Season 1 Episode 10

Representative Brody

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Why does nothing raise an eyebrow?

    So there is this huge gap in the story: a guy is held captive by terrorists in Iraq for 8 years - and no one seems surprised that he can go back to normal life no problem? Everyone seems to ignore that this doesn't make any sense.

    And now they just add another idiocy - who in their right mind would want such a person as representative? He has zero political experience, must have some psychological trauma, and is obviously manipulated by the other politicians.

    Next example: The CIA want to turn the Saudi diplomat. So they look for skeletons in his closet, and find out that he is gay, and now they try to use that to blackmail him. What a load of crap! For this very reason, to make sure their people cannot be manipulated, countries do their own background checks. The Saudis never found out that this guy is gay? Yeah right.

    I have no problems with meeting the creators of a TV series half way; I don't expect perfect logic all the time. But this is just ridiculous lazy writing. If it weren't for Patinkin and Lewis, no one would watch this.