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Season 3 Episode 10

Time To Pay The Price

Aired Sunday 11:00 PM Nov 10, 2002 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

Brendon, Jason and Melissa get detention from school disciplinarian Mr. Pendlehurst. Things get worse when they get in trouble in detention and are forced to go to a “Scared Straight” type trip to a prison. Meanwhile, Paula finds a connection between all of Brendon’s films.

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H. Jon Benjamin

H. Jon Benjamin

Jason Penopolis, Coach John McGuirk, Perry, Various

Brendon Small

Brendon Small

Brendon Small, Dwayne, Walter, Ken & Junior Addleburg, Various

Melissa Bardin Galsky

Melissa Bardin Galsky

Melissa Robbins, Various

Janine Ditullio

Janine Ditullio

Paula Small, Various (2001-2004)

Loren Bouchard

Loren Bouchard

Josie Small, Phone Voice, Various (Uncredited)

Sam Seder

Sam Seder

Mr. Pendlehurst

Guest Star

Sam Vincent

Sam Vincent

Pestkey Kids

Guest Star

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett


Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Before Brendon talks with McGuirk at the soccer field, McGuirk has written down on his clipboard to move Melissa to halfback.

    • Gnome appearances:
      The gnome appears as Melissa's hand in "Box Bots" and then as the lawyer and the defendant in "The Vedict RipOff".

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Brendon: (talking about his finger) That isn't loaded, it is?
      Pendlehurst: What did you say?
      Brendon: Ahem. Your finger...it's really, really close to my face. I'm having intimacy issues with it.
      Pendlehurst: Stand up...right...now.

    • McGuirk: You poured sugar in Pendlehurst's gas tank?
      Brendon: No. Some other kids did, but we ended up getting caught.
      McGuirk: So what's the punishment?
      Brendon: He's making us do this Scared Straight thing at the prison he used to work at.
      McGuirk: Scared Straight? You're already straight.
      Brendon: I'm already scared.

    • McGuirk: I've been to the can a few times, Brendon. That's what we call it, the can. So when you're there, you call it the can, all right?
      Brendon: What do you call cans in prison?
      McGuirk: You mean, actual cans
      Brendon: Yeah.
      McGuirk: Like food? Cans of food?
      Brendon: Yeah.
      McGuirk: Those are still cans.

    • Brendon: All right. How do you do?
      McGuirk: (crazy) No! No, man! No, Man! No! I don't think so! I don't think so! All Right?!
      Brendon: All right.
      McGuirk: (crazy) Is it?
      Brendon: Yeah.
      McGuirk: (crazy) Is it? (normal) See what I mean?
      Brendon: That was good.
      McGuirk: Freaks you out.
      Brendon: Feel my heart. It's pounding.

    • McGuirk: And here's another thing: make a shiv.
      Brendon: Yeah? How do you do that.
      McGuirk: I don't know. You find stuff, you make it. You can stab someone with anything.
      Brendon: Yeah.
      McGuirk: You wear glasses?
      Brendon: No.
      McGuirk: You wear contacts?
      Brendon: No.
      McGuirk: You can make a knife out of contacts.
      Brendon: Really?
      McGuirk: That's where I learned.
      Brendon: Wow.
      McGuirk: I killed a man with contacts.
      Brendon: In the can?
      McGuirk: Yeah.
      Brendon: Wow.

    • McGuirk: And the other thing is that you can make a knife out of tags from T-shirts.
      Brendon: Like, the clothes tags?
      McGuirk: Yeah. Because they're a little harder than the material.
      Brendon: And that's enough to...
      McGuirk: To penetrate skin.
      Brendon: Wow.
      McGuirk: You just got to find the right spot.

    • (Starboy: The Phantom Girlfriend Menace)
      Brendon: (as Starboy) You're not my friend.
      Jason: (as Captain of Outer Space) Listen to me, Starboy. I wouldn't be telling you this if I didn't care about you.
      Brendon: Oh, you're stupid, Captain of Outer Space.
      Jason: But what I say is true, Starboy. The woman you love is a ghost who's trying to kill you.
      Brendon: You lie! You jealous liar!
      Melissa: (as Ghost Lady): Whoo-ooh! Whoo-ooh!
      Jason: What's that noise?
      Melissa: You blew my cover, Captain of Outer Space.
      Jason: I told you, Starboy.
      Brendon: I'm sorry Captain of Outer Space. From now on, I'll believe you.
      Jason: Little late for that.
      Brendon: Hey, Ghost Lady, I breaking it off with you. I didn't realize at first that you were a ghost who was trying to kill me. Had I know that up front, I probably wouldn't have dated you. Or maybe I would have. I don't know. But that's definitely something you should have told me up front.
      Melissa: Nobody breaks up with Ghost Lady. It's time to pay the price. Whoo-ooh!

    • Jason: (talking about the movie they made) Brendon, this is the one that you ripped off The Verdict.
      Brendon: I didn't rip off The Verdict. We ripped off The Verdict.

    • (The Verdict rip-off)
      Brendon: (as a lawyer) Isn't it true that you are lying?!
      Melissa: (as a nurse) No!
      Brendon: Isn't it true that you are lying?!
      Melissa: No! I'm telling the truth! I do work at that hospital, and those are my initials, but the time was altered.
      Brendon: How on Earth do you explain that the time was altered?!
      Melissa: I can't! I can't explain!
      Brendon: Then who on Earth altered the time?!
      Melissa: (pointing to the defendant's lawyer) That man!
      Jason: (as the defendant's lawyer) Oh.
      Brendon: Are you sure it's that man?
      Melissa: I'm almost positive.
      Brendon: Are you sure it wasn't that man over there...the defendant's client?
      Melissa: Uh, yes. I meant to point more to the right. (points to the bailiff who is also Jason) That man!
      Brendon: The bailiff?
      Melissa: No. To the left.
      Jason: (as the judge) Order in the court. Order in the court. You, it's time to pay the price.

    • Prison Guard #1: Pendlehurst? Is that you?
      (Prison Guard #1 & #2 laughing)
      Prison Guard #1: Oh, my gosh, it is. Look. Pendlehurst is back.
      Prison Guard #2: (to Pendlehurst) I thought you weren't coming back.
      (Prison Guard #1 & #2 laughing)
      Prisoner Guard #2: Hey, Pendlehurst is back.
      (Prison Guard #1 & #2 laughing)
      Prisoner Guard #1: Hey, Pendlehurst!
      Prisoner Guard #2: Hey, hey, who am I? Pendlehurst.
      Prisoner Guard #1: Hey, Pendlehurst!

    • Prisoner: Boo! Booooo!
      Jason: Uh, I think this guy is actually trying to scare us straight.

    • Prisoner: I came from a broken home!
      Jason: Here we go.
      Prisoner: Then I got put in jail for robbing a bank! But before that...Ok. Wait. Oh, no. I was in a bank. Ok. Let me start over. I was in a gang, and then I got put in prison, and then I robbed a bank! No. Wait a second. I robbed the bank first. Ok. Bear with me, people. I'm going to look at some notes. (looks at his notes) Ok. I got it. I worked at a bank, then I robbed it, then I came to prison.
      Brendon: Gong.

    • McGuirk: We all live in our own prisons, Brendon.
      Brendon: Yeah.
      McGuirk: I mean, we're all trapped in these bodies.
      Brendon: Yeah.
      McGuirk: You have to go to school. That's a prison.
      Brendon: That is a prison.
      McGuirk: I have to be a soccer coach.
      Brendon: That's a prison.
      Brendon: This conversation...
      McGuirk: It's a prison.
      Brendon: It's a prison. Can't get out of it.

    • (music video)
      Jason: The T to the P to the P
      (Brendon joins in beat boxing)
      Jason & Melissa: P to the
      A to the Y
      Jason: It's time to pay the price today.

    • (prison film)
      Jason: Well, we've done a lot of bad things, right, guys?
      Melissa: Yes, we have. Yes, we have.
      Brendon: And now we're here in jail.
      Melissa: Yes, we are. We're here being punished.
      Jason: And we hate it. But what can we do? We did wrong.
      Brendon: We can't do anything. Justice has been done. It's time to...
      (mumbling) pop it pop...
      Melissa: Yeah.
      Jason: You speak the truth, my brother. It is time to...
      Melissa: Time for that.
      Jason: Yes, time to...
      Brendon & Melissa: Pay the...
      (all mumbling)
      Jason: What time is it, actually?
      Brendon: It's 2:30.
      Jason: Yeah, I got to go home.
      Brendon: Okay, fade to black. The End. Well, we tried.

    • (Environmental movie)
      Melissa: (as a lumberjack) I'm going to chop you down, tree.
      Brendon: (as a tree) Well, okay, but, um, don't, um, because what about the environment?
      Jason: (as a skunk, moves from behind Brendon) Hello, I'm a skunk.
      Brendon: Hello.
      Melissa: Hello.
      Jason: Hey, um, I mean, don't chop down the forest.
      Melissa: Okay, I won't chop down the forest, just this tree.
      Brendon: But I'm a tree, and I'm a house for birds and chipmunks and cats and dogs. And I can be useful for people, too. I can be made into wood...
      Jason: Oh, man. Chop it down.
      Melissa: I'm with you skunk.
      Brendon: Hey, you guys suck.
      Jason: Lumberjack.
      Melissa: Yep?
      Jason: Pass me that ax.
      (chops Brendon down with the ax and falls down)
      Brendon: (bleeding maple syrup) AAAAH! It hurts!
      Melissa: You can't shut this one up.
      Jason: Hope you learned your lesson, tree.
      Jason & Melissa: It's time to pay the price.

    • (The Box-Bots)
      Jason: Tell my girlfriend that I will miss her.
      Brendon: I can't. We're all being caught.
      Jason: Well, tell me that you'll miss me, then.
      Brendon: I going to miss you.
      Melissa: Here they come.
      Brendon, Jason, & Melissa: It's time to pay the price.

    • Jason: Um, wait, so these are videotapes of the movies we made?
      Brendon: Yeah. They're the videos of them. They're the movies, Jason.
      Jason: We were taping those movies?
      Brendon: Yeah.
      Jason: Well...let's burn them.

    • Melissa: So, what do we do about the movie? We can't use the location because it's trespassing, and we can't film during the day because we can't close off the set.
      Jason: Well, we could rebuild the set in the basement.
      Melissa: I don't know. I don't think it's in the budget.
      Jason: What's the budget?
      Melissa: Well, we had a dollar, but then we bought the binder.
      Jason: Well, why did we buy the binder?
      Melissa: To keep the budget inside.
      Jason: That's idiotic. You just spend all the money for the movie on the binder for the budget of the movie.
      Melissa: Yeah, don't tell Brendon.

    • Paula: Hey, you mind setting the table? Dinner's going to be ready soon.
      Brendon: Can I do it after dinner?
      Paula: Sure.

    • Jason: What's detention?
      Brendon: It when they make you sit in a room and...that's about it.
      Jason: So it's like therapy.
      Brendon: Kind of.

    • Mr. Pendlehurst: (to Brendon) Wipe.
      (Brendon giggles)
      Mr. Pendlehurst: that
      (Brendon giggles)
      Mr. Pendlehurst: smile
      (Brendon giggles)
      Mr. Pendlehurst: off
      (Brendon giggles)
      Mr. Pendlehurst: your
      (Brendon giggles)
      Mr. Pendlehurst: (Yelling at Brendon) FACE!.....now.

    • Mr. Pendlehurst: (to Brendon) Oh Mister, you are in big trouble.

    • Brendon, Jason and Melissa: Better conditions for prisoners now! Better conditions for prisoners now!

    • Scared Straight Convicts: I came from a broken home! Nobody cared what I did!
      Brendan: (whispering to Melissa) Heard it.
      Convict: Then I went to jail and robbed a bank! No wait, first I robbed the bank then I went to jail, and then I joined a gang! No, hang on. (looks at his notes)
      Melissa: (whispering to Brendan) Get off the stage.

    • Mellissa: This place really doesn't look so bad.
      Brendan: Is that a wet bar?

    • McGuirk: He took you to a minimum security prison? That's not scary, those places are nice!
      Brendan: I know, they had a tennis court and a pool..
      McGuirk: Those places are nicer than where I live, minimum security prison is nicer than where i live, that's the sadest thing i've ever heard.

  • NOTES (5)