Season 2 Episode 6

A Gettysburg Address

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Quiet Dog Bite Hard

    With Brody's deal "firmly" in place the surveillance team begins to follow Roya Hamad on her day to day routines while Brody goes about his business while trying to convince Jess about him working for the CIA. When Roya meets with a Middle Eastern man by a waterfall and the team can't get a microphone to drop in on the conversation Carrie has a hunch that something's up, further complicating the situation is that Virgil loses the man in the subway while tailing him. Carrie calls in Brody who says it's time to begin his deal by approaching Roya and Brody's cover being that he was at Carrie's apartment and overheard her mentioning a Hesbola operative entering the country. He does this and he tells Roya about him overhearing it and she simply asks, "Are you sure she said Hesbola?" Before noticing his hand and inquiring about it he says it was home improvement gone awry. Brody wasn't fully disclosing with the agents though and mentions the tailor in Gettysburg and Quinn gets pissed because they've been watching the place for over a week waiting for a dead man to walk through the door. They move in and look through everything, Roya is seemingly tipped off by Brody questioning her and she is suspicious of him right back about what the CIA might find at the tailor's place. Facial recognition software doesn't work on the man Roya met with so the CIA is at a deadlock until they can ID the guy and Nazir's attack blows up in a big way. Dana feels immensely guilty leaving the scene of the collision the other night and goes to the hospital and she meets the victim's daughter with a flimsy excuse to be there and I think the daughter suspects something funky with Dana and we learn that the mother dies that night and they would be charged with murder or manslaughter if they were caught. Finn getting all hot and bothered over his daddy finding out are the worst possible things. He needs to answer for what he did. The shootout in the tailor shop was a little bit of a stretch since terrorists opening fire on G Men in a small town with automtic weapons is more action movie than subtle Abu Nazir-ish attacks. It was sad to see Galvez bite the bullet and Quinn being alive is a necessary tactic since someone has to ID the guy who Roya was with as the guy who shot up the place and killed six guys. The scene stealer was the ending where Carrie goes off the rails accusing Brody of holding back information and their embrace and compassion for one another. One of the things about Homeland that will always be great is Brody's such nonchalant liar because typically liars give too many details but he is SO skilled at it that lies and truth blend in the same universe in his brain, whether this is from being a POW or just being a pathological liar beforehand it's a very suspenseful questioning part of the show. The subplot with Mike looking into Walker's death was hard to watch seeing an average Joe like Mike gets Stonewalled by the CIA. Him going through Brody's ammunition and finding the bullet that was missing can be explained by when he shot the deer last season with his 9 millimeter. I really dislike Lodder or however you spell his name, he is a drunk and is uber pathetic even if he did kill Lodder he is a spiteful scumbag. Even though he is a vet that deserves respect his character never comes off as anything but a pestilence whispering poison into Mike's ears about Brody. Mike and Jess's scene was full of turbulence and truth as to their feelings for each other and Jess doing her duty rather than being happy with Mike that has been a pervasive part of this show since Season 1. More to come hopefully not so many stretches like the shootout but still better than anything else on. Homeland I love you.