Season 2 Episode 10

Broken Hearts

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2012 on Showtime

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    i knew it didn't seem right,the way the CIA treated Brody,right from the beginning. i know it is naive to think that as a gov. we don't do awful things for our security,after all we are the big the country is largely fine with it because it is about our safety. that makes sense. and we don't really want to know,ya know "how the world works" but the individuals at the top who used him after the hell he was put thru are a differant breed. self indulgent narcissisim at it's pathological finest... i think as a side bar Brody's daughter is giving up a good guy maybe they can "re-bond" at the funeral???
  • 8.5

    There are so many things this episode did right: from the moment a car crashed into Carrie, I knew exactly what was going on. I was in suspense the whole time, sitting on the edge of my seat - but it all felt a little predictable.

    The whole terrorist plot is dissolving quickly, or is it? I like how Brody swore on Isa's immortal sole, it shows that he didn't completely betray the fact that Carrie knows what he did, and what then happened with Walden and Brody in the office seems a little forced.

    Brody wanted his family back right? He had a deal, it was almost done, end of story. But now with Walden gone, and Carrie fully knowing whodunnit, what's to become of Brody?

    I'm interested to see what Saul's in for, possibly a big pile of he'll be kicked out, I don't know, but it probably involves Quinn.
  • 2x10 "Broken Hearts"

    Outstanding. So many tense moments. This show deserves an Emmy for this season.
  • Collision Course

    Homeland remains in fine form as Carrie, while on the phone with Brody, is hit in her car and abducted by Nazir as leverage. Nazir wants Brody to break into Waldon's office and get the serial number for his pacemaker so that Nazir can cause him to have a heart attack. Nazir reveals that he has Carrie and he agrees to do it if he frees her. Jessica doesn't regret having spent the night with Mike and the rift between her and Brody seems to be growing deeper by the episode. Finn visits Dana to talk about how guilt ridden he is about killing that woman since she's the only person he can talk to, but while it's a rehash it's at least good to see him broken up over it unlike when they first did it I guess it just took time to sink in. Jess and the kids stay locked down until Nazir can be found and Estes pats everyone on the back for their capturing the terrorists that they got. Carrie had one of the most defining scenes of the show having finally come face to face with Nazir. His point about the drone strike was perfectly countermanded by her telling of a suicide bomber killing children that Nazir himself was responsible for. Nazir says that he never wishes to leave the country alive and that infidels will be eliminated even if it takes a few hundred years. Despite everything I guess justice is served as Brody swears on Isa's eternal soul that he will text the serial number to Nazir after he lets Carrie go. She is let go while everyone in Langley is still worrying about her, Galvez is now back having her about her abduction, are all worried about her after seeing the crash site and finding security footage of Nazir in the area. When Carrie is let go she steals a trucker's phone and gives the CIA her location and the warehouse details but Saul tells her not to after Nazir. Saul had met earlier with the Dar Adal guy from last week and he admitted that Quinn was one of his, presumably to kill and stop Brody from revealing the drone strike Estes is no bent on not letting get out. He confronts Estes about his knowing who Quinn works for and Estes gives him the run around but tells Quinn that Saul knows. Saul is later stopped by two agents before he can leave to get to Carrie's location and he's told that he is wanted for questioning, no doubt the work of Estes to keep him occupied from sharing with anyone what he knows until Brody and Nazir are gone then his knowledge doesn't mean anything is what I think they're going for. Brody's phone calls were great Damian Lewis moments and his spy work finding Waldon's pacemaker thingy was very suspenseful. You'd think that Saul would be suspicious of Brody knowing more about Carrie's abduction with how desperately he answered the phone when he called from Carrie's line. But Waldon walks in on him after he sends the pacemaker info to Nazir and when Brody realizes that Nazir is hacking Waldon's pacemaker he drops his guise knowing that Waldon is not leaving the room. He tells him that he is withdrawing his candidacy for his family and Waldon tells him that family shouldn't come between being the second most powerful person in the country, then one day the first. Brody tells him that he disagrees with everything that Waldon stands for which Waldon takes as a joke. When his heart gets serious he tells Brody to call for a doctor and when Waldon reaches for the phone himself Brody puts it out of reach telling him that, "You don't get it. I'm killing Then he calls for a doctor after Waldon flatlines, I guess there is justice in this world after all but Nazir also has it coming soon but Waldon was a good step in the right direction. Despite orders against it, Carrie goes back to the warehouse and looks for Nazir and walks into a room filled with darkness and then the end credits roll. Very tense, suspenseful episode truly showing us how deeply Brody cares about Carrie and vice versa. Of course you can't expect Nazir to still be there after he lets you go he would be the dumbest bad guy ever to still be there after letting a hostage free of course she'll lead the CIA right too there. Brody's scene with the VP was some nice karma since Waldon is a bit of an ass so it was nice to see him go. Still two episodes to go, and hopefully we'll figure out who our mole is that they never got to last season maybe. Good question Dar Adal: Is Saul really too sensitive to be doing this job? Also the call back to Carrie's jazz music as she turns on the radio right before getting blindsided was giving us that it is a thematic choice on the part of the show. If nothing else, this episode was a great acting showcase for Claire Danes and Damian Lewis as we reach the last two episodes of the season, my only question is what will Season 3 be about and who will be left standing? Brody, Estes, Carrie, Saul, Nazir, Jess, they're all on a collision course and there's no turning back.
  • A clever title goes here!

    great episode. lots of twists in the plot in a single episode.
  • The show isn't stupid, you are!

    I don't get why people are so upset about this episode.. Nazir has just lost his entire team, betrayed by his friend, beyond anything else, Brody. He is angry, upset and desperate. He knows that he can't get out of the country alive, because they will be searching him all over the place. So the only thing that he has is to play his last card. Who he wants dead more than anyone? Walden. The reason he didn't go after him before with the pacemaker (using Roya as you said) is that that wasn't his actual plan and what he wanted from the beginning. It's a desperate move from a desperate man. What IS questionable is the way he found out about it. He also knows that Brody is close to Carry (he was instructed to by Roya if you remember), so to kidnap her was reckless but in the end logical. The last conversation of Brody and Walden was priceless. Of course he knew Walden was dying, i mean 5 minutes ago he was giving information to a terrorist how to assassinate him. How could that be a coincidence? Also, Nazir doesn't 'terrorize' just to get revenge for his son, i mean he was terrorist way before that. That was just another motive and rationalization he used and in the end when he couldn't do anything else, that was all that remained. The show is awesome and i hope it continues that way. The show is not stupid, you are
  • whoa!!

    when i'm watching homeland i'm usually paranoid, scared, reduced to tears, tense... this time, this episode made my heart rate go up to 180 at least. the one thing we all (admit it) love about this show are scenes where we as the viewers are all like "is he/she really going to do that?" and BAM! they do! so intense, such good performances, way to go!
  • Broken Hearts

    The kidnapping was unexpected, but it ended up being a little bit anticlimactic. I think they ruined the story a little bit by having Quinn be revealed as a contract killer. That's something you could have had at the end of the season with him surprisingly trying to kill Brody.

    Still, another strong show.
  • Abu Nazir kidnaps Carrie.

    This was one of the best of the season to this point along with "Beirut is Back" and "Q&A" It had so much happening in it with the beginning starting off well with Abu Nazir kidnapping Carrie and Abu Nazir using Brody At first I was wondering why he kidnapped Carrie but he really needed Brody and shockingly leading Brody to assist in the death of the Vice President One of the only faults of this episode was the way it ended because it leaves you wondering whether Abu Nazir will be caught or maybe Carrie will get to him.