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discussion for episode #204-Q&I

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    [1]Oct 28, 2012
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    the whole thing with carrie seemed strange until she began to go to the real heart of the issue and that is,was his torture by nazir...if that is not always part of the equation,if they see him as a terroist instead of someone who as she saidwas sytematically broken in the most heinous of ways and bring him back to his humanity so he can kind of "reactualize"(not crazy about using that word,but there it is),they in my estimation will have lost in the most important way. the good cop bad cop display is hard to see; many,i think,i hope most need to believe that we can do what is needed without acting in the heinous ways some of our enemies and how we(humans in general)acted during the inquistion and at many other times throughout history...the safety of the nation and world always has to take precedence,but the hope again is that it canbe donewithout acting like animals ourselves. sounds terribly naive,but again there it is...they must seeas i believe, that brody does not want to hurt anyone..the self rightous attutude that we sometimes see is hard to accept because most of us could not withstand the horrors that we saw of what brody went thru...but if they keep his humanity in the forefront and stop treating him as some criminal then he can be our asset and that i think is what carrie believes too??? but,this is a drama a story made up and they can play with us over andover if they think it is good for the story...so once again??? as for the daughter and her new spoiled brat of a baby boyfriend well...if i hear one more spoiled entitled brat of a rich kid say "my life will be over" i'll puke up my guts!!!!!!!!!!!! well,got that out of my system..lol

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    [2]Nov 4, 2012
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    Well Brodie has been turned now (back for the "good" guys) which means the next few episodes will be slow again (building against Abu Nazir etc etc). Not going to be much excitement until the finale imo, I guess this is Homeland's style
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    [3]Nov 5, 2012
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    Hey mattgus, do us a favor and end a sentence and use a few paragraph breaks, ok? Hard to read these long one sentence blocks.

    Brody wans never a "good man", that's a fiction. He did flip the switch, fixed the vest, and was ready to do it again.

    But it gets more clear every week the writers have lost their way or run out of pot or something equally serious, because this show went from spellbinding to just dopey in just a few episodes. Youre never going to see season three at this rate. And carries gotta cut down on the bulging eye screaming thing. Plus they gotta pay a lot more attention to not doing things real people would never ever do. We can suspend disbelief, but not the family car!

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