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95% of the television I watch is on cable, and you all know the reason why. But mostly its because its less likely for a show to get canceled on cable than on network. But there are cable channels that sometimes act like networks. Heads up, spoilers for some shows (guess from which channel).

TV.com already explored AMC's questionable business decisions, but Showtime has experience similar problems in terms of production and cancelations. At least AMC has an excuse, every bad decision they've made is because they're a money-grabbing channel.

First of all, Showtime seems to have a tendency to intervene on their shows (which is very network-y). They were against Dexter Morgan not surviving the end of the show, and that finale is pretty much universally hated. Also, they didn't let Homeland's writers kill of Brody, and IMO that would have been a splendid move for the show.

Not many people watched The Borgias but I think it was a pretty good show, but as soon as its finding its groove Showtime canceled it. They claimed the show was too expensive, but I think is because of the low ratings and recognition (which again is very network-y). On the opposite side of things, most people would say that Weeds overstayed its welcome.

Do you think something's wrong with Showtime? Should they focus more on their show's quality instead of other things? Heck, I don't watch all shows on Showtime is there another program you feel was affected by their decision making?
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