Season 1 Episode 10

Representative Brody

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Why does nothing raise an eyebrow?

    So there is this huge gap in the story: a guy is held captive by terrorists in Iraq for 8 years - and no one seems surprised that he can go back to normal life no problem? Everyone seems to ignore that this doesn't make any sense.

    And now they just add another idiocy - who in their right mind would want such a person as representative? He has zero political experience, must have some psychological trauma, and is obviously manipulated by the other politicians.

    Next example: The CIA want to turn the Saudi diplomat. So they look for skeletons in his closet, and find out that he is gay, and now they try to use that to blackmail him. What a load of crap! For this very reason, to make sure their people cannot be manipulated, countries do their own background checks. The Saudis never found out that this guy is gay? Yeah right.

    I have no problems with meeting the creators of a TV series half way; I don't expect perfect logic all the time. But this is just ridiculous lazy writing. If it weren't for Patinkin and Lewis, no one would watch this.
  • 110


    "Representative Brody" continues the show's surprising, and possibly eye-opening downward spiral. This was just a really lame episode that at no point other than moments before the explosion entertained me, and this 6/10 is really for that scene and nothing else. Nick and Jessica's scenes were brutal, and Ms. Matheson's tiring pursuit is like listening to a parrot every week.

    Sorry Homeland, but this did not work for me.

  • Climax a little obvious (spoilers)



    The climax in this episode was a little too obvious, the guy approaching the Saudi diplomat by the fountain was an obvious doppelganger, cut to Walker observing everything from a distant window punching digits into a cell phone, then KABOOM!

    Poor Carrie has just been blown up, but is she deterred in her pursuit of Brody as the super terrorist? hell no, she's still the same bug-eyed, pill-popping, twitchy, obsessive compulsive that we all know and love. She may need a re-up on her Clozapine meds now Brody has become a political hot-dog.

  • Carrie and Saul try to get information off Al-Zaharani about Walker.

    This was another good episode as we get closer to the finale Carrie and Saul know if they can get Al-Zaharani to turn they can get information about Walker It was no surprise about Brody becoming Representative and now Abu Nazir will take that as a sign that Brody is back working for him Even when Carrie and Saul set the meeting for Walker things didn't go to plan because Walker somehow figured out the CIA was on to him and now Carrie believes more than ever that there is a mole somewhere inside the US government because of the razor blade incident, the warning to the terrorists earlier in the season and now a warning to Walker which gave him time to plan a way to kill Al-Zaharani.
  • I'd call this episode "Establishing bridges" *spoilers ahead*


    In the beginning Vice President visits Brody and proposes him congressman's seat in the House of Representatives. Brody wants to accept this offer, but Jessica is against this decision, because she doesn't want their affairs to become public. So Brody needs to re-establish bridges with Mike and Carrie to make sure there will be no leaks.

    He went to Mike to apologize for the fight and ask him to talk with Jessica. Then Brody went to Carrie. She thought this is a date. But Brody just wanted to ask if CIA is aware about their relationships.

    Meanwhile Carrie and Saul were able to turn Saudi Arabia diplomat, who appears to be homosexual. They threaten to reveal the secret but he refuses to cooperate. And only possibility of his daughter deportation breaks him.

    "You're trying to find what makes them human, not what makes them terrorists." (c) Carrie

    "Welcome to CIA" (c) Saul

    Diplomat told CIA how to arrange meeting with Tom Walker. So they did. Meeting supposed to be in the park. Diplomat came there and one man approached him with a briefcase.

    And then BOOM.

    Explosion, multiple casualties, Carrie is hurt! But she'll live.

    Episode was great. And Brody for congressman! Vote for Sergeant Brody!

  • its zawsome

    This show is amazing great acting, great story and no dragging out.