Homeboys in Outer Space

UPN (ended 1997)


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    This was actually a funny spoof/pardoy of two losers who keep trying to succede.
  • This show is what results when people who do not understand, much less respect, science fiction decide to make their own science fiction series.

    This worthless foray into science fiction was created by people who thought that building a situation comedy around two slackers who tool around in a rocket powered 'hoopdy' would be waaay cool. Summary: it wasn't. Ever. The idea could have worked. Red Dwarf and Megas XLR show that you can do science fiction in the sit-com format. Start with clever science fiction story arcs, then throw characters into them and let the comedy come out of watching losers try to overcome the complications that result from their initial botched attempts to have their way with something beyond them. This sort of thing never happened on Home Boys. The producers seemed too intent on having the audience think the characters waaay cool to let them truly be the buffoons the format needs. Plus the stories themselves never went beyond recyled What's-Happening-meets-The-Jetsons territory. The sets were cheap, the effects were unspecial and the whole enterprise wanted for originality, style, money and a sense of fun. Do not waste your time seeking out this dog.

    The final episode sums up this godawful series!

    It featured Burt Ward as a character called GERBIL and George Takei gay guy from Star Trek), thats about all you need to know about this train wreck!

    I suprised the NAACP didnt boycott this nightmare. Whoever even thought about producing this horrific piece of keerap should be exiled to Mars!

    It was like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air meets Quark (another really bad SCIFI series). It set black television back decades at least.

    Wow, how bad was it? My Mother the Car was better than this thing. Oh man, it was so bad that Im suprised the world didnt end!

    Id really like to see the 3 people who have rated this travesty as PERFECT 10.0 - Get these people out of the gene pool NOW!
  • Afro-American Sci-Fi Comedy!!!

    There are very few shows that attempt and/or pull off Sci-Fi comedy. This was one of the few from an Afro-American males perspective.I looked forward every week to this shows return. I was saddened when the NAACP choose to, in their narrow mindedness, ask that the show be taken off the air. With the later advent of even more realty TV, I feel that this small show would not have rocked the boat. It was just a small little UPN comedy that no one would have paid any attention to had it not been for the NAACP. And having a very off beat sense of humor that would have been just the way i like it.
  • A True disaster and it shows.

    This has not been a good year (1996) for black america, first the death of tupac shakur, now this disaster, this is one of the most stupidiest and perhaps one of the worst shows of all time, how in the hell did this thing get on the air, in the house looks classic compared to this, come on homeboys in outer space, this is just plain trash, truly dull and godawful all the way through, this is why television went downhill after since we lost the cosby show in 1992 and this show proves it, truly, proves it.

  • It was stupid.

    It didn't make much sense at all. it made those two African American men look like they were only hungry for booty. it was funny at random times but the whole plot of the show was very stupid. i am glad it's gone & that it is over forever. the ending wasn't at all much of an ending for a show but the show was crappy so i didn't expect anything more. it pretty much made our culture look pretty low and every episode it was just getting lower. I don't think it was at all appreciated by anyone. Even the cast know this show was pretty much a flop because it started.
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