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Season 1 Episode 3

The Art Of The Sucker Punch

Aired Sunday 11:00 PM May 10, 1999 on Adult Swim



  • Trivia

    • In their first appearance, Walter and Perry's names are switched.

    • Gnome Appearances:
      When we first see Shannon's house, there is a gnome on his front lawn.

      After Brendon sucker punches Shannon, he takes the garden gnome from Shannon's lawn, runs away holding it, tosses up in the air, catches it, cartwheels holding it in his mouth and finally spins it on the ground while doing a dance.

    • Paula hoses down Jason, but no mud comes off until after the shot switches. That's what you get for squiggle vision.

    • Even though everyone seems to wear a "bodysuit" kind of clothing, Shannon happens to be wearing an apron when he's cooking.

    • What's the babysitter from the previous episode doing at Shannon's birthday party?

  • Quotes

    • (Talking about Brendon's fight with Shannon.)
      : What happens after you punch his butt a second time?
      Brendon: I'm gonna probably kick him.
      Jason: Kick him! Where you gonna kick him?
      Brendon: I'm gonna go for the butt again.
      Jason: Okay. Let's get away from the butt.

    • Paula: Someday, Brendon, you're gonna be with a woman, or a man, who like you, just for you.
      Brendon: Or both, who knows, Mom.

    • Melissa: Brendon, after that fight, I don't think you're going to have any children...

    • Brendon: (Singing) Loving you is easy 'cause you're beautiful...
      McGuirk: No, that was more weird, I would of expected a shove or something.

    • Shannon: This is what's known as a tazzmanian footlock, you cannot get out of this... (Applys pressure to Brendon's leg, then turns to Mellissa, holding the camera) I'd like a copy of this please.

  • Notes

    • The plot of this episode is based on an actual run-in with a bully, that happened to voice-actor Loren Bouchard.

    • This Is Shannons 1st Appearence

    • Shannon's brothers dress & look very similar to him.

    • Brendon's fighting name is "Big Bad" Brendon Small, Shannon's is "Shannon the Cannon".

    • This episode marks the first time anyone remotely famous has done a guest voice, with the weird Emo Philips as Shannon

    • During the scene when Brendon trains with the chicken, he uses socks for boxing gloves.

    • Brendon's Film(s): Brendon vs. Shannon- "Big Bad" Brendon documents his warm-up, pre-fight, and fighting against Shannon "the Cannon".

    • Due to the fact that most of the script was improvised, much of the cast and crew were given writer credits.

    • This episode was meant to play second, but instead was bumped to third for some unknown reason.

    • Brendon predicts the fight will be over after three punches. Shannon grabs Brendon, knees him the face, and puts him in the Tasmanian foot-lock. He might not have won, but at least he was right.

    • One may think this is Shannon's first appearance but he was actually in "Get Away From My Mom." You'll recognize him he's in one of the first scenes.

  • Allusions

    • Brendon: (Singing) Loving you, is easy cos your beautiful...
      A funny reference to the song "Loving You" by Minnie Riperton.