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Episode S01E07 - The Weekend

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    [1]Nov 16, 2011
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    There is something I didn't like about this episode.

    Be warned, SPOILERS ahead.

    What bothers me the most is how Carrie got "busted". Okay, she accidentally says the name of Brody's favorite tea and Brody catches it. But why did Carrie...

    1. ...didn't try harder to find a better a lie?

    2. ...have to tell the *whole* story to Brody, I mean not only the fact that he is under watch as a suspected traitor but how she got the info which lead to this suspicion?

    At that point Carrie didn't know yet that there may be another good suspect. (And even now, she still can't be sure that Brody is not involved in it at all one way or the other.) So as an agent she failed big time. (And it's not the first time. She also foretold Brody the reason of the polygraph.)

    Up to that point it was a great episode.

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    [2]Nov 16, 2011
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    Maybe this transparency was because of lack of her drugs. I have no other good explanation.

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    [3]Nov 18, 2011
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    I think lying somewhere beneath her psychosis is guilt. Guilt and confusion. She is obviously at odds with herself, and going off her meds didn't help.

    What I'm even more curious about, is whether she actually has feelings for Brody. The case could be made that she does because of her emotional breakdown at the end of the episode, but that too could be a result of her deranged state of mind.

    One thing is for certain, she is having an absolutely epic breakdown.

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    [5]Nov 19, 2011
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    She is letting love get in the way of her job.

    @knucklepunt - Her original intention might have been to spy on him but then love devolved between the two. I think she showed her original intention at the end of the episode when she ran to the car after hearing the news about the turned pow.
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    [6]Nov 20, 2011
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    I'm not sure what lie she could have come up with that would have satisfied him. She's off her meds, confused about her motives for coming with him to the cabin, and desperate to know the truth about what he really is. I think she did the best she could to casually dismiss his curiosity and, ultimately, her impulse to 'come clean' and confront him was her gut instinct, which it seems she goes with a lot.
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    [7]Dec 21, 2011
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    So disappointed now. Episode 7 just aired here in Canada and Carrie has gone out of character. Is she an idiot or what? For 6 episodes, she is convinced Brody is the U.S. soldier who has been turned and she's desperately trying to prove it. So, in this episode, she goes to a cabin, plays house and gives herself to him. What the hell is she doing? A complete changeover in character. In fact, she ha...s sex with him in the car the night before, too. Even if she's a bit drunk, she knows what she's doing. But I sure don't know what she's doing! And then she comes right out and tells him she thinks he's been turned!! Why????? And if she thinks that, why sleep with him? To fall for him (if that's what's happening) makes no sense. And when she runs up to him in the car and apologies after getting the call from Saul about Walker, why didn't she ask him why he said he killed Walker when he's alive? She's a nut job. I loved this show for 6 episodes and now I think I'm beginning to hate it. What horrible script writing. A great show has gone down the proverbial tube!!

    Can you blame this all on her lack of meds? I just don't think so. It's just a complete changeover in her character.
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