Season 3 Episode 4

Game On

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2013 on Showtime
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  • Game On

    We know Carrie won't turn and is playing them, but why go through the whole mental institution to do so? I just don't get the show at all right now.
  • Slightly better

    Better, but then again it could hardly have gotten any worse. Too bad it took the writers four whole episodes to realise the show was just worth cancelling if they kept the direction they were going. The twist was nice, although not very believable, but at this point we're happy to have something, anything, happening and can't afford to be picky.

    It was good to see Virgil. The only times this show was good was when Carrie was working with her boys, on the field, I wish the writers would get that and spare us the cheap drama and all the laughable psycho BS to focus on what Homeland is supposed to be.moreless
  • Definitely an improvement..

    I told myself before this episode that I would be content if it sacrificed logic for an awkward, albeit firm, step in the right direction. That's exactly what we got.

    Parts of it make sense in the context of the previous episodes; parts of it do not. But that may have been what it needed.

    Though, the one question that keeps cropping up in my head is: Did the writers know they were going to do it? I don't quite think so.moreless
  • The Plan

    As the first third of the season came to a close we finally saw Carrie get out of the mental hospital after some hurdles early on with the judge and Dar Adul (who Carrie sees leaving) that make you think that she wouldn't. She gets released with help from her new legal friends and they set up a meeting with their "interested client" for the morning. With Carrie out of options, even Virgil won't help her, and her furlough from the hospital only lasting 24 hours she goes to stay with the guy she slept with as a one night stand at the beginning of the season (and even takes from his wallet). The lawyer finds her however, because she was ultimately trying to flake out of the meeting but she goes to meet with someone higher up in the firm named Bennett. Sure enough, she's not being asked to divulge intelligence, but instead guess as to how the six targets were taken out at the beginning of the season. This means that someone in Iranian intelligence is using the law firm to use Carrie, a pariah from the intelligence community, to turn against the Agency and she agrees ever so reluctantly on the condition that she's kept out of the hospital. Dana runs off with Dreamy McBoyBand after stealing him away from the hospital he is still at and Dreamy's parents blame them having the last name Brody for their son's misgivings (totally reasonable, right?). The only part I liked about this was them going to see where Brody had left before he was deployed to Iraq that was heartfelt, but I don't in any way buy that him saying "Goodbye" that time was the last true thing Brody ever told Dana. He did lie, and he's not perfect but I'm Team Brody and he did have some sincere heartfelt moments with his daughter. Sadly, we don't get to see Brody either in this episode that's a double dose of suck after last week's awesome re-entry of him and the audiobook, free for download on that detailed (in Damian Lewis' voice the end of Season 2 to where he got shot in Tower of David). But we did see how the overall terror story of the year may tie in Brody now. Saul and Farra follow the money trail of the bank of Iran to a football club in Caracas (convenient) that is being used to launder money from the Iranian government. Saul points out that it is the second in command of Iranian intelligence posing as a now dead football player as a shareholder of the club and if Iran ever found out about it he would be executed so they have their play once they get in a room with him. Also, where's Quinn? Is he going to do something other than occasionally show up to offer moral support? Is Dar Adul having him do something else? Now that I'd like to see, especially if Saul and Dar have it out about the future of agency like they've almost been having over Carrie. But the reveal that Carrie was playing the long con to get the meeting with Iranian intelligence didn't really catch me off guard. If anything it made parts of her stay that much more implausible, especially her "F**k you Saul" line, unless it was just "oh gosh this was much harder than I thought it would be. Why are you making me do this?" type of F**k you Saul. So was her going off of her meds part of it too? Because she did go through an actual breakdown, or was that part of it to take Carrie off of her meds and then have her breakdown to fit with Saul throwing her under the bus in the Senate hearings (which by the way haven't played a part in the show since the first episode of the season and I thought were going to be a key part of this season). It's not that the twist itself bothers me it just has a lot of logical holes, even with the "you left me in the hospital too long" line that she has in the end. It just felt sort of shoehorned in to make sense of the past few episodes of putting Carrie out of commission. But hopefully now she can get back to work and help the Saul/Farra team track down the Iranian Intelligence guy. Also, just in that Homeland just got renewed for 4th season I'm really intrigued what that will look like.moreless
  • i kinda suspected carrie / saul had a plan..

    the fact he openly defended carrie but then totally ratted her out ?

    the idea the cia was in trouble and what lengths and moves/plots they'd have to pull out of their asses to get the job done ?

    then we have carrie being stuck in the nut house,

    not sure why these 'bankers' expect carrie to know why their cohorts were killed. considering they weren't even on the radar of saul/cia when carrie went 'nuts'moreless

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