Season 2 Episode 11

In Memoriam

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2012 on Showtime

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  • In Memoriam

    After having followed Nazir into the tunnels Carrie gets turned around as the FBI and other tac teams converge on the location. Quinn instructs her to go home but she insists that Nazir was right in front of her but Quinn says that they will find him. In the CIA basement Saul is interrogated by a high ranking intelligence officer who asks him about his past and if he slipped the blade to the woman from Nazir's network who killed herself earlier in the season. All of his stress and lack of answers give him a bad polygraph and something that Estes, the jerk, can pin him into the ground with any time he chooses. So it's no surprise that nobody believes his claims of a Congressman about to be assassinated by Quinn but the test indicates that he was telling the truth. Estes shows up in his room and says that he wants him gone and he can choose whether he resigns or goes to trial over his conduct with the agency. Carrie, after interrogating Roya Hamad and trying to get her to flip on other possible Nazir locations, Roya turns the tables and says that Nazir would never run (in Arabic) and that Carrie is an infidel whore. Thinking about it, Carrie thinks Nazir never left the tunnels and goes back to the site and finds a departing tac team and they do one last sweep of the tunnels and Carrie finds a lived in looking room. She finds other team members dead and a knife wielding Nazir and she calls out into the darkness. The tac team corners Nazir in a back room where he is kneeling in a praying position and pretends to pull a gun which gets him a death by firesquad. Anticlimactic for one so clever as Nazir to go out but that's kind of where the realism catches up with us. Also, poor Galvez being thought of as the one hiding Nazir since he's Muslim when really he was just going to get his torn stitches repaired at the hospital. Now the finale will focus solely on Brody getting taken out presumably by Quinn who ends the episode watching Carrie's house as he goes over after dropping his family off at his old house. Also, Brody and Jess's scene was really well put together as they finally admitted that their marriage was over but that they had tried their best. Dana's accusations of Mike being a better father were utterly unfair to Brody who was being tortured in the Middle East and was thus unable to be a father to her. But Brody's crying reaction upon learning of Nazir's death showed how much he loved him as well as how he had to behave and be ok with it in front of his family. But we still don't know if he is still in fact loyal to Nazir or not since we didn't see his whole interaction with him a few episodes ago so he could still be putting a Nazir plan into effect posthumously rather than being a good guy as we so thought. But that's just a wild theory but hopefully the finale can see Saul back in action and Brody whooping some Quinn ass and fighting for his life.