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It was December 16th, a day after the season finale of Homeland had aired. I was a bit confused. The series had closed most of the story lines that were important. Brody is dead, Carrie is off to Istanbul after a promotion, Saul is off to a new career to a private agency, The CIA is going in a new direction with a new director. The only other character I care about Quinn, will probably follow Carrie to Istanbul. It felt more like a series finale then a season finale and maybe it even should have been a series finale as the power was in the tension/suspense between Carrie and Brody and that interaction con no more be.

In my confusion I asked you in my post ‘Homeland Season 3 Finale: A Season or Series Finale?’ whether you, the other members, thought it was a season finale or should have been a series finale. I waited to vote until today, to make sure I only voted once and to be able to see the results. I was surprised to see that almost 700 people (until this day, the 26th) had voted and their opinion was very clear::

So, 500 out of 700 of you thought or had wanted it to be a series finale. That’s not good news for Showtime. I saw that votes are still coming in, so members are still involved. That is better news for them.

I also asked you what season 4 should be about if you wanted a season 4 to exist. The answer wasn't even that surprising:

Quinn obviously has become the most interesting character in the series (he also got the most positive remarks in the comments) and that’s not good a good message for our former favourite Claire Danes (out of the surviving characters). But, if she keeps up this pace, she may have another chance for a Blowie next year. Although she turned up at the ceremony, she didn't win this year. People even rather see Homeland as a comedy then a new season with an espionage drama for Carrie.

In the comments, we got some great suggestions for season 4. Of course there were some with the premise that Brody hadn't died. Although I understand it, I do hope this is not what happened. Let me summarise some others for you.

@billeddy had a complete season 4 script, read it in the post, it is worth it. For me the fact that Carrie’s assets are often killed in drone strikes because of the information on them she passes on to the CIA was my highlight. She suspects that the CIA is using her information to create a backup of easy targets. Great battle coming!

@Mrtmcfly suggested to make it into a prequel. They could show Brody’s events leading to his kidnapping before he had converted to Islam. He mentioned that it also would have the advantage of bringing back Morena Baccarin Now that’s a reason I can relate to.

@geekmalaya had a great suggestion how to keep Brody around (although saying it was just kidding) : “Any chance that Carrie goes schizo and have Brody as his imaginary sidekick?”.

@AlienCat suggested a story around Carrie in Istanbul. Her kid is being taken care of by nannies. She uses Saul and his private sector agency for ad hoc jobs, sometimes unofficially and under the radar, when the CIA doesn't go along with her plans. Quinn, of course, is her right hand man in Istanbul, possibly even developing into a love interest. Her kid provides him with a vicarious way of making up for not being there for his own kid.

The most probable developments for the next season were written by @blaboing: Although the main characters are on their own at first, it becomes more and more clear that all of the separated story lines have something in common and are all going in the same direction, just to culminate in a multiple episodes lasting series finale with the evil guy being Javadi or Lockhart (or Adar being exposed as Javadi's accomplice).

I will probably watch the first episode of next season, just to see where everyone is going. I'm pretty sure that we'll not get that much information as Homeland never gives us any relevant information to start with.

What do you think?
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