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  • Season 3 - Homeland Returns

    Claire and Damian are the best thing to happen to this TV Series... Though I didnt like Claire in the first season for her annoying behavior, its quite brilliant for the way she has carried forward her role so brilliantly... Another deeply respected character in this series is Mandy as Saul...

    With Season 3 all set to start, it would be better if they concentrate and tie some loose ends in the first few episodes instead of dragging it too long... In all a great series... Cant wait for it to start!
  • Less lines for Dana, please!

    Season 2 was very good until Dana start talking.

    ... And again in season 3, almost half episode lost on her.
  • Soundtrack - Spotify Playlist

    Love this series - here's a great SPOTIFY HOMELAND PLAYLIST 478wi4LZyjCS1Jo6y26xnI
  • Flawed but ultimately very exciting

    sometimes hard to buy, especially in the second season. But suspense indeed. It's Hollywood at its best and very addicting.
  • Max suspense

    Very good show wher suspense is at his maximum, a little slow at the beginning but the pace get high in the middle of the 1st season. Can't wait to see season 3
  • Hatufim

    Just finished watching two seasons of the Israeli version Prisoners of War, and the American version comes off quite a second rate imitation. The characters in Homeland are becoming quite ridiculous and unbelievable.
  • Homeland

    This is such a great show and every episode is exciting to watch with not knowing what is going to unfold next Homeland has great actors and I believe it can still do even better.
  • The Mainland

    Homeland is pretty much the only TV series presently, that has got me excited. The first season was a game changer, although I cannot say the same about the second, but still it's better than most of the other shows. The twists are clever enough to make you want for more.
  • Lala Land

    This show has turned into a parody of itself. And it never was very credible to start with. The weeping, twitching, flip-flopping Claire Danes-as-Carrie was intolerable anyway. But what I absolutely cannot forgive is the way they have turned the amazing Damian Lewis into an annoying pain in the ass. I did not think that was humanly possible.
  • Uneven

    Having powered through nearly 2 season recently I find this show incredibly uneven. Everything between Claire Danes and Damian Lewis is amazing. Mandy Patinkin is a force, though he's basically Jason Gideon just a bit more slick. David Marciano and Maury Sterling just work so well. They are the perfect mixture of comic relief, sincerity and cloak and daggers. Rupert Friend's character is also pretty fun to watch.

    However, everyone else just seem uneven. Ironically Morena Baccarin's character come off a bit manic and is there because everyone needs a love triangle (square). David Harewood bounces between moron, douche, hard nose, competent depending on what the show needs. Morgan Saylor is even worse. Her character is basically just there to drive the plot in one direction or another. Diego Klattenhoff's character is there for the same reason, but he pulls it off better. The other characters are kind of just there. I mean I literally forgot Jackson Pace was in the show for a bit.

    Still, the show isn't bad. I like how it's more cloaks and less daggers. But thankfully the cast is good, because honestly, if the acting was bad this show probably would not be as popular as it is.
  • It's a good show, there's no denying that but STOP PORTRAYING "Beirut" OR "Lebanon" IN GENERAL AS A WARZONE!!

    I have seen a bunch of episodes of "Homeland" and was immediately drawn to its complexity, amazing actors and beautifully written script. The show is always fast-paced and heart-warming at the same time, a combination which makes for perfect television.

    But being an American LEBANESE (and currently living in Lebanon), I do have a HUGE problem with how the show portray Lebanon in general, and Beirut in specific. In a recent episode, there were scenes "supposedly" portraying Hamra Street as a deserted, "war-zone"-like street while in fact if you actually go there (any time of the day, any day of the year), it is one of the most crowded and life-like places to visit in Lebanon. It is currently "THE" place to be.

    I'm sorry, but this insanely huge, awful mistake that ALL Americans do (portraying the Arab world--and this time specifically Lebanon) as a war-zone makes this show a HUGE turn-off for me.

    Will NOT watch this show again.
  • Great writers, great plot, great acting

    Claire Danes is great - the story has twists, turns and sheer drops. I did an entire season in 2 days - it's THAT good...
  • Great

    Great show with two fantastic leading actors and writers that are ready to shock us in a a good way. Keep on rolling!
  • A Nice Show

    It includes stellar performances by the two main leads as well as great supporting actors. But, for me, the show is a bit slow. The final result is superb but the journey to the end is kinda hard to be invested in as things move very slowly in this show. Take the Brody story for instance, it took him a season and a half to finally be arrested. For a person watching the show from the beginning, it may become a bit too stressful as the answers are given out very slowly. We didn't learn of Brody's true intentions until the end of season 1 and keeping in mind that each of these eps are 50 min long, it does get tiring. I'm not saying that show sucks, which it definitely does not. It's just that, you know...
  • HomeRun

    The new Showtime drama Homeland delivers a high quality and provocative series that exemplifies what serial television can do. The series starts out a bit gratuitous and formulaic, but it quickly evolves into a complex and compelling thriller. The casting is exceptional; Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are incredibly good and give really dynamic performances. And the supporting cast members, such as Mandy Patinkin and Morena Baccarin, are equally as strong. The material is especially rich as it interweavers the story of a returning POW with a CIA investigation of a high level al-Qaeda terrorist. The ending is a rather weak, but overall season 1 of Homeland is well structured and is able to stay fresh and intense.
  • A Masterpiece

    Thanks to Claire Danes and a great writing staff, Homeland is truly a masterpiece. Prepare for endless plot twists you never see coming.
  • Going in the wrong direction

    Homeland started off good with the first season but it's starting to be way over the I find myself already knowing what is going to happen before the episode is anyone really think Abu Nazir was going to be captured at the end of episode let it go when Brodie was walking around in his uniform and in some episodes in season 1 and he was an E5 Sergeant then in other episodes he was an E7 Gunnery Sergeant, figured ok maybe he was promoted in absentia as MIAs usually do , but then he was back to E5 Sgt, a couple episodes later. Then they started giving his annoying daughter more screen time, I promply fast forward now when she comes on the screen. Then there was a female major wearing a US Army Combat Infantryman Badge which is a badge only awarded to men since there are no women in the infantry of 18 series. Then some a freaking news reporter knows the combination to the assistant CIA director's personal safe in his office. Give me a break! And who didn't see the one girl killing herself with her glasses. this last episode takes the cake though, really death by wifi. I think the show is running out of ideas, and just pulling random stuff out to try and keep the plot going. It's starting to turn the case officers into bumbling baffons with no clue about what they are doing. I have a pretty good idea on how the season ends and I'm only watching now to see if I'm right, since I won't be watching next season.
  • Homeland is portaying a state of mind

    There are so many shows out there that are clever and good, but you will not for the life of you rewatch an episode ever! But Homeland can be watched again and again, like listening to a jazz record - even though the story is going forward, the feel and the flow of the show is like they are portraying a state of mind, not a chronically told story. This show is amazing and I hope they manage to keep focus on this state of mind, and the musicality of the show, on top of the gripping story
  • Good show over all.

    The show is entertaining, however being a Marine myself, the obvious lack of military familiarity (marine corps in particular) is disheartening. To save myself from writing too much, one thing that makes my skin crawl... If I called a Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps "Sarg" or "Sergeant", I would be prepared to have a boot up my rear side. To hear him call himself a Sergeant is just madness. The director chose for the main character to be a Marine Scout Sniper over any other services' sniper for a reason. So uphold the standard ya lazy bum. ANY research would have made this series more watchable.
  • Bravo !

    Best show ever !!

  • Best hour of TV in the week...

    A great show which I find to be the most gripping hour of television at the moment. Yes, the second series has a whiff of 24 about it but the fast pace of this series feels right against the slow build up of the first series.

    The reversal of fortunes of the two main characters has been great to watch.
  • Q & A; a.k.a - Shark Bait

    Let's see if I could summarize:

    1. Quinn morphs into Jack Bauer;

    2. Carrie breaks Brody's spirit by rambling on about their love; &

    3. Dana gets a ride from Linday Lohan's brother.

    Next episode, Arthur Fonzarelli goes water skiing.
  • This is up there with LOST

    The show is fantastic, good character development - not over the top but enough to keep you hungry. Settings are quite realistic, acting is obviously superb by every one!

    Only thing which gets slightly contradictory for me is in reality, muslims do not consume alcohol nor will a faithful one commit adultery - Brody's character was apparently turned due to the strong faith he developed for "Islam." Then again hey, you gotta do whatever you can to keep the story intriguing I guess.

    Altogether, I am addicted to the show - looking for the next twist!
  • It's a new thing for me.

    It's serious. It's well written. It was captivating.
  • Great at the start but not so sure about the ending...

    I loved how homeland started. A marine returning to his country, his life, his family after 8 years of being captured and tortured by terrorists. I loved how how they showed his troubles with returning to his life and how his family had to adjust to him being there again. But after the first half of season one he suddenly seemed to be over his problems and the focus of the show shifted to Carrie and here metal problems and his rise in politics. I would like to have seen his recovery process a little more instead of him suddenly being alright and ready to be the terrorist he was groomed to be.

    The other thing I would like to have seen happen is Brody follow through with his plan in the bunker or at least let his daughter know for sure what he is after the phone call. It brings some of the tension back in the show that got me addicted in the fist place.

    I hope season 2 brings the nail biting tension back from season 1 and more!
  • To Marwan

    Its easier to depict only the prejudiced vision of the arabic world than the truth. Its easier to show filthy "ragheads" then to show the beautifull things Lebanon has.
  • don't mind the intrigue... But please don't depict Beirut as a town that is still in the Middle Ages

    Don't mind the Series... Its fictional and it hits home... What irritates me is when you Show Beirut as a rundown City with no Chic ro grand restaurants or even a Nightlife... I suggest to the producers to study a bit more about Beirut before giving the wrong Picture... We do have a night life... we do have clubs, Condos, Beautiful beaches and most of the people are very nice and friendly... That is offensive when we are always the "Bad Guys" When there is a lot Lebanese that just want to LIVE!!! So Please Producers just type in Google... Beirut Nightlife... or even send one scout there and you would be suprised what he will report... How about if a movie came out and showed that all Americans are Red Necks... Don't think you would like that now would you!!! Sorry had to say it...
  • season 1, season 2 episodes 1-3

    i like season 1, season 2 episode 1 is a little slow but things started to get excited in episodes 2 and 3. after finishing episode 3, can't wait for the next episode to find out what is going to happen, perhaps brody will turn into a double agent?
  • Love this Show

    Just wanted to say I love this show :)
  • Great show, great actings

    One of the best series ever.
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