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  • Season Finale

    This show started out so well and then we had the season finale and it was so bad on so many levels - I will not watch this show again!!! I think the writers hate women - Carrie is the most interesting character and they basically turn her into a sniveling victim - for what - so that they can keep Brody as a character. I don't need to watch him succeed, I am not interested in the character psychologically torturing Carrie and I certainly don't need to see her at the last second remember an important detail and then ooops electroshock therapy with short term memory loss - how convenient
  • if you want a honest review of season 4 because it was crap wtf happened

    is homeland a fucken love story every fucken season we need to watch carries love life this is abt the cia. it`s like watching a fucken soap opera this was a shit season and waste of my time who gives a fuck and they bring her mum back wtf happened to american television. oh i forgot to to add they introduce her half brother who cares unless he works for the kgb as this will just be a waste of time and lead the story no where as it has noting to do with the cia or protecting america

    there is a few episodes where you get to see action and you feel that the show will take you on a journey may be some plot twists but then you realize it`s just disappointing and noting happens

    hell has happened to homeland run out of money forget the performances the story line is crap and what a waste of air time episode 12 is so shit i have never seen such bad television, i am angry where is the torture or any action or any story with substance what the cia famous for.

    come on filmed it in south Africa i know Pakistan is dangerous but should have least used India actors or filmed it in india give it a real feeling to it insted they used black guys playing brown people what a joke wtf language were they speaking half the time .what happened to the story line from season 3 and where are we going seriously we need to wait another year to watch a series turn even craper . wtf happened here showtime seriously i could have came up with a better plot line in my sleep wtf are you people on crack.

    fuk showtime and it`s writers who are a waste of time i could have written a better plot we have to wait a whole year wtf and the season final was so shit wtf holy crap fuken waste of time you finished with that shit wtf wankers who ever produced and directed this give me my time bak watching this assholes your killing american television you tortured me and gave me false belief that the show will turn to his original form as you can see i am sso annoyed and angry .

    if you were a fan of homeland season 1 and 2 were good and season 3 was watchable but season 4 is shit and unless homeland goes back to it`s original form i do not see the ratings getting better

    please write to showtime in email to express your thoughts and save the show

  • So dull and boring

    Everything just drags on and on without any excitement, haven't seen such a boring show in a long long time
  • A TV Series Gone Disastrous!!

    This show has turned to a total disaster. I really don't know if I even want to waste my time on say, a disappointing season 4. I feel like I have been betrayed by the show creators, starting with a high paced, suspenseful first season, that I personally recommended to everyone I knew who'd care for a superbly characterized worthy of attention TV series, to a disappointing nothing-to-lose third season in 4 years. I'll throw everything about this show out the window, maybe I already have, just don't know it yet!!
  • No, Darcy Harcourt...

    A dumb New Zealander has a question about the Dana Brody character


    By DarcyHarcourt, Nov 29, 2013

    May I have some help, please, American viewers of Homeland?

    You are not wrong. Americans hate Dana as much as Kiwis (did I get that right?). And you're not dumb, you're one of the intelligent ones. The dumb ones love this show, no matter what.

    Absolutely yes, we'd like to see a house fall on Dana. Dana the character is moronic and the actor who portrays her can't act.

    My take on why she got an extended, ignorant storyline that sucked up the first few episodes of this season and made them forgettable and loathsome: she is sleeping with the producer.

  • Boring, wrong.. Can watch something better than this.

    Really lame show. The material in the show is so far off from the truth and shameful on how they depict certain situation instead of showing something close to being real. The shows story line is boring. I recommend watching a better show. There are so many amazing shows out there.
  • season 3 is really bad

    I did love this show but season 3 story line has taken a huge turn. I just watched the 3rd episode and could hardly sit thru it. The 2 main characters are both in lock up with little hope of escape and the star is crazy and in an asylum.

    So what happened... are there new writers? what happened to the action and the complexity, this is 2 people trying to escape their current situation and that's about it. Great actors but the writing... will be canceled by season 4 at this rate.

  • How the biggest TV Series in the World was destroyed in 3 episodes of the New Season!!!!

    I am stunned at the Writers/Directors of the new season of was the biggest TV Series all over the World(or second to Game of Thrones. If they deliberately wanted to damage the series they could not have done worse.

    Frankly, is the title of the series 'Homeland' about the Homeland Security or is it 'The Psych Ward'. Three episodes have dealt with nothing but the hero and heroine's battles with drugs and psychiatric illness! Save for a bit about Saul, the writers seem to have been lost in their own world of psychiatric illness and drug filled writing and just lost the plot.

    If bringing out the heroine's well used story line of psychiatric illness wasn't pathetic enough and showed absence of fresh ideas,they even got Dana in the psych ward with her problems.

    All I can say is I'm glad Sleepy Hollow,Black List,etc have started because this season of Homeland is just plain garbage!
  • Lala Land

    This show has turned into a parody of itself. And it never was very credible to start with. The weeping, twitching, flip-flopping Claire Danes-as-Carrie was intolerable anyway. But what I absolutely cannot forgive is the way they have turned the amazing Damian Lewis into an annoying pain in the ass. I did not think that was humanly possible.
  • Where has the Real Carrie gone?

    Shades of Scandal. Great talent, great acting, great writing. The writers leave and the talent can't carry these new episodes.

    Carrie was a brilliant but flawed protaganist last few seasons. She knew something that the others didn't and followed it through in her sometimes brilliant sometimes tragic way. Now she is simply tragic. She knows nothing, can't keep herself together, and should have long ago been relieved and sent home for cause.

    My DVR has been turned off as far as this show goes. Waiting for Justified to start its last Season.
  • Oh Brody Where Art Thou?

    A no Brody Homeland is like 2&1/2 men without Charlie Sheen; it's not the same show. Brody was the proverbial ticking bomb under the table that made everything important while giving all the other characters context. Now Carrie is just another CIA thug carrying out clandestine black ops; no reason to care about her crazy world without Brody and their tragic love affair. I'm curious if the Homeland writers would have created a Gilligan's Island and then removed Gilligan? Or maybe create the Hogan's Hero's show and then eliminate Colonel Hogan? It would seem self evident that eliminating a nuclear character would be a bad thing but apparently not according to the wisdom of the Homeland writers Alex Gansa & Meredith Stiehm; that's why they make the big bucks. What's season 4's big death? That would be even more brilliant writing; how do they come up with this riveting stuff? It is simply not the same show so perhaps a new name like "Carrie & the Gangs Further Adventures in Lebanon" or "Bipolar Carrie & Others Doing Stuff". It really doesn't matter, just as a post Brody Homeland doesn't matter, is void and in fact fails to exist.
  • WTF? Season 4 ends with a whimper.

    This was (and I emphasize was) one of the most original and exciting shows on TV. This season, as with most series, the writers started to grasp at straws to keep the audience interested. At this point, after a greatly belabored story line finally came to an end, I think the season 4 finale should be the series finale. It's time to move on.
  • Wheel Barrow got a flat tire...

    I'm so disappointed in this season. I thought the show's main characters were supposed to be Carrie and BRODY!! They dragged the whole season with unnecessary drama. By this point, I feel like 'who cares who the real bomber is?' They will probably lie about it anyway. Since the end of season 2, when Carrie walked back in and saw Saul, to me, Saul looked guilty. And the way he acts & talks this year, I don't trust him. I think he's part of the bombing. That's just my opinion.
  • Hatufim

    Just finished watching two seasons of the Israeli version Prisoners of War, and the American version comes off quite a second rate imitation. The characters in Homeland are becoming quite ridiculous and unbelievable.
  • Going in the wrong direction

    Homeland started off good with the first season but it's starting to be way over the I find myself already knowing what is going to happen before the episode is anyone really think Abu Nazir was going to be captured at the end of episode let it go when Brodie was walking around in his uniform and in some episodes in season 1 and he was an E5 Sergeant then in other episodes he was an E7 Gunnery Sergeant, figured ok maybe he was promoted in absentia as MIAs usually do , but then he was back to E5 Sgt, a couple episodes later. Then they started giving his annoying daughter more screen time, I promply fast forward now when she comes on the screen. Then there was a female major wearing a US Army Combat Infantryman Badge which is a badge only awarded to men since there are no women in the infantry of 18 series. Then some a freaking news reporter knows the combination to the assistant CIA director's personal safe in his office. Give me a break! And who didn't see the one girl killing herself with her glasses. this last episode takes the cake though, really death by wifi. I think the show is running out of ideas, and just pulling random stuff out to try and keep the plot going. It's starting to turn the case officers into bumbling baffons with no clue about what they are doing. I have a pretty good idea on how the season ends and I'm only watching now to see if I'm right, since I won't be watching next season.
  • Good vs evil

    You had better let good prevail once in awhile, nobody likes to see evil constantly win. Hope next season is better or I will quit watching for sure!!!!!
  • Q & A; a.k.a - Shark Bait

    Let's see if I could summarize:

    1. Quinn morphs into Jack Bauer;

    2. Carrie breaks Brody's spirit by rambling on about their love; &

    3. Dana gets a ride from Linday Lohan's brother.

    Next episode, Arthur Fonzarelli goes water skiing.
  • Not so sure about it

    I still don't know if I like the "new" Homeland. I couldn't wait for the next episode in the previous seasons, but now I am watching it to see i it catches up again. If anything, it's too full of cliches and rather dull, sort of dragging along (despite drone attacks etc). I'll still keep trying to see if it picks up speed or at least my interest
  • used* to be fantastic

    the most current season, like many others have agreed, turned into a complete mess. i'll start off by saying i completely adored the first two seasons. my high expectations for season 3 were met with the disappointment of pointless characters, plot holes, and everything else that could destroy previously popular series. i believed that there were areas of season 3 that had potential, but were knocked down by the lack of creativity and misuse of skills of the writers. so sad to see such a thrilling, well-played drama turn to trash.
  • If you got lot of time to waste - watch this BS Show

    This is how it goes, and the author did the following, pick a real life political situation and twist it around while drunk or under drugs. Add some facts with lots of impossible imaginary incidents, then wake up from the hangover to see all is wrong and does not add up.

    It is all about over sized terrorists, CIA screw ups and characters that are lost and jumping places.

    You cannot fool educated viewers with all this crap, like shooting a scene in Morocco with men dressed as Jordanians and women dressed like Egyptians and say it is Beirut.

    The author, producer, and director should have done more research to convince us, it is another "24" but here Jack Bauer is a Psycho - Cuckoo blonde named Carie

    Do not waste your time on this, slow boring and does not add up!
  • revenge needs to be sweet....

    "Its play time boys", whooosh bang, 30 people dead, "Yeehaa. wrap up the ps3 boys, game over". Lets have a .... happy birthday to you........

    Anything less than the Aayan (remaining wedding survivor) blowing Carries brains all over the sidewalk will be unacceptable. But, thats not going to happen....

    The start of season 4 may have attempted to show that there are some in the CIA/Millitary who simply dont care about murdering non-Americans. But im sure the subtle justifications will start to creep in episode by episode. By the end of the Season, everyone will be feeling like Carrie in episode 1

  • Better Research perhaps necessary??

    I really love this show and find it amazing, but I was very much disappointed when they showed Cyprus the way they did in the season premiere! First of all, Nicosia is nowhere near the beach and second of all we are not as backward as they presented us! Please do more research on countries you visit during the series next time!!
  • It's beginning to look a lot like 24

    Having just seen the Beirut episode, season 2's storyline is getting more ridiculous by the moment,. The foolishness starts with Brodie's flimsy reversal by cell phone in the bunker, Carrie's on-again off-again at a moment's notice illness, Brodie's unbelievable political rise, and ends tonight with his all-too-convenient inclusion in tonight's operation and the repetitious savior by cell at the last possible moment. Homeland is looking like the most incredulous episodes of 24. Now that I know that Howard Gordon is behind both shows, it all makes sense. It also means that if the writing remains the same, I'll stop watching. After a glorious first season, I didn't see how the series could credibly continue the storyline with all the main characters. It does continue, but only for those who didn't tire of 24.
  • Such a Great Start, Such a Bad Ending - Still A Fan.

    Let's be real, 90% of die-hard Homeland fans were disappointed with the Season 4 Finale. The network execs and writers can make excuses all day about the "character development" that was intended, but for true fans, we already know the characters! Sure, we love the characters but we love the action, the suspense, those heart-in-your-stomach moments even more! Maybe I am stretching here, but I feel there were budget or location issues or even a possible behind-the-scenes argument about where the story should go amongst the Showtime staff. I agree with most, the Season Finale did not match or live up to the standards of the other previous episodes of Season 4. Do we really care about the baby? I mean, we know Carrie is a bad mother, and now her mother is a bad mother, thanks. Finally, I don't want this to come off as a rip or tasteless but I have always been curious to know if the Showtime writers intended for Carrie to come off as a slut because of her childhood, or because somehow they are saying she is that way because she is bipolar? Or did they just want her character to be a terrible mom and a slut and show us how contrary that part of her life / character is compared to how well she does her job protecting the country? Either way, it's complex indeed. I just know one thing, I love the series and for the most part, I have nothing but love for how well it has been produced. Still, two things are true: 1. The season 4 Finale could have been better. 2. The Season 5 premiere BETTER make it up to us!

    PS - Though, maybe it wasn't the right moment at Carrie's home, shouldn't Quinn's CIA boss have mentioned something about the whole AWOL incident? No charges, no questions, for going rouge and off the reservation? I mean, even a little "We'll talk later Quinn" would have sufficed.
  • show is becoming rediculously dull

    title says it all, starting to hate this show due to this awful season so far!!!
  • This show is going to get VERY boring very quickly.

    Loved the first 11 episodes, but the writers took the easy way out in the finale. This feels like a total reset. I see viewers jumping ship midway through season 2. I know they have to extend the series, but why not take some chances? Very disappointed.
  • Time to end this...

    While I was really enjoying the first two seasons of Homeland this 3rd season has become quite straining to watch, especially since they have basically turned it into "The Carrie Matheson Show" now! And as great a job as Claire Danes is doing, watching her loony antics all the time is just irksome and exhausting
  • Elder, naughtier sister of 24 with same intentions

    Homeland is the latest chapter in the endless list of CIA vs Terrorist shows/movies that pour it in dozens from USA. A truly talented CIA agent with a mental disorder, is the chief protagonist, who suspects a returning POW of being a terrorist. The show takes the viewers into the workings of CIA and terrorist group based out in Middle East. Based on the first 3 episode, here's the result:

    3 Episode Test:


    There's absolutely nothing new about the plot. It's the much used and abused terrorist theme show. Of course CIA is shown to the be the savior of the world and Muslims are portrayed as terrorist. It might be hard for the ill-informed average American to grasp the idea that it could be the other way around as well. It would have been interesting to see the roles reversed for once. Now I don't know maybe later in the show, we get insight into why and how these terrorist function. But, based on the first 3 episodes, it was text book Pro-American drama. People behind the show are from a mixed background; some of the writers have worked in the previous big name terrorist drama a.k.a. 24. While some others have Dexter experience on their C.Vs. Together, they bring a little bit extra when compared to 24, but, not enough to get the Emmy.

    I didn't particularly enjoy how easily and obviously the story rolled in the first 3 episodes. They could've taken more time to connect the dots. Carrie and Saul would have a lot of hunches and viewers would be taken right to that story. Surprisingly none of those hunches have been wrong so far. A little farfetched. I would like to believe that there's a lot of human error and error in judgment involved in the workings of even the best intelligence agencies in the world. The first scene was a bit implausible as well. That prisoner in Iraq would so easily believe and tell Carrie such a big secret about an American POW turning? I mean really? And Carrie would so easily walk in and out of the facilities.

    I believe they need to pay a LOT of attention to detail if Homeland has to become a great show rather than being just a good show, which it is right now.


    The cast is generally above average. None of them is a household name, to be honest but almost all of them of have delivered very decent portrayals of their respective characters. The front runner is Claire Danes, who is playing a bi-polar CIA agent, Carrie, also the protagonist for much of the show. She's done a fine job so far. But she needs to add a new range of emotions to her character. It's a caffeine overdosed hyper active right now. We need to see a lot more of that bi-polar disorder that she has. Also, when she was sitting at home spying, I found it hard to believe she needed to be so dressed up for it. Attention to detail.

    Damian Lewis plays the returning prisoner of war, Nicholas Brody. He's also given us a composed and concealed character so far. Although his speech right after landing in USA was questionable. Again one would think that coming home after a decade of torture, he would find it extremely difficult to communicate with anyone, let alone a large crowd. Attention to detail.

    Rest of the cast is reasonably solid so far. No stand out performers per say, but, most of them have just about pulled their characters' weight. Morena Baccarin, David Harewood, Diego Klattenhoff and Mandy Patinkin are other major characters on the show.

    Generality: (Soundtrack, Music, overall look and feel):

    The opening theme/sequence is pretty good. It gives us a nice military-ish feel to it. Soundtrack, background music and cinematography have all been generally good. A few of The Wire alumni are involved in the backroom, so it's the least we can expect from them.

    Final Grade:

    All in all, it's a good show to watch. It's nothing extra ordinary so far. It seems like the elder sister of 24 who is a little more mature and a lot more into revealing skin. Some of the nudity/sexual content seemed vital to the story, unlike some other Showtime series (Yes, you House of lies). The relation between Nicholas Brody and his wife was handled with detail and seemed real. Watch this show, but, I would be really surprised if it gets the Emmy with shows like Breaking Bad, Boardwalk and Game of Thrones in the running. A nomination even would be a remarkable achievement.

    more reviews: http://syedhamzaali.tumblr.com
  • The last episode was disappointing

    Of course I did not expect to blow up the bomb, but the way he changed his mind just because he heard his daughter....is stupid!!!!
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