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Home Tutor Hitman Reborn!

TV Tokyo (ended 2010)



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Home Tutor Hitman Reborn!

Show Summary

Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" has enough trouble with his studies, but now has the added complication of being the heir to mafia family, the Vongola. Much to his surprise, the one to come and train Tsuna is a baby named Reborn. Reborn will help shape Tsuna into a true mafia boss-in-training and hand over the famed Dying Bullet.
Show is based on the manga series of the same name, created by Akira Amano, serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Opening themes
Drawing Days - SPLAY (1 - 26)
BOYS & GIRLS - LM.C (27 - 51)
88 - LM.C (74 - 101)
last cross - Masami Mitsuoka (102 - 126)
EASY GO - Kazuki Katou (127 - current)

Ending themes
道標 "Michishirube" (Guidepost) - Keita Tachibana (1 - 12)
ONE NIGHT STAR - the ARROWS (13 - 29)
Echo again - SPLAY (30 - 38)
friend - Idoling!!! (39 - 51)
Sakura addiction - Takashi Kondo as Kyoya Hibari vs. Toshinobu Iida as Rokudou Dokuro (52 - 62)
friend - Yuuna Inamura as Kyouko Sasagawa vs. Hitomi Yoshida as Haru Miura (63)
STAND UP! - Lead (64 - 76)
アメあと "Ame'ato" (Rain prints) - w-inds. (77 - 89)
すべり台 "Suberidai" (Playground slide) - Mori Tsubasa (102 - 114)
桜ロック (Sakura rock) - CHERRYBLOSSOM (115 - 126)
Smile for... - Aya Ueto (127 - current)
Japanese title: 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!
Japanese title (romaji): Katekyō Hittoman REBORN! English official series title: Reborn!moreless



Yukari Kokubun

Yukari Kokubun

Sawada, "Tsuna" Tsunayoshi

Hidekazu Ichinose

Hidekazu Ichinose

Gokudera, Hayato

Suguru Inoue

Suguru Inoue

Yamamoto, Takeshi

Hidenobu Kiuchi

Hidenobu Kiuchi

Sasagawa, Ryohei

Takashi Kondo

Takashi Kondo

Hibari, Kyoya

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  • Favorite Anime

    I always wait for the next chapter of KHR. I really love this anime...And because of waiting an idea came out to my mind... :)

    when i read about the black dying will flame or they call it as night flame, an idea came on my mind...

    that if theres a black flame, there is also white flame since if we mix up all the colors of the rainbow the color that will produce is white. and i call it "heavens flame".kind of wierd but i can't think other term for that.

    and this white dying will flame is own by...

    i already imagine that Sawada Tsunayoshi has a twin sister.and she owns that flame.the name of his twin sister?hmmm..since i can't think of name that suits to the name of Tsuna, i just name her as Ryoshi...(sorry if i use my name :3).

    the story why his twin sister is not in Japan is...

    When the twins were only three years old, one of them is always sick.and that's Ryoshi.her doctor says that her illness is uncureable. so Ieyatsu, decided to bring Ryoshi to Italy since he also work there.their mother agree to Ieyatsu although she doesnt know the work of Ieyatsu there...(since thier father make his work a secret).

    When Ryoshi came back in disguising as Tsuna, Tsuna and others was shock when she saw her because she really looks like Tsuna(she's wearing a fake hair but she has long hair though).Her movements and other traits where like Tsuna that make the others confuse. Only when Kyoya attack them both, they learn that the one is fake Tsuna because Ryoshi defend herself(because Tsuna can't defend his self when his not in hyper mode). Ryoshi's a bit boyish since his mentors or tutors are Colonelo and Lal Mirch.

    -- Ryoshi's ability

    >can heal wounds and other illnesses...

    >can use other flames...

    >has strong intuation too...

    >etc.. X3

    sorry its a little wierd... :3

    ...i just want to share my idea...


  • A great show!

    What do you get when you mix quirky humor and an interesting take on the mafia? Reborn! This show quickly gets you hooked with it's undeniable humor and later on gets you enthralled with it's action. The large cast of characters really makes the show special, and it's easy to identify yourself with many of them. The show's animation is pretty good, particularly in the fight sequences, and there are plenty of memorable songs in the show as well. I started watching the show not really knowing what to expect but right away I could tell it was going to be an outstanding show. Give it a shot, you won't be dissapointed. Caio-su!moreless
  • This show may have started off slow, but is quickly transforming itself into the best show ever! Don't judge this anime by it's cover, it goes into a deeper storyline that was never hinted in the first couple of episodes.moreless

    When I first heard of KHR, everyone was crazy about it, but I didn't seem to see what's so special about a guy running around idiotly in his underwear. After the first four-ish episodes, I completely stopped watching it until a year later. When I needed something unserious to watch, I decided to give this anime a chance because I needed some comic relief from all that pressure build up from other animes. Turns out that this show is seriously hilarious at first and then spouts out some major knocking action that kept me watching to 1 am on a schoolday (man, I was tired b/c I wake up at 6, but this show was really worth it!) There's a lot of character developments and surprising turns in a battle it will make you want for more when you catch up to the current episodes. It's really like my favorite show now, so people should give it a try! ^^moreless
  • Solid action,most interesting characters,musical opening and ending mixture,but few of the characters strain annoyances for too long.But Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! is a must-see anime for fans of the manga.After a few seasons,it still rocks.moreless

    Ever since it's manga release,Hitman Reborn has been noted as the most third best-selling comic in Japan,but volume 20 started it all.But T.V. Tokyo stood up and started on the Hitman anime license,and it too,like the manga,has turned big along with other such shows like Naruto,Code Geass,and Bleach.

    The story isn't that linear but has many things going around one at a time,the tale starts with Sawada "Tsuna"Tsunayoshi with a pretty tough luck in school grades and athleticism,pretty much nicknamed aka "No-Good-Tsuna."Everything goes well until he meets a gun totting,infant mafia hitman,Reborn,who is supposed to be his home tutor until his grades kick up,but that isn't the only purpose for his entry in the Sawada home.He tells that the 9th mafia boss points to him to be the 10th generation boss of the Vongola family.But Tsuna meets other friends who are to be the future Vongola mafioso and villains tend for assassination and power over every crime family.

    The art on the other hand is quite different from the manga version but the anime version looks beautifully colorful.The characters from the manga,again look different from the anime too.But the shows visuals never change my mind.Black,blue,green,and red make up my rainbow.

    One of the best of the best of the anime's features are the nice scale of interesting characters,there is Yamamoto,a baseball fanatic who is trained under the sword,Gokudera,a rough hot headed dynamite explosive who has a adoring respect for Tsuna,due to becoming the next Vongola boss,and there are a huge cast of characters.One of the minor flaws of the characters behavior on other like Lambo and Haru just seem too obnoxious,they are just a pain and the neck.

    Since all of you know about the show's genre,the action is pretty solid later on,knows no soft layer,just brilliant.The comedy on my thought needs some more work,but on my second thought that some of the jokes gave me some silly chuckles.Therefore,the action is non-stopping but the comedy is my last flaw to say about this review.The puns don't seem to me,don't deserve a stand-up comedy crowd laugh.

    If you guys've been wanting to know the openings and endings,well music to Lil' Wayne's ears.Reborn! has a musical call to the opening and ending mixture with songs including "Drawing Days,""Boys and Girls,""Dive To World,"and"88."The endings include "Michishirube,""One Night Star,""Echo Again,""Sakura Addiction,"STAND UP!,""AMEato,"and last but not least"Cycle."

    Unlike Afro Samurai and Elfen Lied,Hitman Reborn! knows no short story,the show runs nearly over 100 episodes,and the running show length is perfect and long going.

    The show maybe ruined by its low laughs and a few annoying characters,Hitman Reborn is a show that you will never change your mind if your not a die-hard fan for it.I expect to to give it a shot.moreless
  • A kid name Tsunayoshi Sawada, a Junior High School, he has no absolute no talent and confident. His life changed around when a hitman named Reborn. Reborn is a home tutor that teaches Tsuna to become the next great Mafia boss of Vongola family.moreless

    This is a great anime and the most must-see anime to all shounen fans. The genre is; Action-Adventure and Comedy. Has you watch the early episodes, the plot is not serious, but it has a lot of funny moment and random has welled. Not only funny moment, but there is a lot of likeable characters has well and introduce. Each character possesses a different personalty and ability. This anime is quiet unique has welled, the ideas is simple and genius. Around episode 20, the anime itself gets serious and the ideas are see all characters fighting, villains introduce, and new plot. Don't worry, there will be a few funny moments, but characters get stronger trained by a hitman named Reborn and fighting as their approve their skill. This anime is will be remember for a very long time, and gets better every episode and seasons, it makes you going to watch all the episode has you can. So many likeable characters that you get into anime already. This anime/manga has a very similar style art to Bleach. If you never heard of this anime, then start watching it right now or else you'll regret it. Now, that you read this, use your dying will to watch Katekyo Hitman Reborn!moreless