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  • The focus of Homeland went down hill.

    Seasons 1-3 were amazing, and probably some of the best writing, acting, and production the medium of television has ever produced as they have the Emmy wins to show for it, however, the focus of seasons 4-7 were self contained stories instead of a series wide story, that are predictable and boring with finales that often make little to no sense because they are trying to write self contained stories every season and they just come off as forced and contrived. It's still very well produced and acted, where the flow of events are well organized, but who really cares about the subject of the story anymore with such annoying finales? If they had listened to me after season 3, and unpacked the backstory of Dar Adal with lots of coverage and events per minute bringing us into his motivations, like the black ops CIA agents in Jason Bourne, as opposed to putting him in prison and focusing on the politics of the white house, I'd be far more interested. A series wide story with a subject I can cue into, with meatier characters like Dar Adal that pique my interest, would thoroughly improve this show.

    I took a break from season 7 after episode 4, and just recently went back and finally finished binge watching the entire season, and my thoughts are the same as above; it was a totally predictable story with a series finale that left the audience more let down than ever before. They needed to focus on homeland security instead of trying to be a copycat of The West Wing or House of Cards, which is all season 7 felt like in the end.

    Bringing the story back home to Israel might be the right place to land.
  • Enough already!!

    One thing I really do not like about this series is the constant referencing to and undermining Carrie's bipolar condition. It is constantly tossed into the mix and creates stigma against people in the real world. Another TV series that pushed this "mental drama" at the public was a good long-running Australian series, called Stingers. The mental illness drama got old really fast to the extent I just up and quit watching the show. Is it true that such places as the CIA won't hire people with bipolar? Is it true that Child Protective Services will deliberately uproot a child from its' bipolar mother? I'm at the point of almost wanting to strangle Carrie's sister in turning Carries daughter against her!! Is it that the writers just don't have enough negativism to push into their show, so they saddle dreadful and frustrating drama around the main character? Was it really necessary to kill off Quinn, the man who truly cared for Carrie?

    Making Body a spy asset? Really? He was a suicide bomber for gawd's sake and should have been locked up and throw away the key.

    The decisions that these so-called very intelligent agents make gives me great pause. I'd be very surprised if such "decisive" people actually got jobs working in the agency. As another person posted here about not liking any of the characters, I rather join in on that as my same conclusion. About the only one that I really liked Was the Pakistan man who rescued Carrie from when she got drug-poisoned. He seemed real and he conveyed being a person in the midst of the stupid chaos.

    I strongly advise toning down the bipolar angle in this show. It has gone on way too long and it is too irritating and frustrating to swallow more of it. Pad the show with something else!! Oh, yea, the show Stingers I mentioned did get cancelled not too long after its' viewers got sick and tired of the "mental bipolar
  • Very mediocre.

    I found homeland to be tacky and it was basically an insult to Western ideals. I hated it and I wouldn't watch that kind of crap. I wouldn't give it even one star but I don't have the option of zero star to give a review.
  • A great show that continually finds a way to surprise and stay fresh.

    The first season was by far the standout season as you'll go from the first episode to the second last episode on the edge of your seat, feeling the paranoia of the protagonist. While the second season seemed a bit of a drop in terms of excitement, the three seasons that followed provided fresh stories and new character that keep pulling you into the story. On a side note, I could probably watch an entire season of Quinn shadowing, assassinating, and preventing mass murder.
  • Genial 2 episodio de Homeland


    Genial 2 episodio con ya algo de accin, Peter Quinn increible haciendo su trabajo de Limpieza, pero veremos si cumple esta nueva misin yo no lo creo, ademas hay algo raro el tipo que baja y pone en clave el nuevo Objetivo Blanco para Peter no me parece que sea el mismisimo Saul, la temporada Arranco Muy Bien. Saludos
  • looking forward next seasson!

    captivating, brilliant!!
  • Great start, poor ending

    The first seasons were captivating, but with the death of Lewis, we all lost interest
  • Is it over, over??

    I know what it'd be like for someone in Claire Dane's disposition and acting and non-stop thriller. It really captured me.

  • Am I the only one who HATES this show?

    I guess I am the only one who absolutely hates this show. I've watched 3 episodes only (it's all I could bear to watch) - dull, boring, poorly acted (Danes and Lewis won Emmys for their - ahem - performances?). The pacing is deadly - it's also remarkably visually flat. And what is the point of this show? A complete waste of time. I am curious as to what others think the politics of this show is? What is the I know others love this show so it may be just a case of my disliking where others are at psychologically at this dangerous time in history. I don't like a single one of the characters on this show! Also, less than 3 million people watch this show? (That's 3 million more than should, LOL!). only 1 star for this piece of junk!
  • Season 4 Finale

    I came here to watch when Episode 13 would be launched, but then found out that Episode 12 that felt like "the calm before the storm" was the actual finale... "ok"

    Quite disappointing.
  • Such a Great Start, Such a Bad Ending - Still A Fan.

    Let's be real, 90% of die-hard Homeland fans were disappointed with the Season 4 Finale. The network execs and writers can make excuses all day about the "character development" that was intended, but for true fans, we already know the characters! Sure, we love the characters but we love the action, the suspense, those heart-in-your-stomach moments even more! Maybe I am stretching here, but I feel there were budget or location issues or even a possible behind-the-scenes argument about where the story should go amongst the Showtime staff. I agree with most, the Season Finale did not match or live up to the standards of the other previous episodes of Season 4. Do we really care about the baby? I mean, we know Carrie is a bad mother, and now her mother is a bad mother, thanks. Finally, I don't want this to come off as a rip or tasteless but I have always been curious to know if the Showtime writers intended for Carrie to come off as a slut because of her childhood, or because somehow they are saying she is that way because she is bipolar? Or did they just want her character to be a terrible mom and a slut and show us how contrary that part of her life / character is compared to how well she does her job protecting the country? Either way, it's complex indeed. I just know one thing, I love the series and for the most part, I have nothing but love for how well it has been produced. Still, two things are true: 1. The season 4 Finale could have been better. 2. The Season 5 premiere BETTER make it up to us!

    PS - Though, maybe it wasn't the right moment at Carrie's home, shouldn't Quinn's CIA boss have mentioned something about the whole AWOL incident? No charges, no questions, for going rouge and off the reservation? I mean, even a little "We'll talk later Quinn" would have sufficed.
  • if you want a honest review of season 4 because it was crap wtf happened

    is homeland a fucken love story every fucken season we need to watch carries love life this is abt the cia. it`s like watching a fucken soap opera this was a shit season and waste of my time who gives a fuck and they bring her mum back wtf happened to american television. oh i forgot to to add they introduce her half brother who cares unless he works for the kgb as this will just be a waste of time and lead the story no where as it has noting to do with the cia or protecting america

    there is a few episodes where you get to see action and you feel that the show will take you on a journey may be some plot twists but then you realize it`s just disappointing and noting happens

    hell has happened to homeland run out of money forget the performances the story line is crap and what a waste of air time episode 12 is so shit i have never seen such bad television, i am angry where is the torture or any action or any story with substance what the cia famous for.

    come on filmed it in south Africa i know Pakistan is dangerous but should have least used India actors or filmed it in india give it a real feeling to it insted they used black guys playing brown people what a joke wtf language were they speaking half the time .what happened to the story line from season 3 and where are we going seriously we need to wait another year to watch a series turn even craper . wtf happened here showtime seriously i could have came up with a better plot line in my sleep wtf are you people on crack.

    fuk showtime and it`s writers who are a waste of time i could have written a better plot we have to wait a whole year wtf and the season final was so shit wtf holy crap fuken waste of time you finished with that shit wtf wankers who ever produced and directed this give me my time bak watching this assholes your killing american television you tortured me and gave me false belief that the show will turn to his original form as you can see i am sso annoyed and angry .

    if you were a fan of homeland season 1 and 2 were good and season 3 was watchable but season 4 is shit and unless homeland goes back to it`s original form i do not see the ratings getting better

    please write to showtime in email to express your thoughts and save the show

  • Season 4 deserves a 4 rating. I wish it ended at season 3.

    This show was about plot twists and super acting. Non of these are in Homeland anymore. Season 4 is incredibly boring and the powerful, strong acting of the past it's just a nice memory.

    I gave it almost 10 because the first two seasons are simply perfect. Season 3 is weak but still enjoyable. Season 4 is a disaster. I fell asleep several times trying to watch it.

    This is the usual networks' greed, trying to squeeze as much money as they can from a show and ruining everything instead.

  • Brilliant

    This season is probably the best so far, absolutley love it, especially episode 9 and 10.
  • Oh Brody Where Art Thou?

    A no Brody Homeland is like 2&1/2 men without Charlie Sheen; it's not the same show. Brody was the proverbial ticking bomb under the table that made everything important while giving all the other characters context. Now Carrie is just another CIA thug carrying out clandestine black ops; no reason to care about her crazy world without Brody and their tragic love affair. I'm curious if the Homeland writers would have created a Gilligan's Island and then removed Gilligan? Or maybe create the Hogan's Hero's show and then eliminate Colonel Hogan? It would seem self evident that eliminating a nuclear character would be a bad thing but apparently not according to the wisdom of the Homeland writers Alex Gansa & Meredith Stiehm; that's why they make the big bucks. What's season 4's big death? That would be even more brilliant writing; how do they come up with this riveting stuff? It is simply not the same show so perhaps a new name like "Carrie & the Gangs Further Adventures in Lebanon" or "Bipolar Carrie & Others Doing Stuff". It really doesn't matter, just as a post Brody Homeland doesn't matter, is void and in fact fails to exist.
  • Episode 9 made up for everything

    It has been a dead man walking season up until now, but with episode 9 all is forgiven! This fast paced sprint of an episode felt like watching 24 in the old days.
  • Where has the Real Carrie gone?

    Shades of Scandal. Great talent, great acting, great writing. The writers leave and the talent can't carry these new episodes.

    Carrie was a brilliant but flawed protaganist last few seasons. She knew something that the others didn't and followed it through in her sometimes brilliant sometimes tragic way. Now she is simply tragic. She knows nothing, can't keep herself together, and should have long ago been relieved and sent home for cause.

    My DVR has been turned off as far as this show goes. Waiting for Justified to start its last Season.
  • One of the best spy shows out there

    Second to 24 this is the best spy show ever. Very different but With great acting etc. Love Claire Danes in this role. The senator is also great, Soul is awsome, what an Incredible story.
  • So dull and boring

    Everything just drags on and on without any excitement, haven't seen such a boring show in a long long time
  • Not so sure about it

    I still don't know if I like the "new" Homeland. I couldn't wait for the next episode in the previous seasons, but now I am watching it to see i it catches up again. If anything, it's too full of cliches and rather dull, sort of dragging along (despite drone attacks etc). I'll still keep trying to see if it picks up speed or at least my interest
  • Best season

    Back to basic spy/die story... Much better
  • revenge needs to be sweet....

    "Its play time boys", whooosh bang, 30 people dead, "Yeehaa. wrap up the ps3 boys, game over". Lets have a .... happy birthday to you........

    Anything less than the Aayan (remaining wedding survivor) blowing Carries brains all over the sidewalk will be unacceptable. But, thats not going to happen....

    The start of season 4 may have attempted to show that there are some in the CIA/Millitary who simply dont care about murdering non-Americans. But im sure the subtle justifications will start to creep in episode by episode. By the end of the Season, everyone will be feeling like Carrie in episode 1

  • season 4

    The season will premiere on October 5, 2014
  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    From the creators of 24, comes the thriller Homeland, a show that is much edgier than 24, but lacks the action we've come to expect from this team of writers. What this show lacks in action, it more than makes up for with an intriguing look inside the mysterious CIA.

    It's no secret that the CIA is the spy agency in America, that seems to have a hand in everything, but what exactly do they do and how do they do it? Can they arrest people? Do they carry guns? Are they really spies? These are all questions answered by the show Homeland, an edge of your seat thriller, that takes you deep inside the inner workings of the most mysterious government organization the world has ever known.

    Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is a CIA analyst, working in Iraq, when one of her contacts tells her that an American prisoner of war has been turned by Al-Qaeda. 6 months later, an American POW is discovered during a raid on an Al-Qaeda compound. The Marine discovered, Sgt. Nicholas Brody (Damien Lewis) comes home to his family, after 8 years, to a heroes welcome, and everyone sees him as such, everyone except for Carrie.

    Mathison is immediately suspicious of Brody and puts her career on the line by deciding to stick to the man like glue, she even goes so far as to start a sexual relationship with him, in order to stay close to him. Brody is suffering from a severe case of post traumatic stress disorder, which leads him to do some very strange things. The big question is, whether he's acting this way because he's a terrorist or because he's been damaged by his time in captivity.

    I've never been a big Claire Danes fan, because she has a habit of being eccentric and way over the top, but quite ingeniously, the writers use her weaknesses as an actress as a strength for Carrie. Mathison is eccentric, over the top, and unconventional, it's what makes her a terrific agent and very entertaining to watch.

    Danes is paired with Damien Lewis who is just out of this world, leading to multiple awards and nominations. I've only seen Lewis playing bit parts in movies, but similar to Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, he's one of these guys, who comes out of nowhere to land the perfect role. Nicholas Brody is one of the most complicated and intriguing characters I've ever seen and it's his chemistry with Danes that really makes this show as good as it is.

    It's rare for me to give a perfect rating, especially to a TV show, but the creators have taken the action and excitement of 24 and put it into a cable show, where they can get away with anything. It's edgier and extremely hard hitting, even though the action has been scaled back. 24 was about an impulsive man, who would do anything to stop terrorism, but Homeland, takes that same storyline and shows you what goes into discovering these acts of violence before they become a down to the second event, requiring the intervention of a Jack Bauer. It is smart, emotional, and will have you craving more. I literally watched the first two seasons in a week an a half, you'd think I'd have gotten sick of it by now, but all I want is for season three to be released, because this show really is that good.
  • Cant wait for the 4th Season

    Interesting twist in season 3.

    I am very curious how the show continues.
  • used* to be fantastic

    the most current season, like many others have agreed, turned into a complete mess. i'll start off by saying i completely adored the first two seasons. my high expectations for season 3 were met with the disappointment of pointless characters, plot holes, and everything else that could destroy previously popular series. i believed that there were areas of season 3 that had potential, but were knocked down by the lack of creativity and misuse of skills of the writers. so sad to see such a thrilling, well-played drama turn to trash.
  • New storyline? Or the end?

    The Brody storyline should have ended a long time ago and the series moved on to something else, like good-old "24" did. Unfortunately it would have been hard to keep him in the show and make him fit into a new plot. If the show continues with a 4th season it would be interresting to see threaths from either North Korea or China, including some cyberterrorism.
  • No rate here so far....

    Hello, yesterday I started watching this series and I am through the first season,

    so far I like it, but so many people are saying that the 3rd season should be awful... shall I watch it

    or not? Please give a me good reason for one of it?
  • our hero's gone - why should we watch another series!

    Shan't watch season 4 if Brody isn't in it. Even in political thrillers we like a happy and fair ending. I'm just hoping the Mossad or someone will have rigged the execution somehow and we see the fabulous acting of Brody again.

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