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Season 5 Episode 18

A Gap In Between Fights . 戦いの狭間

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 07, 2009 on TV Tokyo

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  • Why?!

    Somehow I knew this was going to happen. Following up such an excellent episode is going to be a mediocre one full of filler, long recaps, and flashbacks. In a way i was wrong; it was ALL recaps and flashbacks. We start off with the start of the invasion; Millefiori send their troops to what they thought was the Vongola base, but are intercepted by Hibari. Then it takes us to various fights, such as the very first one with Tsuna, then Lal Mirch's fight with Gingerbread, Ryohei's battle against that Alladin guy, Tsuna's with the King Moscas, and it ends with the present; Gokudera against Gamma. A giant flashback episode, this is what the episode basically is.