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  • Coffins And Cradles
    Episode 13
    The kids are preparing for Halloween, Linda is preparing to have a baby, and Coach McGuirk is prepared to have the romantic evening of his life. Despite all this, no one is prepared when things start to go wrong.
  • Stowaway
    Episode 12
    Brendon is inspired by his latest movie to run away to Europe. Jason & Melissa decide to follow him. Meanwhile, McGuirk needs money to repair his car, so he seeks advice from moneyman Tom Wilsonberg. The advice: Gamble.
  • Broken Dreams
    Episode 11
    While filming a movie, Jason starts talking about Melissa's arm, because it is in a cast. Brendon thinks Melissa did it so she wouldn't have to take a big science test. Then, Jason breaks his arm and comes to school with a cast, but Melissa and Brendon don't buy it. Brendon is having a hard time studing for the science test, and decides to go to the library. However, he falls asleep there and gets nothing accomplished. While leaving, Brendon trips and falls down the library stairs, breaking his arm. He arrives on the set with a cast, and Melissa and Jason reveal that both of them were faking. They believe Brendon was faking too.moreless
  • 11/10/02
    Brendon, Jason and Melissa get detention from school disciplinarian Mr. Pendlehurst. Things get worse when they get in trouble in detention and are forced to go to a “Scared Straight” type trip to a prison. Meanwhile, Paula finds a connection between all of Brendon’s films.
  • Storm Warning
    Episode 9
    A storm is headed their way but, Paula must deliver her novel to her agent before he leaves for vacation. The kids try to decide whether they want to make a mockumentary about making a movie or a mock-making-of a mockumentary movie, or just a movie.
  • Guitarmageddon
    Episode 8
    Brendon, Jason and Melissa start a band despite their lack of musical talent. Dwayne enters a guitar contest to defeat his arch-enemy Jimmy Monet.
  • My Cheatin' Heart
    Episode 7
    Much to Brendon's dismay, Andrew signs him up to take golfing lessons so they can play against one of his business associates. The lessons don't help, and Brendon is still a terrible golfer. He enlists McGuirk's help to improve his game, but he still ends up having to cheat. Meanwhile, Brendon wants to film a backwards movie, with the ending first, and the rest of the scenes going backwards. Melissa and Jason disagree. The episode is filled with all sorts of movie references.moreless
  • Renaissance
    Episode 6
    Jason as Robin Hood, Brendan as King Arthur, and Melissa as a princess are recruited by Mr. Lynch to be actors in a Renaissance Festival.. Together they perform a Rock rendition of Robin Hood meets king Arthur. Meanwhile McGurk, who has been hired as the village blacksmith, shows up totally hung-over and must fight off hordes of renaissance dorks as he tries to sleep. The fair goes as planned until a rivalry between the Renaissance kids and the Science Fiction nerds, who are at a convention next store, starts to interfere. Fenton tries to persuade Brendan over to the side of the Sci-Fi and lets slip that one of the renaissance kids is a traitor and is selling Brendan out. Who could it be? Better yet who will survive in fierce battle of the nerdsmoreless
  • Four's Company
    Episode 5
    Melissa starts hanging out with a french kid at school. Brendon is mad/jealous, and continually bugs her about it. Finally, she quits. Later, Brendon is walking out of Mr.Lynch's classroom and spots the french kid talking to a friend. He says that he is just using Melissa to be in Brendon's movies, and doesn't actually like Melissa. Later, the french kid shows up at Small Studios, and tells Brendon he wants to be in his movies. Brendon confronts him about what he heard, and he admits it's true. Then he tells Brendon his accent isn't real, and he's canadian. Melissa rejoins the group after Brendon and Jason blackmail the french kid into calling her and telling her everything. Meanwhile, Coach McGuirk trys to get Paula, Lynch, and Erik to go out to dinner with him. Fed up of everyone lying to him about having other things to attend to, he calls everyone at insane hours of the night and parks outside of Lynch's house with binoculars. In the end, only him and Erik actually go to dinner.moreless
  • 8/25/02
    Mr. Lynch sends the kids (AND McGuirk) to a "Sensitivity Seminar" after they make fun of Junior Addleburg, meanwhile Paula submits a video of Brendon as a baby to a contest and wins, but at the same time, mortifies and embarrasses her son..
  • Bad Influences
    Episode 3
    Jason's weight prompts Brendon to eat more, which in turn prompts Jason to eat more, causing a compulsive chain reaction that threatens their friendship. Jon McGuirk tries to go on a double date with Ron Lynch to win back Nurse Kirkman.
  • 8/11/02
    Right after Paula burns her kitchen down, her mother Doris tells her that she’s divorcing Paula’s father. Brendon is working on a cop movie, and McGuirk offers to help fix up the kitchen.
  • Shore Leave
    Episode 1

    Erik signs up Melissa for the Fairy Princess Organization after he fears she’s becoming a little too manly. Brendon ends up being forced to stay the weekend at Fenton’s house.