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One question I have about Abu Nazir/Brody relationship

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    I just got into this show late, so excuse me for the late forum post.

    This show was decent, imo. Although some episodes tended to drag during the middle, the finale was very gripping, although I would have much preferred if the bomb had gone off (and hence made the plot for season 2 difficult).

    But in any case, I am not here talking about the overall quality of the show. I have one very specific question...the relationship between Abu Nazir and Brody...

    Brody was tortured for 5 years??? (when Brody was first introduced to Isa, Nazir's son, it said 3 years earlier and hence, 8 years - total POW status - minus 3 = 5 years...

    In any case, Brody was tortured for a number of years and then Abu Nazir suddenly turned him into a "friend" who taught his "son" English. What was with the sudden departure from torture to friend???

    My understanding is that Abu Nazir did not have terrorist plans for Brody until AFTER his son died. Hence, until Isa died, what was Abu Nazir's intentions with Brody??? I really dont understand that

    ANyone want to point out something i may have missed or have a guess please do so

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    Nazir had terrorist plans for Brody and Walker all along.

    It was mentioned that Abu Nazir 'bought' Brody from the Iraqis. When Brody arrived at Nazir's he was suddenly looked after, after being tortured for years. He felt safe.

    This was after Brody thought he had beaten Walker to death. Then Nazir gets Brodie to live in what he thought was safety and teach his 'son' English. All the while, Nazir was just grooming Brodie to develop some connection with him, 'his' children and those around. Strangely (or perhaps not) Nazir never seemed to show much affection to the child he called his son.

    Then one day, while Nazir is "off at the terrorist office", "doing terrorist stuff" – BAM!, the compound right next to where Brodie is hanging out is hit by a **precision** Drone strike. The target (in Nazir's grand plan) was the children.

    Ruthless Nazir had played the US along enough to let them know he was somewhere unreachable by ground troops, but surrounded by children. If the US didn't strike because of the children, he would be ok and if they did strike, the kids would be 'martyrs'. Either way he wins.

    In the end, he was safe somewhere else and now he has a powerful ally, in a US Marine Sniper, whom he 'rescued' and now has deep resentment against the US for what they just did to innocent children.

    Nazir can now make Brodie do anything he wants….

    Meanwhile, Walker has been off somewhere else, getting similar indoctrination and brain-washing.

    Later on, back in the States Walker and Brodie learn each other is alive, and they both have their orders to carry out….

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