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95% of the television I watch is on cable, and you all know the reason why. But mostly its because its less likely for a show to get canceled on cable than on network. But there are cable channels that sometimes act like networks. Heads up, spoilers for some shows (guess from which channel).

TV.com already explored AMC's questionable business decisions, but Showtime has experience similar problems in terms of production and cancelations. At least AMC has an excuse, every bad decision they've made is because they're a money-grabbing channel.

First of all, Showtime seems to have a tendency to intervene on their shows (which is very network-y). They were against Dexter Morgan not surviving the end of the show, and that finale is pretty much universally hated. Also, they didn't let Homeland's writers kill of Brody, and IMO that would have been a splendid move for the show.

Not many people watched The Borgias but I think it was a pretty good show, but as soon as its finding its groove Showtime canceled it. They claimed the show was too expensive, but I think is because of the low ratings and recognition (which again is very network-y). On the opposite side of things, most people would say that Weeds overstayed its welcome.

Do you think something's wrong with Showtime? Should they focus more on their show's quality instead of other things? Heck, I don't watch all shows on Showtime is there another program you feel was affected by their decision making?
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Nov 18, 2013
Fans of The Borgias knew this network cared not a whit about quality when it refused to give the low-rated but beautiful series the courtesy of a short final season to wrap up the story. The network's attitude toward fans was one of uncaring arrogance. Now, post Dexter and in the middle Homeland's preventable decay everyone else can see this network for what it is.
Nov 11, 2013
Well, things should make a profit. The Borgias seemed to compete against Game of Thrones. It was a good show, but so was Rome and HBO cancelled that.

Dexter was going to be awful as soon as Debra found out what Dexter was. Her character was made awful because instead of immediately killing him or bringing him to justice, she was still in love with him or whatever. Debra was perhaps the only decent person on that show, and she was made awful.

Dexter is a serial killer. He's an awful person. But maybe CBS wants to use Dexter in the future? Who knows. Dexter never had high ratings.

Homeland is the biggest problem. It gives Showtime from prestige and credibility. But it's low rated. And who is watching for Carrie/Brody? It almost seemed like The Vampire Diaries with Carrie making excuses for Brody. Brody is a traitor and Carrie is a traitor. She should have shot him in the head.
Nov 04, 2013
I hope they don't meddle with Masters of Sex, cause I'm reeeeallly liking that one right now.
Nov 02, 2013
I think the problem is they are too hands-on. TV is a business after all, but interfering with the creative process is a different matter and regularly damaging to storytelling. Dexter`s writers not having a break before writing the last season and interference in storylines thereafter is an example of where business comes before creativity. Weeds went on too long in my eyes too, the ending a season before would have been the best time to end imo. Not too late for Homeland to recover, but if showtime is so in charge of its writers that they have creative control, we`re going to have conveyor belt programming of low quality/high volume.
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