Season 1 Episode 12

Marine One

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 18, 2011 on Showtime

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  • A scene that I won't forget.

    I partially agree with users having mixed feelings about the last second twist with Brody not being able/not wanting to activate the vest. But the scene when he talks with her daughter on the phone was really really really intense and it really made the whole situation real and believable. I got goosebumps and almost cried. Thanks to the characters' stunning performance the entire twist could stand. Otherwise it would have been just a really lame excuse to start another season.
  • I expected more of this show

    I just caught up with this first season, and this show is actually bad. Not awfully bad but why-is-this-so-famous bad.

    The pilot was kinda promising, but then things keep getting more and more boring and downright stupid, with the same few characters and their little redundant drama and nothing much else. We don't know for sure where Brody stands until this last episode, and even after that, we don't really know the guy, nor do I wish to know him better.

    Homeland security seems to be an office of four, five clueless persons not doing much. Carrie is very intense (too intense) and is running around in circles frantically but that gets boring pretty quickly. After the call-girl subplot, which was good albeit not very original, it seems like the writers ran out of ideas ALREADY.

    There's also too many dislikeable aspects to this show. First of which is the blatant racism. I'm a Christian myself, so I'm not saying this as a fanatic or anything, but come on. This show's definition of Muslims is "bloodthirsty morons". I need more to understand why Brody became this creepy lunatic than "you know, he converted to islam while he was there". And what's with his awful attitude towards his wife? That actress has the worst role ever. All she ever does is fix dinner and go check on the kids to see if they did their homework. And being generally oblivious and good looking.

    Saul has a great presence and charisma, but no role to play. Oh, right, he likes to lie on the floor instead of sitting on chairs (so edgy, yanno).

    The Saudi diplomat was a farce, the scene in the (empty???) floor of a bank building was ridiculous. The finale was just a teaser for season 2, and the whole amnesia business doesn't belong outside of a soap opera (partial temporary amnesia, really, REALLY?)

    Clare Danes is really giving it all, but that bipolar frenzy can't hide how neurasthenic the writing of Homeland is. Disappointing.
  • Expected more from all the buildup

    I usually like "Shocks" from season finale, especially if the entire season was building up to this one episode. There really wasn't any "gasp oh my goodness did that just happen" moment in this season finale. A season finally should leave you reeling about the episode long after you have watched it. I will continue watching Homeland because I have faith that the writers would perfect it.
  • All the build up comes to a conclusion.

    The season finale is no doubt the best episode yet with all the build up coming to a conclusion As the episode went on Brody's plan became more clear when he had the bomb and forced everyone in that small room together With Carrie losing her job there was nothing she could do apart from tell everyone what she thinks of Brody but from everybody's point of view she appears to be a crazy woman who has a grudge against Brody and with the fact that Brody couldn't use the bomb it makes Carrie look more crazy The one thing I don't know now is how the second season will go because Carrie doesn't have a job and now everybody has to be a little suspicious about Brody after Carrie has told everyone I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  • so convenient ...

    All in all, I was not happy with this season.

    I love the acting, but that is no surprise; with Patinkin and Lewis you can't go wrong, and Clare Danes is also very good. Everyone else is rather pale, but that's no biggie.

    But the gaps in the story are just too big. A lot of the things that Carrie did didn't make all that much sense, but her erratic personality made those actions not implausible.


    Carrie's assumption that Brody was turned is perfectly logical. Everyone knows for a fact that Walker was turned; Brody was in the exact same situation, so people should at least be suspicious.

    But no one is, for very convenient reasons:

    Estes does not want to dig too deep because he is dirty; Saul does not believe Carrie because he has actually seen her in her neurotic stages; and Carrie does not believe in herself anymore for the same reason.

    And since the whole CIA obviously consists of only these three people, the logical thing to put Brody under constant observation does not happen, and Carrie's assumption is just ignored.

    It is normal that the good guys can't put the pieces together until the eleventh hour, so we can have an awesome showdown; but the way they did it here is just lazy writing.
  • 2 coincidences that killed the entire season of a great series

    Let me be clear: the "Terrible" grade for this episode has nothing to do with the quality of the episode, and even less with the quality of the series.

    BUT, man, did they f**k it up.

    The entire season I marveled at how tight the script is, how the writers will not let anything fall through the cracks and how wonderful and consistent and believable the acting is all round.

    And then they do this s**t.

    First they have Brody not activate the carefully set vest not once but twice, with the last time coming just in the Hollywood nick of time.

    Once I digested that piece of trashy spy novel drivel, we have Carry remember the one thing that can actually make this thing believable, screams it out, no-one hears an then she (oh gosh oh golly) has treatment that erases short-term memory.

    I'm sorry but WHAT?!?!? Are we watching an episode of or a believable, gritty show that had me wanting more.

    I'm now screaming WHY?? Why ruin such realism with cheap tactics? And the answer is - well, we got season 2 and the writers panicked.

    And in stead of a new cabinet, America at Defcon 1 and Carrie on a war path, we have this: more of the same.

    Congratulations and thanks for nothing.
  • It Could Have Been a Better Series

    I really enjoyed all the plots on this series. But having watched it all, I got the feeling they "dropped the ball" on the last episodes because they thought of "milking" a second season.

    It was pretty good, but it lacked "closure". It feels like watching a really long good movie, but when they're about to reveal it all, you have to leave your seat and go to the restroom...

    It will be a good series when it ends for good. I hope they don't play the "Lost" card and stretch the story so much beyond the initial concept that it looses its meaning.

    I'll be checking season two out. I hope it's worth the while.
  • season finale

    For me, Homeland has been one of the most suspensful and interesting series I've seen this year. The season finale didn't let me down. At the beggining, I was wondering how this would all end. Since I didn't know if Damian Lewis and Claire Danes were coming back, I actually (SPOILER ALERT) did think the bomb would explode. The more I taught about it, the more I taught that it would actually be a let down if they went that way. I had no idea how they would convincingly make Sergeant Brody not go through with it. Clever twist with Carrie showing up at the Brody's house and convincing the daughter to call her dad, did not see that coming. Love the scene between the two of them on the phone, really emotional scene.

    Also, I love the fact that (SPOILER) Carrie actually decided to go through with the shock treatment. Gotta admire that girl.

    I know some people were disappointed with the ending and they think that season 2 will be less interesting because of it but I have faith in the writers. I remember people saying the same thing after the first couple of episodes and, what do you know, it actually stayed good. Can't wait for season 2!
  • Concerned about season 2

    Disappointed with Homeland finale. Looks like the first half of season 2 will be Carrie trying to remember what popped up in her mind right before she went under, and the second half, her trying to convince everyone that Brody's a terrorist, again! Having the same conflict as the first season would be a death sentence for the show and a bore fest for the audience. I hope they resolve these two problematiques within the first two or three episodes and present us with a fresh conflict because I'm sick of seeing a miserably helpless Carrie running around like a rabid dog.
  • Season 1 Finale

    I have been harsh with this show as of late, but tonight's episode gave me hope that the ship could be righted as the final episode of the year was climatic, it was nerveracking, it was exciting and everything else in between. I think Homeland will struggle to stretch this thing out beyond a second season, but just looking at this episode in a vaccuum, I enjoyed it.

    The acting was not that bad tonight either, a growing problem in recent episodes. Impressed with this episode.
  • Season Finale - Marine One.

    Fine acting by Damien Lewis in the final episode of season one, and it looks like we're all set for more of the same thing in season two. I don't know if this is a good thing or not.

    For me, season one started out strong but then got bogged down in this Brody "is he or isn't he" conundrum and I started to lose interest. I don't know if I could take another 12 episodes of Brody see-sawing between Mr. Nice Guy and Mr Terrorist.

    Of course I'll continue watching season two as Brody becomes a politico and of course Carrie will continue in her pursuit of Brody like some kind of rabid pit-bull, but something spectacular needs to happen early on in the next season. Lets have Brody do something really nasty, ... no more Mr Nice Guy please!