Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Abu Nazir tries to get Brody back on his side.

    After Brody refused to work for Abu Nazir in the previous episode it leads to a confrontation in this one where Abu Nazir tries to persuade Brody to help him When we are shown flashbacks of Brody in captivity it shows him looking after Abu Nazir's son and when the bomb killed Issa it upset Brody and it upset him even more when the Americans said the explosion was fake and was created for propaganda This episode leaves us with Brody ready to make a huge decision which will decide the side he is on.

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    I've just opened tv.com only to find that there is no Homeland in the top 20 shows. I'm not American, but that is shocking to me. Do I even have to explain my feelings? Not only is this show great in many respects like the story line, the acting, the suspense, but most of all it is about a war US have been fighting for the last 10-12 years. It seems that there is hardly anyone left in the USA who is interested in this war. And even if that is true, isn't it just an excellent thriller to watch? I begin to fear that the show will end up the same way "Rubicon" did.

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    "Crossfire" showed what I was worried about this show doing and that is struggling to find a way to keep this storyline going for 12 episodes. Yes, Tom Walker's shooting was cool, but it was so predictable, if you didn't see him killing that guy, you must have never seen an episode of television or a movie ever in yiur life.

    It was not terrible, butnothing that groundbreaking happened tonight; nothing groundbreaking has happened in awhile.

  • Brody is back on the trail again.*Spoilers everywhere*


    Did anyonethought that Brody his attempt to sever ties with Abu Nazir will be successful? Of course, not. SoCrossfire starts with Brody has been beaten and kidnapped by some Arabic men.

    While he was unconscious, Brody has flashback to the time when his more comfort life in captivity had begun. It's appears that Issa is Abu Nazir's son(if someone don't remember Brody screamed hi name in dream in "The Weekend" episode).Abu Nazir brought Brody to his home to teach his son English. After a while Issa became Brody's friend and his small flash of light in captivity.

    But one day when Issa went to school, drone missile hit and destroyed the school. Issa died. And this was turning point, when Brody has been turned.

    I truly believed that that wasn't a "comfort"in exchange for what Brody became a terrorist. And now we know the answer. That was love and pain/hate of loss loved one.

    Meanwhile Carrie finds out that imam knows something about Tom Walker but doesn't want to reveal it. Only way to get him to speak is make FBI tell the truth aboutmosque incident but everyone are covering their asses.

    So she told imam and his wife about possibleconsequences of terrorist attack to their community. And imam's wife decided to meet Carrie and tell her that Walker met with Saudi Arabia diplomat. So now theyshadowed diplomat.

    Last to be mentioned is that Tom Walker decided to adjust sniper riffle in the forest but instead killed a hunter which uncovered him.

    In general episode was great.

    And before judging Brody, realize what would you do if your son or other loved one got killed in bombardment? Would you like to revenge? Maybe not innocent people but responsible ones. I'm not sure what would I do.

    "And they call us terrorists"(diplomat) is a good point! Series uncover points of view of both sides. And this is really interesting and controversy!