Season 2 Episode 2

Beirut is Back

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Operation Hardball

    Carrie, after giving her pursuer the slip last week goes to meet with her former asset at Friday morning prayer where she was always a regular. She is informed that the woman's husband (the Hezbollah commander) is meeting with Abu Nazir in Beirut the very next day and she wants out of the country and entrance into the US to live with her sister in Detroit. Carrie returns to the safe house and informs Saul of the meeting and he is suspicious of the information. He puts it up the ladder to Estes who doubts the facts too. Carrie desperately tries to convince him that it is real and a Spec Ops liaison sits in on the meeting to discuss tactics. The problem with the capture Nazir operation is that most of the buildings surrounding where they will be intercepting him at the commander's house are Hezbollah centers where those loyal to the cause lie. Also we get a bit more insight into the Israeli attack on the Iranian nuclear plants being only partially successful when Brody attends a charity function. Jess gets introduced by the VP's wife to the idea of getting Brody to speak at a Veteran's fundraiser for vets who have lost limbs in the line of duty to which she aptly agrees to. Dana gets closer the VP's son who inquires about her claims about he saying her father was Muslim last week. Brody incidentally sits in on the very operation that is to grab Nazir and is thoroughly surprised to find out about it while he sits in on the VP's whim. On the ground in Beirut the Spec Ops snipers see many militants approach the commander's house and after the street is cleared of civilians many other vehicles emerge and Nazir himself gets out of a truck. Brody briskly pulls out his cell phone and texts "May 1" to a number to warn Nazir, an obvious play on MAYDAY or GTFO in his lingo. The soldiers on ground, after changing from grab to kill of Nazir open fire after Nazir begins to retreat from the grounds after getting shown a phone with Brody's message by one of his lieutenants. The snipers manage to hit and kill two soldiers of Nazir's but he gets away. Carrie, in a vehicle retreating to the airport with her contact after the mission goes south gets out at the commander's house saying that he must have documents about meeting with Nazir. She gets her contact's keys and grabs all that she can while Saul and the contact along with a CIA agent in the vehicle get surrounded by people who know they are Americans and their car is rocked and windows broken until they have no choice but to drive away and leave poor Carrie. Carrie is followed by a few men into the housing area and gets shot at and breaks a brick over one of their heads and gets helped out by the CIA agent who was driving the car on the way out in a very thrilling sequence. This episode was fantastic with the upping the stakes, and now with Carrie returning to the states knowing what happens next is anyone's guess seeing as she most likely won't be reinstated to her old job. Brody as well is in a state of disarray after meeting with the journalist who speaks to Nazir through channels and saying that he can't be sending messages under the table now that he's a Congressman. Also, his being asked to look into Tom Walker's death and his speech at the bar to Mike and the boys was eery since seeing as his saying that Mike wasn't the Marine they knew after betrayed his country rings just as true about him as well. Also, Saul finding Brody's confession from last seasons finale was quite a twist and I hope we find out if that was what Nazir was picking up to protect Brody's identity in the "almost attack" of last year to protect his asset's anonymity or if it was by coincidence that it was in the bag that Carrie was grabbing. Maybe we'll never know the purpose of Nazir's meeting but I can only guess that that recording has something to do with it. And now Saul will have to push it up the ladder and Brody will be exposed, maybe, that will be the most intriguing part about next week and the episodes to come.