that problem to enjoy the show if I even tried my hardest.
  • good show !

    a very funny smart show that deserves a revival due to all the current crap on adult swim

  • Not a favorite, but still somewhat enjoyable...

    Home Movies is about a boy named Brendon Small, who video-tapes movies in order to one day become a movie producer.

    It's incredibly awkward, first of all. I think the humor comes more from the coach than it does with Brendon or his mother. I don't really like the characters, except maybe the coach a little bit.

    The animation is downright lazy. I get a headache watching the first season because of how choppy it is. But I'm glad that they sort of fixed it in later episodes.

    I never found myself loving or hating this show. I just don't really understand why it's so popular among people. I've seen a decent amount of episodes to come to my final conclusion:


    Home Movies is okay. Not great, but certainly not the worst on Adult Swim.
  • Suprisingly hilarious.

    This show proves that animation doesn't have to be smooth in order to make a good show (though it IS very important). Home Movies' animation is very choppy, with "squigglemation" lines, and distorted characters. At first glance, it can turn a viewer off. However, Home Movies manages to do something rare: it manages to be hilarious and totally watchable despite it's oddball external appearance. Its casual and is as hilarious as it is oddball. Its a shame Adult Swim doesn't produce more good shows like this. I give Home Movies and 8 out of 10.
  • Home Movies shows just as much entertainment as a real movie.

    I don't know about you, but Home Movies was always a great series in my eyes. It was clever, and most of the time hilarious. What was best about this show is that it wasn't as trashy as the other shows Adult Swim has around today, it stood out from the rest. The animation was the only flaw though, Home Movies was created in the era of cartoons where the animation had improved. Other than that, the show is brilliant. And I don't know about you, but this show could be so stupid at times that you couldn't help but laugh at it.
  • Unlike anything I've seen

    This show is clever. It's style might come off as "dumb" "random" or "pointless" because it is often very realistic, and often very normal. This is the brilliance of Home Movies. The animation is sub par on purpose, it's a style. This show is only funny if you have the patience to watch. If you do, it's almost certain you will fall in love like I did.
  • Adult Swim has no shame...

    Of all the shows Cartoon Network's Adult Swim has shown over the years, none can top the overall abhorrence of Home Movies.

    Once a series on UPN(now MyNetwork TV), this garish cartoon is now befouling the Adult Swim schedule.

    There is ABSOLUTELY nothing entertaining about a poorly drawn family of cretins being "filmed" by an 8-year old boy, who himself maybe cretinous.

    And this animated horror show also featured Paula Poundstone, whose talent is questionable at best.

    I am not making this review out of the fact that Adult Swim has relegated all those cool Anime shows at an unreasonable time slot(early morning Sunday), nor out of the anger i felt when they pulled Shin Chan from their lineup, but for the mere fact that the programmers behind Adult Swim are just like their intended audience, sociopaths...
  • Home Movies brings us into the proto-cinematic world of Brendon Small (Brendon Small), a 12-year-old filmmaker-in-development. Brendon, armed with his trusty video camera and a wildly unbounded imagination, produces fairly high-quality cinematic epics with his friends Jason Penopolis (H. Jon Benjamin, Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist) and Melissa Robbins (Melissa Bardin Galsky), all the while trying to deal with the typical (and some atypical) struggles faced by a 12-year-old boy:


    I still find it difficult to write about Home Movies. Its quality is somewhat intangible and hard to describe—it's just a great combination of humor, pacing, and silliness that flat-out works. The show is still on in repeats on Adult Swim. I strongly suggest taking an episode or two for a test drive.

    The show overall retains the charm and razor-sharp wit it had in the first season. Brendon talks like an adult, but is still very much a kid. What sets Home Movies apart from similar shows is its seamless integration of these two elements of Brendon's personality. Many shows (Simpsons, I'm looking at you…) will put "adult" dialogue into a kid's mouth for laughs, but do it in a way that makes the character farcical or clearly "phony," for lack of a better word. (A school bully would never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, NEVER be into Andy Williams in reality. Ever.)

    Once you've crossed that Rubicon, you can't go back—the audience will never again take that character seriously. If you want to do a serious story, you have to wrap the seriousness in a blanket of farce appropriate to the character.

    It uses farce and ridiculousness, true, but it keeps the farcical elements within Brendon's films, allowing the "real" Brendon, Melissa, and Jason to act realistically. Precocious and mature for their age, yes—but realistically so...

  • Possibly the best show to have the "Adult Swim" name attached to it


    I just can't say enough about how good this show is. Even if you are not a regular viewer of Adult Swim, it is still a show that is worth checking out, especially if you are a fan of adult-oriented cartoons. Home Movies centers around a kid named Brendon Small (named after and voiced by the show's creator) who creates short, no-budget movies in his basement with his friends, Jason and Melissa. Together, they get into all sorts of adventures together, whether it involves something not working right behind the scenes of Brendon's movies or something not working right in their friendship. Every single character is very well-developed and interesting - Brendon is a smart and creative kid (although he can be a little arrogant at times), Melissa's role as the ignored straight person is entertaining, and Jason always says very weird things that always make me laugh. Coach McGuirk is my personal favorite character. His alcoholism, combined with his short temper and tendency to give bad advice is a perfectcomedy blendand never fails to get a laugh out of me. Occasionally, he even gets his time to shine when an episode's subplot focuses on his personal problems, which are always hilarious. The show's premise seems like it would make way for very formulaic plotlines, but the writers have atalent for avoiding that. The storylines are all original and contain a great amount of humor and variety to them. The artwork is a little crude, but that somehow adds a degree of originality to it. The animation is a little bad in the early episodes - the characters outlines vibrated and they hardly even moved - but the later episodes removed the vibrating outlines and added more movement, even if it was on the stiff side. However, like South Park, Home Movies is so well written that you don't really pay attention to the crudeness of the show's visuals. Bottom line, Home Movies is a funny, creative, and well-done show that any animation enthusiast should check out. If you haven't seen it, catch it on Adult Swim or buy the DVD. Heck, every episode is even on YouTube.

  • The funniest Adult Swim show ever.

    This show is hilarious, it really is. The animation is poor, which is typical for Adult Swim, but this has lots of good humor to bring it up from that. I highly recommend this show, it has used episode plots (sometimes) but it's humor and the direction they go with the episode make it better. I watched this show when I was a younger and I can't remember it being this funny. Then, about a year ago, my sisters and me were channel surfing really early in the morning and came across this and watched the episode and we all loved it. Then, I watched all the episodes and to be honest with you, this show never disappoints. Never, really never, ever! It's such a great show and I couldn't recommend it any more. Once I get enough money, I will buy the Complete 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition DVD that costs $100 and it's worth it. I don't watch this show regularly but when I need a good laugh, I just watch this and it makes me feel better. It's from a great guy that also created Bob's Burgers, which has a few bad moments but it also another great show. I hope to one day watch more of this guy's shows and this is a PERFECT show. 10/10
  • superb

    This show is pretty good. The animation is probably the weakest part of the show, because it's not greatly animated, but who cares when the episodes are funny. Brendon is a kid who makes home movies with his friends, while dealing with his Coach Mcguirk and his mom and other trials in his life. It's pretty good. The animation is kind of bad at times but it is a funny show. I wish it had lasted more than 4 seasons. B+ or so as my final grade
  • I know I'm going to get flamed for this...

    Personally, I think Home Movies is way overrated. While the characters are likeable, I find it very boring and horribly animated. I know, I know style isn't everything, but squiggle-vision (HM's animation style) has always hurt my eyes when I watch it. So it's more of a personal preference for me. Going back the the characters, one thing that's bothered me is Bradon is supposed to be eight or nine, but he doesn't act like that way. He acts a lot older than his age and while some small kids can be very wise and clever, I think it would've made more sense if they upped the character's age to 14 or 15 since his personality is closer to that. The other problem is that it feels like the show is mostly composed of dull dialoge with little action. I'm not expecting lasers or fights, but just because you animate something doesn't make it entertaining. I know a lot of fans will not like me, but I have to say my peace.
  • A really bad show.

    This show is very slow moving, has very few funny moments, and half of the show is the characters going back and forth about a meaningless topic. This show is bad I highly advise all to not watch this. It seems lots of people like this show I dont know why. The animation is bad and the show in general is just boring. I can watch really bad shows and not want to get up to change the channel (im lazy that way). But this show is so bad I dont care how lazy I feel I get up and change the channel. This show is just awful.
  • a show that needs to die.

    this show's really bad. i couldn't even bear to watch more then half of it. the animamation is bad, it's boring and the characters look stupid. i didn't think anything could get worse then the movie "lady in the water". i also think it's weird how their hands and feet are coverd by their clothes. i'm surprised that this show is still running lol. their voices also sound boring uk this show is just weird. to me this seems like a show for people who just got high off of pot or for people who are really really bored and have nothing else to watch.
  • Gone but not forgotten

    Well I haven't written a review in quite some time, so I turned to one of Adult Swim's classic shows, Home Movies. This show has some pretty interesting humor and animation plus it's addicting after watching a few episodes. Something about this show makes it special and I don't know what it is. Sad to see how shortly it ended, Home Movies was like a hidden gem, not a lot of people got to see how great of a show it was. However Adult Swim thinks about their viewers and plays it daily sometimes, but not at a good time.
  • A show that needs to be more recognized.

    Home Movies is one of the best cartoons I've ever watched. The characters and plots are great.

    I started watching Home Movies this year, and something I could ask myself is,"How did I miss this?" The humor is smart and witty, and the story is great. Brendon makes movies with his friends Jason and Melissa. He does it in his spare time and sometimes his sister Josie, his mom Paula, or Coach McGuirk will be part in his films.The setting is usually in Brendon's basement or in his school. Brendon gets awful grades in his classes, and thats funny because he's actually brilliant, but his movies are keeping him from passing.

    Each episode is different from the last. The jokes aren't used over and over again, which is awesome in my book. More shows should do that.

    You will likely find at least one character in the show that remind you of someone you know, or maybe even yourself. Thats cool because the show is more "real" that way.

    The conversations between characters are also great, especially the ones with Brendon and Coach McGuirk. You'll more than likely find yourself laughing at them.

    Overall, I'm completely glad I watched this. It's original and funny. It's a shame that not much people know about this, and the fact that theres only four seasons:(
  • A must-watch.

    Many of the people who don't like this show cite that they think the humor is geared towards the 14-15 year old crowd, and ironically these same people happen to be big fans of Family Guy, an extremely adolescent show (although I still like it myself). That being said, Home Movies is still funny and clever to me even though I am in my 20s. Each of the four seasons seems to have a different feel (the first season is in Squigglevision, a la Dr. Katz, and the 4th season is smoother animation and more irreverent humor). Either way the show is consistently funny to me. Much of the dialog is actually impromptu, and this type of conversational/dialog-based humor is appealing to me. H. Jon Benjamin voices Coach McGuirk (the quintessential 40 year old cynical slob) as well as Jason, and does a phenomenal job interacting with Brendon Small to create a brand of humor that I have a hard time comparing. This isn't a show of fart jokes (which are funny too), but of irreverent humor that supersedes the elementary-school setting in which the show takes place. Definitely worth a watch if you've never seen it, and worth another look if the first-season's squigglevision was off putting the first time you saw it.
  • This is one of the freshest, original and best shows of all time.

    Home Movies is about a boy who escapes the badness in life by making movies with his friends. The show is simply amazing in terms of style. Most of the show is done through retro scripting or Imrpov, and most dialogue is vaguely scripted. The actors in this show are some of the best actors i have ever heard in a cartoon. Especially H. Jon Benjamin, the voice of the almighty Coach Mcguirk. Coach Mcguirk gives about 75% of the shows comedy, and he is the most hilarious guy in a cartoon. He is not stupid funny like Peter Griffin, but his comedy is intelligent. Another thing in this show is the music. The music on this show is great and/or funny. Like "Franz Kafka" or "Don't Kill Children" bring great laughs to the show. All in all, Home Movies is a legendary show. Anybody who is smart and understands smart humor should definitely watch this show.
  • Bottom Line: The show is an underappreciated gem in Adult Swim's lineup, and if you can, watch it, because it is absolute genius.

    This show is very funny, and the reason it's considered a "cult classic" is because it actually conveys real people. The show isn't overly dramatic, and it keeps things interesting because unlike other shows, Brendon and the others branch out and do whatever they want in Brendon's short films, which are certainly not of a very high quality level (he's an 8-year-old, so don't expect anything along the lines of Steven Spielberg) but they're funny and original. Also of note are the lengthy conversations between Brendon and Coach McGuirk, which are specifically genius due to McGuirk's "philosophy" being nothing but him ranting about anything he wants. These tend to be the best moments in each episode, and that's a high reception for a show that's already great enough. Bottom Line: The show is an underappreciated gem in Adult Swim's lineup, and if you can, watch it, because it is absolute genius.

    So in conclusion, yes I know that's a weird way to start a review, this show is brilliant with wonderful rides and twists and turns. The last episode almost made me cry for some reason. In my opinion, this is the best show on [adult swim] that is actually 30 minutes, in competition with the Venture Brothers. This is one show on [adult swim] that could actually appeal to teenage age groups, since none of the episodes ever have a M rating. The songs written by Brendon Small is fantastic! The art, while simple, it's very colorful and cheerful. This is completely different from the awful Metalocalypse. The personality of the characters are great and funny. The comedy of this makes you laugh at every episode you watch, which is from exaggerated comedy or whatever you call it. Despite the main characters are children, the movies they make are wonderful and obviously child's play, of course, low budget. I don't care if people don't like this show, it's still one of the best.
  • Home Movies ranks among the very best animated series ever aired on television.

    Home Movies ranks among the very best animated series ever aired on television. Its subtle humor and simple yet sophisticated animation never translated into the huge ratings needed to keep the series going, but for a time it found a home on Adult Swim and I am grateful that it lasted as long as it did.
    The story follows a young boy named Brendon Small as he attempts to direct countless movies in his basement with the help of his friends Melissa and Jason. There are countless other regulars and guest stars, with soccer Coach Jon McGuirk being the star.
    The humor is not the in-your-face style of Family Guy or even a Matt Groening cartoon. Instead, it relies on subtle comedic voice-acting. The scripts are planned out in general, but the actual lines are left up to the actors to improvise which makes for some of the most spontaneous and hilarious scenes in any cartoon.
    Home Movies started out on UPN but didn't survive, and calling Adult Swim its home was fitting, for this is indeed an adult cartoon, not in that it contains explicit content, although Coach McGuirk is often quite vulgar, but the humor itself is more mature and sophisticated than on he average FOX animated show.
    Although Home Movies is a comedy, there are touching moments within it as well. Moments of truth that come through the comedy. The series is officially cancelled now, but the Home Movies gang got a chance to end it on a high note, with the last episode serving as a poignant goodbye to Brendon and his many years of filmmaking.
  • This was the show that got me into Adult Swim. One of the best shows ever made.

    This was the show that got me into Adult Swim. One of the best shows ever made.Most of my friends couldn't stand it because of the first seasons art, but I didn't mind. I remember how I always laughed in every episode. But most importantly, AS tried to keep it on the air, but people like YOU didn't watch it, so it got cancelled.
  • Brung It Back!

    This Show Was My Favorite Show On Adult Swim! It Was So Original And Funny. My Favorite Character On The Show Had To Be Jason. He Was So Random And Funny! Adult Swim Should Really Bring This Show Back For A 5th Season! This Show Is Classic And Will Always Be My Favorite Show On Adult Swim!
  • Love It!

    This show totally rules, couldn't of done better myself. Well thats not saying much, but this is one of the best shows there is and the gym coach is hillarious. I just love this show so much. I wish they played it during the day also, cause I only see it at night were i'm at, so that would help. The animation is alright, it doesn't have to be perfect for me, I actually think this animation makes it somewhat more funny. It's interesting how they make movies about stuff and how they sometimes end up fight over some of the movies! Keep this show on the air!
  • This is about a boy named Brendon and his movies and some other crap.

    I have been watching this show since it started and I have every sigle episode and this is one of my favorite shows and they should bring it back! The world would be a much better place if they started making new episodes. They should bring it back and make new episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i am not ashamed that i like this show

    i love this show. but everyone around me does'nt like it. so i just did'nt tell anyone that i like this show. but of course i am not ashamed. this show is hilarious. and i don't
    why everyone around me does'nt like this show. i wish the show was still on the air
  • the best show ever!

    I love home movies it is so cool! there is nothing beter than it I love the charictors and ideas it is the best watch it! There is know better show on TV I own all the seasons and I watched every epiosed and I can\'t stop loveing it. My favorite charictor is coatch every thing he says is funny trust me you will love it I can\'t wait for death klok (deah klok was made by Breandon Small same guy and he also created home movies). The only problem is it\'s canlied completely you can\'t see one epiosed on TV but you can just get the comple 1 through 4 seasons
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