Season 3 Episode 8

A Red Wheelbarrow

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2013 on Showtime
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  • A Red Wheelbarrow

    Another uneventful episode of the show. I have to question why they are making so many of the choices they continue to make this season.
  • Sooo...

    still no Brody family drama, that's good, only it got replaced by... Berenson family drama. Will they ever learn?

    Still boring for spending too much time on everything, especially the stupid and completely unlikely.

    Like discipline in the CIA is maintained through... operatives shooting each other because they can't obey a simple direct order. Wow.

    Also, the CIA Director lives an easier life than Miley Cyrus. He has all the time in the world to cook very elaborate breakfasts in the morning, so I guess he only works a few hours now and then. I'm glad Saul got his mojo back, but really, why should I care? He's also carefree, no followers, no bodyguards, his wife is some globalized post-hippie who can bring anyone home to access his computer, luckily there's no background check on their entourage, it's not like hubby is the head of the CIA in a 9/11-like context... um, wait....

    Said CIA boss also goes HIMSELF with just one agent in that slum where junkie-Brody has been quietly waiting for him. Forget about the 10M$ suspect number one, you have the CIA chief at your mercy, Caracas tattooed warlord, kidnap him instead!

    And I just have to sigh at the future scarfhead debacle that has been cooking for two episodes now. I knew they just couldn't leave the girl alone. Are we back to that then, Homeland, "never trust a Muslim" or whatever we should add to the "never trust a woman" (Carrie the unstable) that is, after all, the main plot of the show? Sad.moreless
  • What's really going on?????

    It's amazing to me how they've taken a unique character like Carrie and have transformed her into some one I can barely stand to look at in season three. Her Brody obsession has become nauseating! At this point she's a liability who would disobey any order, or circumvent any mission op to "exonerate" the apparent love of her life.

    And speaking of Brody, why is he even back???? His story is done! He should have died a slow death in the dungeon they threw him in. Rather or not he moved the car that exploded, he's still a traitor. Along with all the other traitorous acts that he's responsible for, he did provide the information that resulted in the death of the vice-president.

    For me, Quinn has become the character to watch. I just wish he would detach from Carrie a bit. Season four should be more Quinn and less Carrie; or, at the very least, less of the Brody-obsessed, "mission-be-damned-I want-my-traitor" caricature of who Carrie once was.moreless
  • So Much Depends Upon...

    This week closed out the second third of the challenged season of Homeland but things did start to go places. The episode sported a lot of what made Seasons 1 and 2 so fascinating with the spy games the CIA played tracking targets and following perps. Saul, Carrie, and pals follow Javadi's lead back to Bennett's firm in the hopes of pushing the real Langley Bomber out of hiding if he's still in the country. Dar Adul, who is friends with Bennett from being on the same foundation (which we accept because Washington is a small place I guess or it's just mildly convenient). Dar does an approach to Bennett warning him that the agency is opening an inquiry into his firm about the Langley Bomber, which prompts Bennett's fixer to contact Carrie to find out about it and she feeds them the false intel that the agency knows that the bomber is still in the country but not his name. This works and they tail the fixer to a motel where he meets with the bomber. Carrie almost blows the op because the fixer looks like he's going to kill the bomber which would be one of the only ways to exonerate Brody. But of course Dar doesn't want to blow their cover because it could jeopardize Javadi in Iran if she had intervened so Quinn does the "shot in the shoulder" trope and she goes down while the fixer kills the real bomber (which has a total "so what now?" feeling to it). So their cover is still intact but without the bomber alive to prove Brody's innocence there doesn't seem to be much beyond continuing to look into Bennett's firm for further evidence to put Brody back into play. Kind of a written into corner with the bomber dead. But more on that later. In the meantime Carrie finally goes to see her OBGYN and her first prenatal exam where she hears the whole "you're not in this for one anymore" speech and of course she's had an awful time lately so the baby probably won't be healthy. I don't get what she's waiting for? Is she just hoping that Brody will be exonerated by the time the baby is born and they can be together? Is that why she hasn't aborted it? I guess they could delve into that more or I just don't get it because her decision doesn't really make a whole lot of sense. Mira's boyfriend turns out to be a spy of some kind (yawn) after she breaks it off with him and he installs a bug in her and Saul's computer but I really don't care. Saul goes away for "a week at most" and shows up in Caracas at the end of the episode at the Tower of David and visits Brody while paying the guardian guy who claimed to know Carrie the 10 millions (I presume) in cash. They should elaborate on this, was Saul keeping Brody there this whole time? If not how did he find the intel to get him? What's going to happen next is up in the air but I presume he'll face trial unless evidence comes to light that claims he didn't move his car that day. But Saul could be crafting other things, such as recruiting Brody again (I think he believes him innocent) and as the director of the agency for another week or so he can recruit Brody as an operative. After all Brody was a Marine Sniper if I remember correctly and it would be a shame to have spent all of that money on his training just to leave him in a cell to rot for the rest of his life. Anyway, good thrilling spy game episode of Homeland that brought a lot of lingering threads together. Also Fara is getting her own storyline.moreless

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