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  • looking forward next seasson!

    captivating, brilliant!!
  • Is it over, over??

    I know what it'd be like for someone in Claire Dane's disposition and acting and non-stop thriller. It really captured me.

  • Brilliant

    This season is probably the best so far, absolutley love it, especially episode 9 and 10.
  • One of the best spy shows out there

    Second to 24 this is the best spy show ever. Very different but With great acting etc. Love Claire Danes in this role. The senator is also great, Soul is awsome, what an Incredible story.
  • season 4

    The season will premiere on October 5, 2014
  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    From the creators of 24, comes the thriller Homeland, a show that is much edgier than 24, but lacks the action we've come to expect from this team of writers. What this show lacks in action, it more than makes up for with an intriguing look inside the mysterious CIA.

    It's no secret that the CIA is the spy agency in America, that seems to have a hand in everything, but what exactly do they do and how do they do it? Can they arrest people? Do they carry guns? Are they really spies? These are all questions answered by the show Homeland, an edge of your seat thriller, that takes you deep inside the inner workings of the most mysterious government organization the world has ever known.

    Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is a CIA analyst, working in Iraq, when one of her contacts tells her that an American prisoner of war has been turned by Al-Qaeda. 6 months later, an American POW is discovered during a raid on an Al-Qaeda compound. The Marine discovered, Sgt. Nicholas Brody (Damien Lewis) comes home to his family, after 8 years, to a heroes welcome, and everyone sees him as such, everyone except for Carrie.

    Mathison is immediately suspicious of Brody and puts her career on the line by deciding to stick to the man like glue, she even goes so far as to start a sexual relationship with him, in order to stay close to him. Brody is suffering from a severe case of post traumatic stress disorder, which leads him to do some very strange things. The big question is, whether he's acting this way because he's a terrorist or because he's been damaged by his time in captivity.

    I've never been a big Claire Danes fan, because she has a habit of being eccentric and way over the top, but quite ingeniously, the writers use her weaknesses as an actress as a strength for Carrie. Mathison is eccentric, over the top, and unconventional, it's what makes her a terrific agent and very entertaining to watch.

    Danes is paired with Damien Lewis who is just out of this world, leading to multiple awards and nominations. I've only seen Lewis playing bit parts in movies, but similar to Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, he's one of these guys, who comes out of nowhere to land the perfect role. Nicholas Brody is one of the most complicated and intriguing characters I've ever seen and it's his chemistry with Danes that really makes this show as good as it is.

    It's rare for me to give a perfect rating, especially to a TV show, but the creators have taken the action and excitement of 24 and put it into a cable show, where they can get away with anything. It's edgier and extremely hard hitting, even though the action has been scaled back. 24 was about an impulsive man, who would do anything to stop terrorism, but Homeland, takes that same storyline and shows you what goes into discovering these acts of violence before they become a down to the second event, requiring the intervention of a Jack Bauer. It is smart, emotional, and will have you craving more. I literally watched the first two seasons in a week an a half, you'd think I'd have gotten sick of it by now, but all I want is for season three to be released, because this show really is that good.
  • our hero's gone - why should we watch another series!

    Shan't watch season 4 if Brody isn't in it. Even in political thrillers we like a happy and fair ending. I'm just hoping the Mossad or someone will have rigged the execution somehow and we see the fabulous acting of Brody again.
  • Back in play

    I love this show, but I must admit that it was off to a slow start.

    We are in an instant consumption society, we want it all now,I for one believe we should make time to let the story develop, especially if the show as provided us with some great entertainment in the past,It must account for something.

    Kudos, Homeland has done it, I am hooked, once again..
  • Soundtrack - Spotify Playlist

    Love this series - here's a great SPOTIFY HOMELAND PLAYLIST 478wi4LZyjCS1Jo6y26xnI
  • Homeland is portaying a state of mind

    There are so many shows out there that are clever and good, but you will not for the life of you rewatch an episode ever! But Homeland can be watched again and again, like listening to a jazz record - even though the story is going forward, the feel and the flow of the show is like they are portraying a state of mind, not a chronically told story. This show is amazing and I hope they manage to keep focus on this state of mind, and the musicality of the show, on top of the gripping story
  • Bravo !

    Best show ever !!

  • This is up there with LOST

    The show is fantastic, good character development - not over the top but enough to keep you hungry. Settings are quite realistic, acting is obviously superb by every one!

    Only thing which gets slightly contradictory for me is in reality, muslims do not consume alcohol nor will a faithful one commit adultery - Brody's character was apparently turned due to the strong faith he developed for "Islam." Then again hey, you gotta do whatever you can to keep the story intriguing I guess.

    Altogether, I am addicted to the show - looking for the next twist!
  • Love this Show

    Just wanted to say I love this show :)
  • What just happened?

    Two of the best actors out there, Claire Danes and Damian Lewis come together in a deeply engrossing psycological thriller that will leave you filled with doubts regardless of how sure you think you are about what's coming next. This show is partly so compelling because of it's relevance, partly because of the acting and partly because its just so damn good! Not only is the main story arc compelling but the writers have managed to create some of the deepest and most beautifully damaged characters on television at the moment.
  • The BEST drama on TV

    Although I stream every time I see my cable bill, I pay it to watch this show.

    Best written, acted, series. It will sweep the Emmy's.
  • amazing series

    homeland is an exciting and suspenseful series that drags you in with every episode has great twists and very intelligent series, both lead characters are amazing at what they do and very believable... it was great to have a different show away from all the teen,reality,comedy shows...
  • Season 2

    Great show! Can someone tell me when Season 2 starts?
  • am disappointed

    those rating the finale more than 6 are just sponsors or working on the show......really?how do you end a show like that
  • Redefining good tv one week at a time.

    (maybe some spoilers...) I can't believe all the bad reviews I'm reading, this show is awesome and let me tell you why, it's well written, even if we don't like something in the story it's done with a purpose and it adds to the intrigue of the show. And fine maybe we find Claire a bit annoying or we don't like what the writers did with her but it's been there all season and she was bound to explode at some point, the only critique i would make was killing off Walker, I thought the character had potential and I still hope that even if he was killed we get more on his backstory, anyways the show is awesome , great acting, great writing, great story, keep it up.
  • Best new show since... I don't know

    What do you need for a good TV series? Well, for one, good writing. How many times in the last few years have you been irritated by lazy or simply stupid plotlines, that are either extremely clichd, don't make any sense or are just boring? What about acting? Yes, you need talented people to act out the written words, someone like Claire Danes (My So-Called Life), Damian Lewis (Life) or Mandy Patinkin (Dead Like Me). What else... oh yes, have good themes, handle them intelligently and don't disappoint the viewers. Add overall high production values and you have Homeland, the best new drama series since the first season of Dexter probably. Seriously, watch it. Right now.
  • Intriguing Drama with an immensely talented cast.


    If you wanted to see a gripping thriller with incredible characters, you have come to the perfect place. 'Homeland' is the new Showtime Drama that entertains you throughout and never lets you go, thus succeeding in slipping in some really unexpected twists in the plot. With writers who've previously written for '24', the show does look inspired when it comes to keeping the audience in the dark.

    The show is blessed with a small but amazing cast whose performance is worth every penny. Claire Danes plays an intense CIA analyst who believes that recently recovered P.O.W. (Damian Lewis) is plotting to attack America. Her character is unstable and makes it hard for the audience to believe her which adds to the beauty of the script. Damian Lewis, on the other hand, plays the 'guy in uniform' with ease as he did splendidly in 'Band of Brothers'. The show hasn't revealed much about Damian's character and I have a feeling they wouldn't do that any time soon, since it keeps the suspense going.

    The pilot was top-notch and certainly the best that premiered this fall. If the show continues to be intriguing and maintains the high quality of the pilot, it can surely be a genius.

    10 stars at least for now.

  • Outstanding drama with the great acting. Must see of the season!


    The story of turned(maybe) POW is very intriguing! You'll never know want will happen in the next episode.

    Brody's behavior is always on the edge, so you'll never know if he is a traitor or not.

    And only one agents sees truth. Or maybe she's overreacting?

    You'll never what is true and what is not. One thing you are able to to do is to sit still and watch this wonderful series!

  • Genial 2 episodio de Homeland


    Genial 2 episodio con ya algo de accin, Peter Quinn increible haciendo su trabajo de Limpieza, pero veremos si cumple esta nueva misin yo no lo creo, ademas hay algo raro el tipo que baja y pone en clave el nuevo Objetivo Blanco para Peter no me parece que sea el mismisimo Saul, la temporada Arranco Muy Bien. Saludos
  • Season 4 deserves a 4 rating. I wish it ended at season 3.

    This show was about plot twists and super acting. Non of these are in Homeland anymore. Season 4 is incredibly boring and the powerful, strong acting of the past it's just a nice memory.

    I gave it almost 10 because the first two seasons are simply perfect. Season 3 is weak but still enjoyable. Season 4 is a disaster. I fell asleep several times trying to watch it.

    This is the usual networks' greed, trying to squeeze as much money as they can from a show and ruining everything instead.

  • Episode 9 made up for everything

    It has been a dead man walking season up until now, but with episode 9 all is forgiven! This fast paced sprint of an episode felt like watching 24 in the old days.
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    Here's the link to Homeland: http:// watchanyshow . com/watch-homeland-online/

    Hope it helps!
  • Homeland

    This is such a great show and every episode is exciting to watch with not knowing what is going to unfold next Homeland has great actors and I believe it can still do even better.
  • The Mainland

    Homeland is pretty much the only TV series presently, that has got me excited. The first season was a game changer, although I cannot say the same about the second, but still it's better than most of the other shows. The twists are clever enough to make you want for more.
  • Great writers, great plot, great acting

    Claire Danes is great - the story has twists, turns and sheer drops. I did an entire season in 2 days - it's THAT good...
  • A Masterpiece

    Thanks to Claire Danes and a great writing staff, Homeland is truly a masterpiece. Prepare for endless plot twists you never see coming.
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