Season 1 Episode 10

Representative Brody

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2011 on Showtime

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  • I'd call this episode "Establishing bridges" *spoilers ahead*


    In the beginning Vice President visits Brody and proposes him congressman's seat in the House of Representatives. Brody wants to accept this offer, but Jessica is against this decision, because she doesn't want their affairs to become public. So Brody needs to re-establish bridges with Mike and Carrie to make sure there will be no leaks.

    He went to Mike to apologize for the fight and ask him to talk with Jessica. Then Brody went to Carrie. She thought this is a date. But Brody just wanted to ask if CIA is aware about their relationships.

    Meanwhile Carrie and Saul were able to turn Saudi Arabia diplomat, who appears to be homosexual. They threaten to reveal the secret but he refuses to cooperate. And only possibility of his daughter deportation breaks him.

    "You're trying to find what makes them human, not what makes them terrorists." (c) Carrie

    "Welcome to CIA" (c) Saul

    Diplomat told CIA how to arrange meeting with Tom Walker. So they did. Meeting supposed to be in the park. Diplomat came there and one man approached him with a briefcase.

    And then BOOM.

    Explosion, multiple casualties, Carrie is hurt! But she'll live.

    Episode was great. And Brody for congressman! Vote for Sergeant Brody!