Season 2 Episode 4

New Car Smell

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Full Throttle

    Things really kicked into gear this week in Homeland, even Dana's romance with the VP's son was darling to behold. Brody goes to get his car refreshened so that it doesn't smell of the storekeeper's smoke from last week. Estes gets shown the taped confession by Saul and reluctantly agrees to put an outside surveillance team on Brody and a tail and this operation effectively brings Carrie back into the CIA's fold once again. Estes's son is adorable as his Darth Vader costume and Saul's remark of "I like him." At least David is willing to admit he was wrong and actually admitted how deep he is in the VP's pocket since he can't go to him and say that he didn't know about Brody's terrorist affiliation or that he is and was wrong before so he has to do the operation off the books. Estes sends a guy to oversee the op with Carrie, Virgil, and Virgil's brother being included on the team. They begin the watch Brody and get the idea to have Carrie be at the CIA headquarters when Brody goes there for a meeting that afternoon and have her drop a hint about going after Nazir to make him make contact with his contact which we all know is Roya. When going through Brody's day until he goes back to his office they narrow it down by profiling people down to a small group of Middle Eastern and African descent which Saul calls "actual profiling" which I'm not sure I agree with but in this instance they're right. Roya isn't immediately suspected right away so they will have to dig a little deeper to find her roots to Nazir and she probably has a deep cover being that's how she got to Brody in the first place. Carrie butts heads the overseeing analyst of the op, Quinn, since he's reluctant of her techniques given her "reputation." But her running into Brody leads her to apologize and him to accept and apologize himself and say he's happy to her back on her feet although the news about her being reinstated does seem to shake him at least internally, damn does Damian Lewis have a great poker face. At his hotel, after him being unable to be honest with Jess over his true activities the night he missed the charity function Brody calls Carrie to keep him company. He buys her a drink and they have heart to heart where he apologizes and feels bad about calling Estes last season. He retreats upstairs and Carrie believes that she may have blown it and Brody will scare any other Nazir operatives through some obscure signal so she forces the CIA team into his room after she goes up there by herself despite Quinn's insistence against it. Brody saying he just wanted to be friends was heartfelt with how he really feels about Carrie and her admitting that she fell in love with him was a full circle this show needed but wasn't expected at this point. Brody being finally called out as a traitor and a terrorist and being dragged away in handcuffs with a black bag over his head was something that we all knew would happen this season. With the announcement of third season renewal I remain skeptical as always as to what happens between now and then? Will Homeland continue its formula in dismantling different Nazir networks or will Season 2 be the last of Nazir and the third season be the start of a whole new two season arc story? I don't know, but Homeland is strikingly good even in its second season and as we move into Phase Two with Brody outed and presumably going to be interrogated and taken to Guantanamo or allowed to be flipped and work against Nazir for the CIA remains to be seen.