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Do you like to be teased? Then you'll love this new teaser for the third season of Showtime's Homeland, because oh my God, Homeland, right? Except this teaser is one of those teases, where we don't learn much about the new season or see any new footage and things are just cryptic and artsy in an attempt to get us to exercise our brains and figure things out on our own instead of spoon-feeding us visual entertainment. The nerve!

Okay fine, Showtime. We will take a deeper look at this, because we're no match for the inner mysteries of Showtime's funnest show. So there's no new footage, but it sounds like there's new audio. And the first thing that jumps out at me is that none of the chatter is coming from Carrie Matheson (though to be fair, featuring her character without her crazy eyes would be a crime against television). The second thing that jumps out at me is that there's a lot of Brody. Like, a lot. I've been under the impression that Season 3 is going to have less Brody now that he's hiding from 99.999999 percent of the population, but it sounds like he's out and about and having a rough time as the world's most wanted terrorist. 

Homeland Season 3 premieres September 29 on Showtime.

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