Season 2 Episode 10

Broken Hearts

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2012 on Showtime
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    Homeland "Broken Hearts" Review: Oh, NOW the Show Is Ridiculous?

    There's been some jibber-jabber about a few ridiculous events in this week's episode, but that's what the show is now, and it's still good.

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    Abu Nazir kidnaps Carrie and orders Brody to retrieve a serial number that corresponds to Vice President's pacemaker. Meanwhile, Finn visits Dana and they came to an understanding regarding their differences.

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    • Abu Nazir kidnaps Carrie.

      This was one of the best of the season to this point along with "Beirut is Back" and "Q&A" It had so much happening in it with the beginning starting off well with Abu Nazir kidnapping Carrie and Abu Nazir using Brody At first I was wondering why he kidnapped Carrie but he really needed Brody and shockingly leading Brody to assist in the death of the Vice President One of the only faults of this episode was the way it ended because it leaves you wondering whether Abu Nazir will be caught or maybe Carrie will get to him.moreless
    • Broken Hearts

      The kidnapping was unexpected, but it ended up being a little bit anticlimactic. I think they ruined the story a little bit by having Quinn be revealed as a contract killer. That's something you could have had at the end of the season with him surprisingly trying to kill Brody.

      Still, another strong show.
    • whoa!!

      when i'm watching homeland i'm usually paranoid, scared, reduced to tears, tense... this time, this episode made my heart rate go up to 180 at least. the one thing we all (admit it) love about this show are scenes where we as the viewers are all like "is he/she really going to do that?" and BAM! they do! so intense, such good performances, way to go!
    • The show isn't stupid, you are!

      I don't get why people are so upset about this episode.. Nazir has just lost his entire team, betrayed by his friend, beyond anything else, Brody. He is angry, upset and desperate. He knows that he can't get out of the country alive, because they will be searching him all over the place. So the only thing that he has is to play his last card. Who he wants dead more than anyone? Walden. The reason he didn't go after him before with the pacemaker (using Roya as you said) is that that wasn't his actual plan and what he wanted from the beginning. It's a desperate move from a desperate man. What IS questionable is the way he found out about it. He also knows that Brody is close to Carry (he was instructed to by Roya if you remember), so to kidnap her was reckless but in the end logical. The last conversation of Brody and Walden was priceless. Of course he knew Walden was dying, i mean 5 minutes ago he was giving information to a terrorist how to assassinate him. How could that be a coincidence? Also, Nazir doesn't 'terrorize' just to get revenge for his son, i mean he was terrorist way before that. That was just another motive and rationalization he used and in the end when he couldn't do anything else, that was all that remained. The show is awesome and i hope it continues that way. The show is not stupid, you aremoreless
    • A clever title goes here!

      great episode. lots of twists in the plot in a single episode.

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