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  • An AWESOME show about life on the homefront after WWII. The era, the characters, social issues, conflicts, personal lives, setting and period fashions were all so interesting and incredibly real to the 40\\\'s.

    AWESOME! The best show ever made for TV. Everyone I knew LOVED it! It really pulled you in and gave you a warm feeling as the \\\"The Waltons\\\" did, with the anticipation and plot twists of something like \\\"Desperate Housewives\\\". We watched or taped every episode and waited anxiously for the next one. When the networks realized a list of shows they were planning to cancel, I wrote my first and only letter to the network begging them not to cancel Homefront, as did many people (they later revealed \\\"Homefront\\\" received the most votes to keep it on the air). I realized then just how much money talks (and prevails) in the entertainment industry over quality and viewers preferences.
  • Wonderful show, totally believable, and much more wholesome than what is on TV today.

    This show is absolutely the best show ever that was ever produced for television. I watched it from the very beginning and was immediatly hooked. My ex-husband felt exactly the same way I felt. We used to look forward to it each week, and would refuse to make any plans for the night it was shown. The cast was wonderful. The show was so well done, and entirely believable that I actually felt as if I was a part of it. I actually cried when it was taken off the air. Please, someone with some common sense who believes in wholesome values and classic TV programs BRING IT BACK. It was definately better for our population, not to mention our children than most of the stuff that is broadcast now. Our country is in a terrible mess, and I'm sure that the kind of shows that we are exposed to don't help the situation. And remember to support our troops.
  • This is a warning to anyone planning to purchase the DVD set of 9 discs from Canada (the company changes its name quite frequently) DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! The seller never answers emails and there is no telephone number to contact them.

    A great show that should have run for at least three or more seasons. I have often wondered what the writers had in store for season three had it aired. I imagine that Caroline announces she is pregnant and starts to blackmail the several men she had affairs with and ends up being killed. This means that Jeff and Ginger have more trials and tribulations while Judy and Linda start working at the newspaper. Also, Mike, Jr. returns from the dead. In the storyline he's been on a secret mission behind the iron curtain working for the CIA (OSS). This means the Gina has to chose between Mike and Charley. Also, maybe a return of Robert and his French wife to add to the brew? Anyone else have plot ideas?
  • One of my favorite shows ever. You know it is being shown on the American Life Channel now. goodtv.com

    One of my favorite shows ever.
    You know it is being shown on the American Life Channel now. goodtv.com
    All of the actors on this show were superb. Each set was done with much precision and the storylines were fantastic. I think what was greatest about the show is the way all of the storylines were woven together. I would name a favorite player on the show, but I really can't because I truly liked every character and actor on the show. I only hope more people will be aware Homefront is being rerun on American Life TV. If we watch it and support it then more people may become familiar with this classic. I am going to send a mass e-mail out.
  • Excellent Tv-series about the lives of a few selected families in the Post-WWII USA. It takes place in the small town of River Run in Ohio. We follow them through their daily lives and important events from the years 1945-47. Wish I lived back then

    This is by far one of the greatest series I have ever seen. I have been interested in the music from the WWII-era since I was a little kid but I really got a closer look at the life in the 1940's through this series and it made me even more fascinated by the innocence this timeperiod represents.I love the music, the way people dressed, the cars and most importantly the morale among the people back then.I think this series could also be very educational for other generations in the same way it affected me.
  • Sweet Show I ever See

    I Know that this Show is Old Lates say that This show Woes on when I woes at my first Class And Just In this Day I Watch at And I know that I woes Missed many time bat dont Blem me bat This wily Good Show I wily Like Jeff and this not Just beacuse I am Kyle Chanlder Fan Bat Is so funny At This Show So I wily say that is Nice And Sweet Show
  • Life in a small Ohio town following WWII. The show was one of the best on the air and it was really a shame to see it go.

    This was truly a great show. It had a little bit of everything baseball, love, politics, race issues, social issues and politics. I would watch this in a heartbeat if it came back.

    Set just after the end of WWII the boys came home to try and pick their lives up where they left off. Those that came home anyway. Even those that did found it hard to forget what they had seen and done and just move on. It was hard for some to be making command decisions on the battle field only to come home and be told by their boss what to do and when. Even harder for some to be told that loans could not be given to servicemen to purchase homes when they had just risked their lives for their country.

    The baseball angle was great. I am a huge baseball fan and it was great to see that written into the script. I can only hope that it will show up on TV land or Nick at Nite.
  • I wish they could bring it back!!!!!

    If my geberation was a little older when this show was aired, it would have probably would have lasted longer. I love this show and I stay up every sunday til 2am just to watch it on Timelifechannel. I want to see it go to DVD, that would me Happy!

    PS: Jeff is so cute I love him on this show and especially on Early Edition.
  • As someone who is fascinated with post World War II, this show has captured my attention as one of the best depictions ever! How many historical dramas can you say that about?

    It has been many years since this showed aired on the telly but it still stands out as my all-time favorite show. Post WW II is a fascinating time in history and this show brought that period to life. The writing and the execution of the acting was superb, and the cast worked synergistically to create a memorable experience for the viewer. Please...bring back this show TV Land..or at least put it on DVD!
  • Great show that got a bum deal

    This was a wonderful series about life post WWII. It had some major talent. Kyle Chandler, Tammy Lauren, Wendy Phillips, Kelly Rutherford and the wonderful Mimi Kennedy. Maybe the era that it was set it scared people off or maybe they thought it would be just another soap. Whatever the reason, those who didn't see this show really missed out.
  • Post WWII drama.

    This show was absolutely great! I used to watch it every week, and thought that the storylines, actors and characters were very well done. I loved seeing the fashions from a time gone by, and the show expanded my musical tastes too. The Jeff & Ginger storyline was my favourite... It\'s just too bad that it got cancelled, but that\'s the way it seems to go with good shows. If you have a chance to see it in reruns, I highly recommend it.
  • Great show. Too bad it didn\'t last.

    What a great show. I stumbled upon it a couple of years ago during a TV Land marathon. They were using the marathon to promote subsequent daily airings, which didn\'t last very long. Apparently it didn\'t last very long when it originally aired in the early 90\'s, but it\'s a great show anyway.