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Dec 15, 2013
Fellow Homeland devotees. Do not read the article on TVGuide.com about casting changes for Season 4. You will very disappointing and pissed off if you read the comments. Stay away! Stay far away!
Dec 03, 2013
here is a thought
what if when Carrie was out of it at various times in the show
during one of these times several months back
Saul impregnated her with his sperm through medical fertilization
procedure during one of her passed out unconscious episodes?

He is in love with her and wanted her to carry his baby

She doesn't know of course and assumes it is Brody's
Oct 30, 2013
even though its not related, but at the start of the year i started watching a tv show, i dun remb its name , it was about an undercover cop, who came in to investigate tht how her best friend was murdered, a black cop
characters name were mia bowles, robert bowles, suzzanne, who was an undercover cop
they owned a major drug company
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