Season 1 Episode 8

Achilles Heel

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Another great one

    Lots opf story development, lots of action, truly youching story lines.
  • The hunt for Walker.

    After the previous episode we found out that Walker had turned and is working for Abu Nazir so in this episode it was about using his Achilles heel to get to him which was that he keeps phoning his wife when he knows she isn't home so it goes to voice mail In this episode Brody learns the truth that Walker is still alive after he was told that he killed him That leads to the first real sign that Brody is connected Abu Nazir.
  • yet another american misconception

    i saw this TV series with all the meida glamour. too bad its still a broken record. all the world just wanna get rid of USA!!

    well if alot of ppl hate someone ( or some country) see 1st what did that someone ( or country) did?!!

    2nd of all the series is full of wrong facts about iraq, arabs and muslims

    and still it keep showing that arabs and muslims are worthless.

  • Game changer again *spoilers everywhere*


    This weekend it was the best Homeland episode! Is this really possible? After last episode where everything has changed? I didn't believe that is possible, but this "Achilles Heel" episode changed my mind.

    In the beginning of the episode everyone knew that Sergeant Brody isn't "American prisoner of war had been turned". It's his partner - Tom Walker, who Brody supposed to kill in Iraq. So now CIA tries to find Walker.

    Saul finds out the Walker's weakness(Achilles Heel). This is his family. Every weekend when nobody is at home he phones to hear his wife and son voices on the answering machine.

    Carrie convinced Walker's wife to help them find his husband. And this was almost successful. But tactical team lost him and killed to muslims in the mosque instead.

    And now whole country know that POW Tom Walker has been turned and on the run.

    Vice presidents assistant Elizabeth Gaines has plans on Brody to be a politician. Brody took care about his family problems. But then Carrie told him that Tom's alive.

    AND in the end there was such a big game changer that I don't want to spoil! You just NEED to see it.

  • 108


    Homeland has become one of TV's elite dramas right now, but this latest episode was a step in the wrong direction in my humble opinion. I did not like the revelation of Tom Walker still being alive, and the ending with Brody, it seems like the show is trying to give us too many twists every week instead of correctly using what they have built to leave us in suspense.

    I am not giving up hope that the ship will be righted at some point, but this Homeland episode was just average in my book compared to most previous ones.

  • Another great episode!


    It is rare that a series can stay fresh for so many episodes. The story keeps developing in unexpected ways and the only miscast character is the CIA guy Danny Galvez. He is clearly not comfortable acting and should not have been cast for a show like this. For the rest it is absolutely superb.