Season 3 Episode 9

One Last Thing

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2013 on Showtime
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Brody is rescued from his Venezuelan captors, but struggles with withdrawal symptoms and his past sins.  Saul reveals to Carrie the next phase of the operation.

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  • One Last Thing

    I did not like this episode at all. I really felt like it insisted upon itself far too much with the Brody nonsense, and that's not what the show needs now.
  • "You Have to Want To"

    Call me a sucker, but I have a thing for rebound stories. Focusing once again on Brody gave the season a much needed burst of adrenaline, even if the spy thriller stuff is making the show become a little overstuffed and implausible in places. From a spy standpoint Saul's plan does make sense putting someone that none of the American public would give a hoot about dying in the middle of a suicide mission to reclaim his honor is a no-lose situation for the agency if it fails it's just one more dead terrorist. Carrie was in the hospital, again, but when learning of Saul's plan and that Brody is back doesn't seem to take it too well. We hardly got any of Quinn this week besides an office scene with him spitting intel while holding coffee so that doesn't really count. So are he and Dar good? They should probably touch a bit on that conflict. More importantly, the whole "Mira's boyfriend is a spy" crap actually played into the main narrative as it gave Saul leverage against Lockhart to put off losing his seat at the top of the agency until Brody is good to go. For a dirty fighter, Saul is noble in that he doesn't want to bring Mira shame by exposing Lockhart and at the same time putting his wife's image in danger he's not that person. We even got to see Dana, sort of. Now let's get to the good stuff. Once again this episode proved that Brody is still Homeland's most intriguing character; first a POW, then a freed and traumatized man turned against his country. Then a CIA asset turned against Abu Nazir to wounded fugitive to heroin addicted shell with no will to live. There's so much always going on with Brody, and handing the reigns over the superior performance of Damian Lewis (who acted the shiz out of the withdrawal scenes might I add) added a nuance and flare to Brody's recovery that felt relevant and also plausible. We just know that Carrie is going to drop the bombshell of her pregnancy to him sooner or later; but whether it's before of after Tehran is going to be difficult to guess which. So Saul's plan is to give Iran the Langley Bomber and then take out the head of the regime and put Javadi in his place, sounds doable but nowhere near easy especially getting Brody out of there alive. Carrie's motivational speech, along with her emotional manipulation of using Dana to control him was well played and shows how well she truly knows him more than anyone else even though it was painful to see her twist the knife so much after swooning so hard for him last season (and most of this one). But we saw Brody get to be a solider again which is something we haven't seen at all, we've mostly seen him digging his hole of lies deeper with each shovel motion in the past but it was good to see him on his feet again and off the heroin the pedophile doc gave him in Caracas. Still don't know if Carrie or Saul had him put there, maybe someone should address it. But the scene stealer was Brody confronting Dana telling her how sorry he is for what he caused her even though he has no idea how much damage he did. How can he? After all no matter how sincere and paternal he gets, Dana still has many a valid reason to hate his guts forever for the stain he left on their family the way he left. But I can tell he's willing to come back and work on it. I just hope Brody doesn't come back from Tehran honestly, the show has lived a whole season without him pretty much and the show can continue beyond him. There can be a Homeland without Brody, perhaps some semblance of plausibility and non spy thriller stuff will occur. Just make it more about Quinn, but if you take away both of them it's just Carrie and Saul and we really need that brooding guilty looking guy to keep the series afloat when Carrie gets consistently institutionalized every season, come on! But it looks like Brody is going over so I'm excited to see what they, if they shot, on location in the Middle East since I am a huge fan of when the show does excursion's . Saul's road-trip episode with American terrorist, "Beirut is Back" in Season 2). I just hope that this last third of the season can pull the disparate strings of the just ok first parts of the season into some form of greatness. The good news being that with an impending fourth season, Meredith Steihm is leaving the Bridge to come back and is co-writing the Season 3 finale so hopefully she can come back and help a bit with grounding us again. In closing, a question: Will the Homeland writers really subject is to many seasons (4 and beyond) of Lockhart being the Saul and Carrie's boss? That would be even worse than Estes was, and that guy was a punk.moreless
  • This is why I love Homeland! The best episode of the season

    This episode reminded me why I like Homeland so much. It was the best episode of the season. I liked that they did not make it about the love between Brody and Carrie. This time around, she didn't play on his feelings for her but on his need for redemption. I enjoyed that there wasn't a mushy reconnection but a little awkward, a realistic awkwardness. The last words between those two in season 2 were goodbye. They didn't expect to ever see each other again.

    Carrie didn't tell Brody about the baby. This is a big plus in my opinion because there where no constraints. am curious to know how it will play out. I don't know why but I have the feeling Quinn is going to be the first to know.

    I do not like Dane, but in this episode, the scene between Brody and Dane was magnificent. No hysterics just confusion on both parts.

    Anyway, I hope they continue in the same way for the rest of the season. And I think Brody's performance was brilliant. Lewis is a very good actor, I hope to see him more, not just in Homeland but in other productions as well.moreless
  • Return of Brody

    The accelerated re-invention of Brody the Marine for both his redemption and Saul's second phase of his "Hail Mary Play" at the end of the game is aptly named "One Last Time". lt's Saul's fourth quarter two-minute long-shot for his own redemption too and who he'll be on the other side is all dependent on it. Thus, for not much action on screen plenty bubbles underneath resulting in a good episode. It was as if the ship that is Homeland, which seemed lost at sea, found it's bearing and righted itself.

    Homeland is finally back to stopping terrorism with central characters Saul, Carrie, and Brody. Because of this a viewer simply steers away from the absurdity often exhibited which, surely, the writers banked on, and largely accomplished. Here's hoping the big action promised next doesn't fall flat, for once this season there is great hope and anticipation. Brody's return is thus hugely welcomed and Dana's presence for once made sense as it kicked Brody into a intense zone needed for what's to come.moreless

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