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Wrong floor.

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    This is a wicked serie. Hooked and now I have to wait till the fall or so for Season 2? I hope I survive.

    Just finished watching the Season finale, but remembered something in Episode 10 or 11. Brody family are off somewhere, where Brody gets the vest. In the motel where they are staying, Brody's son is getting some ice from the machine on the first floor. Brody walks with his son back to their rooms, says goodnight and the boy walks inside. Brody stands outside for a couple of seconds and then goes into the adjacent room. All this takes place on the first floor.

    Come next morning, Dana is looking in the back of the car for what Brody had put there (the vest) and he comes to put something in the back, just in time. After the chat with Dana, Jessica and Chris walk out of their rooms towards the car and I think Brody asks, if they're all set, or something like that. To which they reply they have everything.

    Only problem is.......they are exiting rooms on the ground floor!! The night before, they were in rooms on the first floor.

    One of those little details.......lol.......but doesn't spoil the show for me.......it's great.

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    haha yeh i realised that too lol

    decent show. builds up slowly, sometimes drags, but ultimately it's tension filled

    if i could summarise homeland season 1:

    12 episodes of homeland tension = 1 episode of 24 tension

    Not necessarily a criticism, but I think a note how homeland does things a little different to CTU hehe
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    I know this is a bit late, but sorry your both wrong.

    I just checked, their rooms were 127 and 128 at night, their rooms were 127 and 128 in the morning.

    In the morning you can see the first floor and it a has white fence surrounding it.
    At night there was no white fence where they were standing, because they were on the ground floor.

    Just did a bit of detective work for you guys because I'm bored.

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