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  • Gingerbread Houses, Postcard Ornaments, Chocolate Truffles, Ribbons and Bows
    Get into the holiday spirit decorating gingerbread houses. Plus, create your own personal ornaments. Also, learn how to make homemade chocolate truffles. And, discover how easy it is to fold festive bows and ribbon roses.
  • Gift Baskets, Holiday Decor, Ornaments, Green Christmas Decor
    Fun and festive times are here so get in the holiday spirit with homemade gift baskets. Plus, decorate your home with beautiful metallic colors for a warm and inviting look. Also, learn how to make your own eco-friendly holiday ornaments with items you already have. And, turn old matchboxes into vintage party favors for your next gathering.moreless
  • Bath Fizzies, Maintenance and Cleaning Tips, Photo Projects, Photo Snow Globes
    Create your own bath fizzies. Plus, some quick and easy home maintenance and cleaning short cuts using aluminum foil and duct tape. And, transform your personal photos into crafty gifts.
  • Wreaths, Home Bailout, Ethnicity Design, Terrariums
    Create wreaths that fit your personality and interests. Plus, simple tips to get your home in tip-top shape without breaking the bank. Also, design for your ethnicity with a contemporary lens. And, add life to your decor with easy, do-it-yourself terrariums.
  • Clutter Makeover, Home Accessories, Home Makeover Success
    Get a lesson in letting go, paring down and bringing new life into an outdated living room. Plus, storage and furniture solutions for challenging spaces. And, find out how personal touches and artwork can transform your house into a home.
  • Toolbox Essentials, Wasp Control, Mom Savers, Home Video
    Get the five toolbox essentials everyone needs. Plus, help is on the way for wasp control. Also, sanity savers every mom could use her in home. And, home video tips from a pro.
  • Easy Entertaining, Simple Salmon, Dimmer Switches, Photos
    Entertaining made easy with no hassle party platters and floral decor. Plus, discover a simple way to prepare salmon. Also, find out how to install a dimmer switch. And, take a seemingly ordinary snapshot and turn it into a work of art.
  • Mail, Craft for Health, Sleep Sanctuary, Planting Gardens
    Organize your mail. Plus, find out how crafting can improve your health. Also, tips for creating your own sleep-friendly sanctuary. And, have fun cultivating your green thumb.
  • Bedroom Sanctuaries, Remodeling, Herbal Tea Gardens, Small Spaces
    Turn your bedroom into a safe, healthy haven. Plus, get advice on how to best approach a remodel during a tough economy. Also, tips for growing a herbal tea garden. And, get creative decor ideas for small spaces.
  • Boost Immunity, Trash To Treasures, Lobster Pot Pies, Pound Cake
    Stock your kitchen pantry with foods that will help make your immune systems as strong as possible. Plus, turn trash into home decorating treasures. And, tips on how to enjoy your own party.
  • Office Makeover, Gift Baskets, Orchids, Fabrics
    Utilize a small space as a home office. Plus, make your own gift baskets. Also, tips for planting and maintaining orchids. And, add a touch of decor to your bedroom using fabrics.
  • Handyman Tips, Ceramic Trends, Baking Bread, Wallpaper Home Accessories
    Handyman tips for do it yourself home improvement. Plus, spruce up your china cabinet with handcrafted ceramic dinnerware. Also, learn how to make homemade bread. And, create home accessories with wallpaper.
  • Vases, Pot Basics, Party Tips
    Recycle your oatmeal containers and turn them into floral vase covers. Plus, add life to your home or garden with container pot basics. And, get some party decor shortcuts from a pro.
  • Hotel Decor Inspiration, Mindful Eating, Entertaining Decor, Cocktails
    Get some hotel decor inspiration in your own home. Plus, find out why staying at home may be making you fat. And, get the new rules for entertaining in this tough economy.
  • Art of Detail, Brain Food/Health, Moving and Storage Tips
    Turn meaningful photography into artwork for your home. Plus, stock your refrigerator with brain food. And, get stress-free moving and storage tips.
  • Vertical Gardens, Dream Kitchen, Picky Eaters, Energy Bill
    Discover one of the latest trends in landscaping -- vertical gardens. Plus, tips for creating your dream kitchen. Also, find out how to feed the picky eater. And, get simple techniques to cut down your energy bill.
  • Table Decor, Wine 101, Landscape Makeover, Pest Control
    Dress up that boring white plate with simple table decor. Plus, get the basics on wine. Also, landscaping tips for any yard. And, find out how to get rid of those pesky pests.
  • Decorating Tips, Green Extreme, Elmo's Green Thumb, Pantry Makeover
    TV personality Evan Farmer shares his tips for making your place "home sweet home." Plus, get great green decorating ideas. Also, Elmo shows off his green thumb. And, find out how to tackle your kitchen pantry and get healthy!
  • Felt Crafts, Outdoor Items, Barbecue Ribs, Landscaping
    Discover creative craft uses for felt in your home. Plus, Lisa shares her favorite items for outdoor decor, including a special barbecue rib recipe from her husband, Michael. Also, get some landscape tips to help you make the most of your backyard space.
  • Healthy Lunches, Stained Glass Windows, Mosaic Steps, Going Green
    Get tasty solutions for healthy school lunches. Plus, create your own stained glass masterpieces. And, do-it-yourself mosaic steps for your yard. Also, help your entire family go green in and out of the house.
  • Glitter Canvas Art, Small Yard, Big Ideas, Do-It-Yourself Projects, Glass Gifts
    Glitter art is back. Find out how to create your own shiny pieces of art. Plus, big ideas for small spaces; current trends you can use in your own yard. And, simple do-it-yourself household gifts for those last-minute guests.
  • Veggie Vases, Green Garden, Celebrity Home Decor, Quinn's Favorites
    Create decorative and unique vases and centerpieces using vegetables. Plus, we'll show you the top ten ways to go green in your garden. And, add a touch of the rich and famous to your house with the latest in celebrity home decor. Also, Lisa Quinn reveals her favorite indoor must have items.moreless
  • Homemade Lamps, Kitchen Beauty Lab, Drought Resistant Plants
    Brighten any room with homemade lamps! You can "upcycle" from items found around the house. Plus, turn your kitchen into a beauty lab with simple recipes to take care of exfoliation, wrinkles, hair care and even pamper your feet. And, add life to your garden with colorful drought resistant plants.
  • Growing Veggies, Hidden Dangers, Eco-Friendly Products, Decor Tips
    Tips to growing your own vegetable garden! It's a fun, cost-saving way to eat organic. Plus, discover the potential dangers lurking in your home. We'll learn some simple ways to keep your home eco-friendly and safe. Finally, a professional stager shares her simple secrets to making any room look picture perfect!moreless
  • Homemade Artwork, Linens, Speed Cleaning
    Create beautiful and unique artwork for your home with some fun, do-it-yourself projects! Plus, discover some great uses for old, vintage linens. And are the guests coming in 20 minutes but your house is a mess? We'll show you how to "speed-clean" in 17 minutes!
  • Mix and Match Designs, Fruit and Flower Centerpieces, Upcycle
    Decorate your home like a pro, using mix and match designs. Plus, learn how to create beautiful centerpieces combining your favorite flowers with fruit! And don't just recycle, upcycle. We'll show you some affordable and easy ways to get a high-end look at a fraction of the cost, all while protecting the environment.moreless
  • Everyday Tricks, Playroom Makeover, Duct Tape Tips
    Fun and practical everyday tips to make life a whole lot easier. You'll be surprised! Plus, turn your kids' playroom into a peaceful, organized space that will inspire them to be creative. All it takes is the right colors and less clutter!
  • Repurpose Old Furniture, Create Candle Votives, Nursery Makeover, Buffet Decor
    Learn how to find new uses for beautiful old items in your home. From furniture to crystal glasses, almost anything can be repurposed without spending a lot of time or money. Plus, watch as Lisa turns a young couple's home office into an adorable nursery by mixing the old with the new.moreless
  • Table Top Decor, Family Room Makeover, Affordable Home Decor
    Take your table decor from ordinary to extraordinary using items you already have in your home. Plus, Lisa helps one family turn a design-challenged area into a fabulous multi-purpose room!
  • Festive Entertaining, Kitchen Makeover, Aluminum Foil Tips
    Create a fabulous fiesta with some simple ideas to throw an impressive party! Plus, watch Lisa transform an old, outdated kitchen into a fun, practical, and beautiful living space. Affordable ideas that will make a huge difference in your home!
  • Transforming Living Space, Chores Made Easier
    Lisa Quinn shows us how to transform your living space with color, flowers, and china! Plus, we'll learn some simple ways to make those household chores go faster, leaving you more time to have fun!
  • Affordable Art, Storage Solutions, Window Boxes, Birdseed Topiaries and Knives
    Lisa Quinn shows you how to decorate your home with affordable art and how to refresh your window boxes just in time for summer.