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Season 1 Episode 17

Hush Before Entering the Hospital . 入院先では音を消せ

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Feb 03, 2007 on TV Tokyo

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    A predictable course of events of the same old Reborn! gags and jokes that have been used in just about the other sixteen episodes of this anime. And the worst part of it is that Lambo doesn't appear that much in this episode. So Tsuna is stuck in the hospital because of the events at the woods, what can you expect? A disastrous day ahead of him. Takeshi visits and still thinks that everyone is simply playing an innocent game of Mafia. Lambo comes and thanks to his clumsiness, accidentally turns into himself ten years in the future. Bianchi comes and mistakens him her ex boyfriend, Hayato gets a stomachache, among other chaotic stuff. Reborn! just keeps on getting more boring with each episode because creativity and variety is the last thing on this anime's mind.
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