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Sunday 9:00 PM on Showtime
This morning I watched the season finale, just a few hours after it aired in the US. To be honest, I am a bit confused about my opinion. Being the #5 contributing member in the Homeland community (after 4 staff), one might think I'm a huge fan but I think I am not or no more. What brought me to the show was the explosive tense/suspense that was season one and the interaction between Carrie and Brody. This last episode isn't even that bad as a series finale, it had the pace for it and it closed most of the storylines that were important. Brody is no more, Carrie is off to a new part of her career, Saul is off to a new career, The CIA is going in a new direction with a new director. The only other character I care about Quinn, will probably follow her to Istanbul. I will miss Morena Baccarin, not for her role, but I have been kind off a fan since Firefly.

Everything that happened in this episode was logical and should happen, but it could have been done in twenty minutes if it were a normal higher paces Homeland episode.

What I really did not like was that so many storylines of the first half of the season weren't closed. What's with the bomber, what's with the Brody family (although I did not care) etc. etc. It obviously was just meant for the setup but it felt like cheating on us viewers, as if we are not intelligent enough to want to know. As if you have a whole episode of someone deciding to take his own life up to the moment he is standing on the bridge only to have some other character looking in that direction and from that moment only following that other character for the rest of the season.

The interaction between Carrie and Brody was pretty good when they were together, but mostly based on Damian Lewis' acting. For some reason all I can remember of Carrie of this year is her whining over something and especially over redeeming Brody.

And as a last issue, if I were the boss of my own copy shop, I would have made sure that an employee like Carrie would do some work where here madness wouldn't do any harm, like making coffee. Did you see here eyes all this season? I know it is good acting by Claire, but if it's good acting, her environment in the CIA should have seen it also. I find it so unrealistic that they promoted her again, even to be the youngest station chief of the CIA, What does that say of the rest of the organisation?

There is more, but these are the most obvious why I am so in doubt about how I feel.

As Body's gone and this felt like a series finale, they will have to invent the whole series again. Season 4 was renewed last October. I am not sure if I will watch it. What about you?


And if you voted for another season, what should it be?


And 'explein' should be 'explain', can't change that anymore, sorry.
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