Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2011 on Showtime

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  • being religious doesn't make you a killer


    After watching the second episode of Homeland I'm not sure I can/want to continue watching the show.

    The only likeable main character is potentially a terrorist and that, frankly, sucks. I'm not sure whether it is Claire Danes' character I despise or the CIA itself (probably both), but the fact that now the viewers are supposed to believe that Nicholas Brody is supposed to be a terrorist because he converted to islam and is therefore praying to Allah instead of God is ridiculous.

    There are only two ways the show can end: either he is a terrorist and that means the show's gonna explode with US stereotypes about muslims, the islam and what-now and that just feels so wrong that I wouldn't wanna waste my time watching all these prejudices; or he is not a terrorist which would make Carrie a crazy paranoid person (I don't care about), but also means that she harrassed Brody for no reason, invaded his privacy and all that with the support of the government (doesn't that feel wrong to anybody else?).

    For these reasons I'm going to drop watching the show, but I will read reviews and wait for the final episode to see which way it turns out, I just don't like the way this show seems to be going. I can imagine Americans sitting in front of their television, wanting Brody to be a terrorist and get shot or whatever and that feels wrong in my book. I sincerely hope the writers know what they are doing and don't just increase the fear and hate of the viewers against muslims.

    Dispite all that this episode delivered great acting and set up the show for what could be an interesting season. I just think that 12 episodes are too much for a show like this.