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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Homeland Pilot


    I was a 24 fan for all eight years that it was on. I never cared when it strayed so far into ridiculousness that it seemed like a fantasy show; the characters kept it anchored, for the most part, and the show remained fun. However, based on the pilot, I've got to say... it seems like we're in for a much funner ride that's based on reality much more than 24, even though the creators of Homeland are the same as 24.

    The show revolves around two characters: Carrie (Claire Danes), a CIA analyst who suffers from some sort of strange psychological condition. Despite this, she's a brilliant analyst that notices things other people do not. Her paranoia seems to somewhat stem from being unable to stop 9/11 (we don't get a complete answer at this point), and eight years after that day, she visits Baghdad after an informant for the Iraqi's is to be executed before he can give up his information to the CIA. Carrie learns from him, just before he dies, that an American P.O.W has been turned by Abu Nazir, a terrorist who seems to be planning an attack on American soil soon.

    Skip ahead ten months and we find the release of Nicolas Brody, an American soldier who has been missing for eight years. His family (Morena Baccarin from V plays the estranged wife and she does a fine job here) reunites with him and all seems to be heading back to normal. However, Carrie suspects he is the P.O.W that the informant was talking about. She bugs his house, and with the help of some old friends and a mentor named Saul (a jaded looking Mandy Patinkin), she looks into him.

    To give away too many plot points would be a shame. All I have to say is that the writing is top notch, finding a pretty good balance between moving fast and slowing down. They know what scenes to let stretch out and which ones to power through. Also, Claire Danes is giving her finest work here as a brilliant but troubled CIA agent. It should be entertaining to watch her flex her acting chops here, especially after how good she did in Temple Grandin. This is a different role but equally good. Everyone else does a great job as well.

    The episode ends on a semi-cliffhanger. Right now, the show is starting off on the right foot. It's a great pilot and establishes the characters and plot well; now, we just need the show to keep up the pace, the quality and not let the plot get tooconvoluted.

  • Homeland

    The first episode of Homeland makes the show look very promising Homeland is about a CIA officer Carrie Matthison who suspects Nicholas Brody an American rescued from Al Qaeda Carrie thinks that he has turned into a double agent The problem Carrie has is she can't prove it and people don't believe her However at the end of the episode she gets Saul to consider that Brody is a threat when they see that Brody is possibly communicating on TV We also found out that Brody beat his partner to death and he is hiding a lot more secrets from everyone.
  • what a great start

    This was an amazing start to an amazing show.
  • Homeland is portraying a state of mind

    There are so many shows out there that are clever and good, but you will not for the life of you rewatch an episode ever! But Homeland can be watched again and again, like listening to a jazz record - even though the story is going forward, the feel and the flow of the show is like they are portraying a state of mind, not a chronically told story. This show is amazing and I hope they manage to keep focus on this state of mind, and the musicality of the show, on top of the amazing story.
  • It's a new thing for me

    It's serious. It's well written. It was captivating.
  • About this episode

    It had great written and single-camera picture editing.
  • Obviously well made with great actors.


    I just can't believe the story. The CIA agent gets vital information from a prisoner minutes before the prisoner is executed, but she withholds the information because she does not know its relevance. I hope real CIA agents don't do that. This episode is precariously perched upon that action; that she can't get the resources of her employer, the US government, because the information was withhheld.

  • 101


    Homeland is one of the most anticipated cable dramas of the season and I think I can describe whether you like it or not in one sentence: if you are a fan of The Killing on AMC you will enjoy this. The dialogue, the method of storytelling, it is all very similar to that acclaimed drama.

    The show has a solid cast, but I think the show spent a little too much time explaining the backstory and then they rushed through things including admitting that the soldier turned on his country in the first episode. That struck me as a bit peculiar.

    Rushed and slow at the same time, there are some flaws with the show, but I also think Showtime might have another winner on its hands in the long run.