Season 3 Episode 11

Big Man in Tehran

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2013 on Showtime
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  • Big Man In Tehran

    This was a little bit shaky, and I worry the show is getting too political and too Saul-heavy, but this was still a solid episode of TV, by any standards.
  • that`s all a lie !

    I`m An Iranian(Persian) teenager and I`m telling u I`m Not sure if my country involves in terrorist attacks but I`m sure that my people don`t support the terrorist like broody

    so the scene that Iranian people supported broody that`s all kind of a bullshit !!!!

    and then killing our men that simple heh u amrican people Dream iT ;)
  • "Get Me Out of Here" (Spoilers Ahead)

    Homeland came back in a big way this week as Brody's mission in Tehran continued and he tried to get a face to face with Ahkbari while being screened with his story by Javadi and his cronies. This episode really dug deep into the themes of the first two seasons and how Brody is adrift not only in the field but without his family now, making him embrace the symbol of being the Langley Bomber under the CIAs nose after the mission to take our Ahkbari goes sideways and he meets up with Abu Nazir's widow instead. This added a much needed rearview mirror for Brody and played on the Carrie connection at the same time. Question: did Ahkbari know that Brody wasn't the bomber and choose to grant him asylum because of what that meant for his nation? Since Javadi clearly knew it wasn't Brody did he tell Ahkbari about his doubts before he was recruited by the CIA as an asset? Just questions that I feel need answering. After a few weeks refusing extraction from Iran Body becomes a hit target of the CIA not surprisingly. Carrie warns him of the same two Mossad agents who worked with her to save him when they come to kill Brody. I'm really surprised she didn't play the "I'm pregnant with your child" card at that moment as it would clearly be the thing to motivate Brody to take action for her cause. Despite this Brody does follow through by meeting with Ahkbari and telling him that Javadi and he were trying to kill him. Events also become full circle as that same office was where Abu Nazir first told Ahkbari about Brody and the potenial to strike at the heart of the US one day. Brody agrees and then murders Ahkbari with an ashtray and a pillow, fulfilling the mission that everyone thought that he wouldn't. Also, how did he have Carrie's number memorized? Wouldn't it be dangerous for her to use the same number she always did in the States, it's not like they swapped digits again before he headed out to Iran? But the episode ended with another Brody office assassination and the perfect cliffhanger of him choosing to go with his chosen path as a Marine simply saying, "Get me out of here" into the phone to his beloved baby mama. Surely if Brody is to get out there he has some serious running to do next week (I don't expect him to get out alive since his arc has been worn thin) if he's to avoid the IRGC guards from shooting him on sight for the unmoving corpse of their fearless leader. I'm excited for the finale and those often deliver some of the best that Homeland has to offer.moreless
  • Homeland goes back to basics in a big way!

    At he time we were wondering where this season was going with Brody missing most of the first half and we were stuck with storylines about grumpy Dana

    But now we know it was all leading up to this mission where Brody works for the . to assassinate a terrorist leader - or is he? This one is all Cary, Brody and Sol and the episode is very compelling all the way through. As the last episode before the 3rd season there are a lot of questions to answer (like why the CIA keeps trusting Cary when she keeps going rogue?)

    The last few episodes have saved the season and brought back what was great about Homeland since its first seasonmoreless

    The tension in this episode was absolutely unbelievable!!

    So many twists and turns there was no way of predicting the outcome.

    I think this episode was a shockingly horrifying example of how the "high up" Governments deal with "assets" in foreign territory. Terminate them the second you have the slightest doubt in them and the possible liability they have become.

    Such an utterly brilliant portrayal of both reality and a non-fiction plot wittingly tied together magically I was quenching my hands and almost sweating to what I could term one of the most positively stressful episodes in the history of TV shows! Reminds me of my favourite moments of 24 thank God!!!moreless

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