Season 2 Episode 8

I'll Fly Away

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2012 on Showtime

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  • I'll Fly Away

    A good ending to this one, and some memorable quotes throughout it as well.

    Claire Danes is constantly overrated, but her acting at the end was great with the, "They're gone, they're, they're gone!"

    Suspenseful, action-packed final 10 minutes made this a great episode.
  • What will happen to Brody?

    In this episode Brody makes the decision that he has had enough and doesn't want to work for the CIA or Abu Nazir He hates lying to his family and this causes problems for Carrie who needs Brody to carry on This ends up leading to another crazy idea from Carrie who takes Brody away to a remote motel where she tells him she needs his help to stop Abu Nazir and makes a good point when she says if he can help her stop Abu Nazir then everything Brody did before that wouldn't matter and this time he would be a real hero Up until the end I thought it was an average episode but when Roya starts getting suspicius of Brody it wasn't a surprise who she was taking him to in the end and who knows what Abu Nazir will do to Brody.
  • Shatter Point

    Brody's psyche reached critical mass this week after not being able to take Dana to the police due the CIA not wanting to alienate him from Waldon. Dana goes to Mike's in her retreat and stays there for a day or so while decompressing from her father's flip-flopping. Of course, Jessica can't tell her about the CIA involvement even though Dana isn't stupid and can put together the fact that Carrie is in professional garb stopping Brody at the station. This episode was all the spy game which was wonderfully suspenseful and gave us a great taste of Brody's ambiguity in the truth which is why he makes such a wonder asset/actor. His first meeting with Roya claiming to be done with Nazir and then going off was a suitable "WTF is he doing?!" moment and Roya even told him that there is no "out" of what he's doing. Carrie kills tracking on Brody's phone and confronts him and takes him to a hotel where they sleep together and she gets him to try again. The sounds of intercourse and Quinn asking Saul, who insists Carrie is trying to right the course of Brody's misstep, turning it up and asking if, "That's the sound of someone turning things around?" Seeing Brody reach that shatter point where he is alienated from his family by his duty to preserving a lie so that they never find out about his involvement with Nazir was harsh and I can't blame him for simply wanting to be done and way to go Homeland for giving us human stories in the midst of all the spy stuff. Brody calls Roya the next morning to say that he's sorry and that there's been trouble at home with Dana. Roya says that she appreciates it and hangs up and Brody's left to wait for the next move. The lines between Carrie's duty to the mission and her personal attachment keep getting more and more blurred even to the point where Saul can no longer inquire as to her being stable or not anymore, also I don't think she has an answer definitively one way or the other. Dana getting closer to her mother after visiting the girl in Columbia Heights was a nice turn around in their relationship to see. Her going to see the girl whose mother she killed and then the girl, who had gotten paid off by Waldon and Co., wanted the money promised her and so never wanted justice to be served for the sake of her little sisters she has to take care of presumably all by herself with her mother gone. Dana's right to feel totally conflicted with essentially getting away with murder and having no justice done upon her much like a Season 4 Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad when you realize the world you live in won't hold you accountable or the lack of response by the universe for having done something so horrendous is even worse than the punishment which is also explored in Brody's white flag minutes of surrender this episode. But Brody does meet up with Roya again and she takes him to a country road and they are approached by the mysterious man Roya met with that shot up the CIA agents in Gettysburg (still no word on Galvez's fate, btw). Nobody can get a clear view since they have to keep their distance but when Carrie does a drive by in the van with Quinn's permission they get a clear photo of the guy and she moves in on foot against orders. When going into the field Brody is led in and a helicopter swoops in and takes them all away. Carrie also flip-flops a lot in this episode first by saying to keep Brody in play as an asset, then after getting him back into the game wanting them to move in and take Roya and the mysterious shooter in due to her thinking his cover is blown. Although if they were going to kill Brody it very well probably would've happened earlier if that's all they wished to do, and seeing Nazir stateside was improbable but I bought him passing for getting into the states since he simply looks so different without the beard. In a warehouse seeing him veiled in shadow and then saying, "Hello, Nicholas" was a great suspenseful ending and with no CIA tracking Brody anymore it will be up to them to race against the clock to find him and stop Nazir since from the look of things the attack is fairly imminent with how many cell members we see where Brody is by episode's end. Homeland continues its mighty-morphing winning streak closing out the second third of episodes this year. Next stop, the attack and everything else that needs resolution. Also, the writers deserve a pat on the back for keeping the dynamic and arcs of the characters so compartmentalized into different thirds of the season such as: Part 1:Carrie in Beirut, wants back with CIA/Brody the Politician, Part 2: Carrie flips Brody/Brody works for the CIA (rekindle relationship), Part 3: ? And great writing for Mike being the Brody family's rock and being a great father figure for Dana when she needed someplace to just get away he really is a genuinely decent human being who deserves better than what he's been dealt on the show.
  • Has Brody hit rock bottom yet?

    Solid episode, but I have to admit I'm getting a little bit annoyed by Brody's emo moments... we realize this really sucks for him, but hopefully Carrie's romantic getaway puts a stop to the "woe, is me" parade that has transpired over the last episodes.

    On meeting Abu Nazir again... let's hope it's not going to result in another turn to the dark side. A confident Brody who has chosen his side is a much more interesting character.