Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 2013 on Showtime

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  • Old Time's Sake

    Homeland got a bit more grounded this week as we saw the fallout of Javadi's massacre of his wife and daughter-in-law from last week and got some big clues on the actual perpetrator of the Langley Bombing. Still no Brody, who is no doubt rotting in that same cell in Caracas wondering when he'll be relevant again to the writing team who has forsaken him. We saw a great deal of Quinn in this episode and how he feels "done" with the CIA and their covert way of doing things and ruining lives (for example having Javadi skate for the double murder because he is now a CIA asset) which he conveys in a great scene with Carrie and his confession to the murders he didn't commit (having been caught by a neighbor's security camera) but largely all rising from having killed the young boy in the season opener. Saul had to answer to Senator Lockhart for having been away from his office for so long and why he's ruining the CIA's history before the regime change. The dynamic between Dar and Saul played a great deal into this week's events especially when they lock the Senator in the conference room to give Javadi (now having been turned) time to get out of the country before enjoying a drink. Surely Saul is taking a risk in this, but his scenes with Javadi played out excellently, and showed how far he is willing to go to stay relevant as he is about to lose his temporary position of power to a bureaucrat. Javadi and us as the audience knew that Carrie would take the bait, as Saul did, that Javadi knew who the real bomber was which took much of the suspense out of her calling Javadi back off of the plane in the end of the episode. But now we have a trail that leads back to the law firm that set up Javadi and Carrie that knows the "Abu Nazir's guy" by name and they will surely put some hurt on him by then. Quinn will no doubt stay through for Carrie but his scenes in which Dar threatened to nail him to the wall with local PD didn't really seem that earned since they have had only one or two scenes together ever on the show although there does seem to be an antagonistic history between them. Carrie not being able to handle the pressure of looking at the crime scene was uncharacteristic of her but whether that was supposed to be the morning sickness catching up with her or nerves and guilt the writers didn't convey that well at all. Can't really expect to see Brody now can I? He's gonna stay far away and who knows when Javadi will pop up again after having flipped sides. Surely he will give them something from Iranian intel to validate Saul's risk. But this episode became much more about the past in some ways than it did about the future which was somewhat irksome.
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