Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 2012 on Showtime

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  • Tabula Rasa

    This episode was the climax and turning point of Homeland's Brody arc and it was done so masterfully. Quinn oversees the interrogation of Brody confirming their intel from the interview that he wore a vest the day that Tom Walker killed Elizabeth Gaines and forced all of them into the bunker of the state building. He confirms that Asa was the name Nazir's son and then when he has him trapped in his own lies he shows him the video confession that Brody made back in "Marine One." He lets him stew and Carrie wants a crack at him but Quinn pushes Brody even further and gets him to admit about the drone strike and Nazir's son and his affection for him and his anger at Walton. Brody gives an inch but says that he didn't wear a vest. Quinn angrily puts a knife through Brody's hand and he is removed from the room and given medical treatment. Then Carrie steps in and plays nurture with Brody and gets him uncuffed and get him some water. She tells him that she knows that he is a good man but that he is drowning in a sea of lies, much like Jess told Brody last week. Carrie gets him to break after saying where she found his taped confession in Beirut and he loses control when she asks, "Wouldn't it be a relief to tell the truth." Just how many lies Brody has in his playing field is astronomical over the last season and a half and so it's understandable that he would want to finally give in when he is backed into a corner like this. Estes goes to Brody's chief of staff and says that Brody is working with them on a matter of national security and to tell everyone that Brody has the flu. Jess visits the hotel and there is no Brody there she knows that she is being lied to. Carrie's approach of being honest when she talks about the weekend and flat out says that she wants Brody to leave his wife and kids and be with her was the blatant honesty we've been waiting for her to get out in the open for quite some time. Brody's simplistic approach of "I'm sorry I hurt you," was too vague. His shatter point was to do with Asa and Walton getting away with the murder of the 82 kids with the drone strike but Carrie does have a good point that Walton and Nazir are similar but Nazir has a larger history of killing innocents in his attacks. I figured he didn't know about the retaliation against America for the Israelian attack on the Iranian nuclear plants. He gives up Roya Hamad as someone who might know and the CIA is urgent to get him inserted back into his life before Nazir's network goes to ground when they figure out something's up. He also tells them about the bomb vest maker in Gettysburg he killed last week although he doesn't give them that detail. And it was clever that Quinn was just theatrically playing bad cop to Carrie's good cop since such sadistic force would've been totally seen as manufactured for how little provocation Brody gave him for it. But Brody flips and is upset that Walton will get away with it and he again doesn't divulge his complicity in Tom Walker's death either and he is doubtful of their ability to give him immunity since the only choice is to help them get Nazir or go to trial and face shame. The affair as a cover is a particularly smart idea but Brody's hesitation that his family will pay the price for it makes sense since Nazir is so cloak and dagger when he deals with anything. Brody finally tells Jess "the truth" that he is helping the CIA with a matter of national security which isn't a lie it's just a recent truth but I doubt she will be too happy when she finds out about Carrie being back in his life. But this is a massive reboot in the dynamic of Homeland as Brody's bulletin is taken down and the new names go up we hit the midseason shift is in full kick. How this plays out will be a dangerous tightrope walk for Carrie since she is clearly emotionally compromised on this and there will be massive scrutiny from Estes and Saul but the rest of the season will hopefully play out and show us just how thrilling and dramatic and precious these characters are and how they will react once they actually have Nazir in their sights at last. No Mike investigation into Tom Walker's death but hopefully that will pop back up again there wasn't much room for any non-Carrie/Brody time this week. Also Carrie putting together that Brody was stopped when Dana called him from Carrie's cell last season was some damn fine detective work. Oh and are we to understand now that Brody admitted to slipping a blade to Afsal Hamid last season when he visited him when he was under CIA custody? That would be nice to clear up. Anyway, I can't wait for the next episode. This episode gave us a taste that this show doesn't need to be about constant action and it knows just how to balance character drama and action.