Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2011 on Showtime

Episode Recap

CIA analyst Carrie Matthison makes contact with one of her informants, who whispers that an American Prisoner of War has been turned before she is whisked away by American officers.
Ten months later, her and her colleagues discover that an American POW, Nicholas Brody, has been recovered from an al-Qaeda compound. Carrie quickly goes to her boss, Saul, and convinces him that the two of them should set up surveillance on Brody's home. However, they have to be sneaky, as their boss is against letting Carrie take the reigns.
When Brody arrives home, it is to find that his daughter, son, and wife are pleased to see him. As he's been gone for nearly nine years, his wife has already begun a relationship with another Marine named Mike, but Mike and Jessica are careful to keep this information private from Brody.
Meanwhile, Carrie intensely surveys Brody's living environment. And unfortunately, her team discovers a secret about her: She is taking medication that is an anti-psychotic. When Saul confronts Carrie, he threatens to expose her secret.
Luckily, Carrie's love of jazz music inspires a memory of Brody from the surveillance tapes: His right hand twitches in a distinct pattern. She shows the findings to Saul, who agrees to keep her secret in exchange for the information that this could be some sort of code.
Brody deals with a former friend of his who asks him what happened to her husband, Brody's partner. Though Brody was responsible for Tom's death, he keeps this secret to himself. Stressed and frustrated, Brody goes for a run, but stops in front of the White House.