Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Carrie gets evidence about Abu Nazir that could connect to Brody.

    When Carrie finds out that Abu Nazir has been for the first time in seven years she believes its because of Brody It was a good point what Saul said about Brody playing the hero which he hasn't done because he attacked a reporter and was sat in the same place for a day but at the end comes out of his house as the hero and its exactly what Carrie wanted to see.
  • Estrella87 is right


    Do you believe everything that's in the newspaper or on tv? Fact is that people tend to believe that every second Muslim is a terrorist, although only a really small number of Muslims ARE terrorists. Don't let the media or prejudices cloud your mind. There are also terrrorist who belong to other religions, for instance the culprit of the attack in Norway in 2011 was Christian. But at the beginning when it was not yet known everybody believed it was a Muslim and all the Newspaper talked about the "Muslim Terrorist". Please be tolerant of other religions.
  • Get Real estella87!


    Are you a 12 year old? Or have you never read a newspaper? Or watch the news? If that's the case, let me clue you in on a fact. There are more Muslim terrorist around the world than any other religion. GET A CLUE! If you can't believe that, go back to watching American Idol, or whatever garbage you normally watch.
  • being religious doesn't make you a killer


    After watching the second episode of Homeland I'm not sure I can/want to continue watching the show.

    The only likeable main character is potentially a terrorist and that, frankly, sucks. I'm not sure whether it is Claire Danes' character I despise or the CIA itself (probably both), but the fact that now the viewers are supposed to believe that Nicholas Brody is supposed to be a terrorist because he converted to islam and is therefore praying to Allah instead of God is ridiculous.

    There are only two ways the show can end: either he is a terrorist and that means the show's gonna explode with US stereotypes about muslims, the islam and what-now and that just feels so wrong that I wouldn't wanna waste my time watching all these prejudices; or he is not a terrorist which would make Carrie a crazy paranoid person (I don't care about), but also means that she harrassed Brody for no reason, invaded his privacy and all that with the support of the government (doesn't that feel wrong to anybody else?).

    For these reasons I'm going to drop watching the show, but I will read reviews and wait for the final episode to see which way it turns out, I just don't like the way this show seems to be going. I can imagine Americans sitting in front of their television, wanting Brody to be a terrorist and get shot or whatever and that feels wrong in my book. I sincerely hope the writers know what they are doing and don't just increase the fear and hate of the viewers against muslims.

    Dispite all that this episode delivered great acting and set up the show for what could be an interesting season. I just think that 12 episodes are too much for a show like this.

  • One of the most perfect and accurate episodes I've ever watched in a tv series. Actions are happening with in it in the front row and we know what the characters know, nothing more, nothing less, only hiding away from us what we really want to know......


    One of the most perfect and accurate episodes I've ever watched in a tv series. Actions are happening with in it in the front row and we know what the characters know, nothing more, nothing less, only hiding away from us what we really want to know:who is lying? Who is telling the truth?

    Honestly, I don't know… You sort of want to believe them both... Carrie has a point, she has justice on her side, but then again, so is Brody... Right?

  • Carrie looks more into Brody's life while learning more about Abu Nazir.


    I've been seeing a lot of complaints lately about how the show seems to be implying that since Brody practices the Islamic religion that it means he's a terrorist and that the implications of that are terrible. I wouldn't exactly agree with that. I don't think the writers are attempting to imply that worshiping an Islamic religion means you're a terrorist. I thought the scene at the end wasn't racist or anything; it's just blurring the image, making us wonder whether or not Brody has switched sides. It's as if the writers are playing with our misconceptions about Islamic religions and are making us believe one thing when the religion plot could really be a red herring.

    Anyways, enough of that: this episode sort of widens the screen a bit and gives us more of a glimpse of what's going on. Here, we get to know Carrie's undercover person Lynne Reid a bit better. I must say, for a character we don't know as well, Lynne ends up being fascinating to watch, if only because the writers are able to take a plot point that's been used over and over again in shows (the undercover agent attempts to do something right under the nose of the people she's spying on) and makes it feel exciting still.

    I also like that we're seeing more of Claire Danes' character, specifically her home life. I read in a review for the next episode that someone thinks her acting isn't great, but to me, that's absurd. It's her and Damien Lewis who are the centerpieces, and both have been impressive so far. I'm looking forward to learning more about Carrie's illness, which seems to be carried on through the family.

    Overall though, this show is a great find. I wasn't necessarily expecting much out of it at first, but the second episode was proof that it's worth sticking around (and in my eyes, the third episode is even better). I'd definitely recommend checking it out.

  • 102


    Maybe it is because of the fact that we got to see under appreciated actress Brianna Brown in a quality role or that we saw an incredibly gorgeous woman topless for a full minute, but I really enjoyed tonight's episode of Homeland. I liked the pilot, in a manner of speaking, but tonight's episode showed where this program is headed and that is in the direction of a great thriller. We had some super dramatic moments, and we still have an aura of mystery surrounding the events.

    Yes, I do agree with the criticism that they gave a bit too much away too early, but by doing so they have hooked viewers into the story; I know I am. They're hoping that will lead to the audience sticking with the show to see how things play out.

  • Wow! what an episode.Great acting, truly emotional episode.My expectations of the show keeps growing.


    I think the writers will keep us guessing until the last minute of the season (or maybe more) what's the true nature of Brody.

    Was he turned? time will tell, but I'M sure that at beginning of next chapter there will be a scene that will balance the last pictures of Brody in this one.
    My guess, more than meets the eye is at stake, and Brody will walk on a very thin ice, while playing a double game while trying to prevent some major catastrophe.

  • Are you serious or just kidding? I had big expectations about Homeland after seeing its first episode but second episode ruined everything, actually it made things clear.


    I don't wanna say it but an Israeli TV series' remake co-produced by a Jewish person has a classical script: a terrorist Muslim who wants to attack innocent civilians or the White House or something. I pray too like Mike did but I don't kill anybody. This is definitely public demonstration of Israeli power in Hollywood and US media.