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24 this ain't

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    [1]Nov 30, 2011
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    Maybe it's a bit premature to say but, we have alot going on somethings make sence others don't

    what i'm struggling with is brody and williams where captured, both survived both were turned, both were beaten, tortured, brody enduredand was shown kindness and offered comfort was williams offered the same ?

    after xfire we are to believe brody was hoping to be normal, but because of nazir's son he has been reminded to fight for them ? which means he turned him self in to a terrorist though how this plays out is open,

    now williams is alive and on the run and has a target to find and possibly kill.

    carrie is slowly going crazy,

    saul could be involved

    david the cia chief is playing it carefully

    at least in 24 the moles where hidden but soon showed them selves and the good and bad was clearly defined , but in this it's like spagetti it's a complete mess...

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    [2]Nov 30, 2011
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    It's not trying to be 24. Grey's Anatomy isn't X Files.

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    [3]Nov 30, 2011
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    I've read a few people are suspicious of Saul and I'm not sure why that is,to me it just seems out of left field

    Mermayd has a point, I mean did the creators/writers ever state that this was to be 24 incarnate?

    I for one believe that a great drama leaves much to interpretation and 24's style of revealing the bad guys helped with suspense because you knew when certain characters were on screen you could expect something shady to happen and clearly this is as much mystery as it is narrative so putting everything on the line up front just wouldn't work here.

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    [4]Dec 1, 2011
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    One of the great things about this show is the fact it is hard to work who the bad guys are, as it is in real life. If this had been a 24 style show I wouldn't even have bothered with it. The other great thing is that you just don't always see where this plot is going to twist next.
    I would really normally expect to see this sort of writing in a British show not anything from the US. A lot of people have found it too slow, that is what I have loved about it, it's not in your face all the time like 24.
    The lives of real spies and analysts are messy that is the point.
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    [5]Dec 15, 2011
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    First off, I don't see how you can say 24 didn't put a bit of mystery around some of their characters. There were plenty of characters throughout the seasons of 24 where you weren't really sure if they were "good" or "bad". Not too many people thought of Nina Meyers as a "bad guy" until much later when she was actually shown to have been a mole (and a little later on, a murderous sociopath). A lot of the characters were also shown to be more complex than just good or bad. A lot of the people in government positions who did bad things, such as Walt Cummings and President Logan, did what they did because they thought it was best for their country. Their actions may have been wrong morally, but we do generally believe it's right to do what may be in the best interest for your country. If you think Cummings and Logan were clearly "bad guys", then you should probably think the same of Jack Bauer... isn't his philosophy basically the same thing?

    Secondly, based on your last sentence, you may be neglecting the number of episodes each season of both shows were. There were many seasons of 24 where a mole or a bad guy wasn't revealed until after 15+ episodes. Homeland is now just 11 episodes in. Yes, a season for Homeland is only half as long as a season for 24, but 11 episodes into a season of 24, you still had no idea which directions the characters and plots would go. Also, by the end of the season, 24 had to conclude most of their plot lines because each season reflected one day, whereas a season of Homeland can reflect a few weeks or more.

    Finally, if you really need to believe that person A is a "good guy", and person B is a "bad guy", then feel free to do so. If you want, you can believe that everybody in the CIA is a good guy, and that Nick Brody, Tom Walker, and Abu Nazir are bad guys. It doesn't change the fact that you wont really know until the writers decide to make it clear one way or the other, and the same was for 24.

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    [6]Apr 24, 2012
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    some tv ads stated if you liked 24 blah blah blah

    and i think some of the writers from 24 are involved

    a second season ? will carrie be in it ?

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