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  • Intriguing Drama with an immensely talented cast.


    If you wanted to see a gripping thriller with incredible characters, you have come to the perfect place. 'Homeland' is the new Showtime Drama that entertains you throughout and never lets you go, thus succeeding in slipping in some really unexpected twists in the plot. With writers who've previously written for '24', the show does look inspired when it comes to keeping the audience in the dark.

    The show is blessed with a small but amazing cast whose performance is worth every penny. Claire Danes plays an intense CIA analyst who believes that recently recovered P.O.W. (Damian Lewis) is plotting to attack America. Her character is unstable and makes it hard for the audience to believe her which adds to the beauty of the script. Damian Lewis, on the other hand, plays the 'guy in uniform' with ease as he did splendidly in 'Band of Brothers'. The show hasn't revealed much about Damian's character and I have a feeling they wouldn't do that any time soon, since it keeps the suspense going.

    The pilot was top-notch and certainly the best that premiered this fall. If the show continues to be intriguing and maintains the high quality of the pilot, it can surely be a genius.

    10 stars at least for now.

  • Is Sgt. Nicholas Brody a hero or a terrorist?


    After being missing, presumed dead in Iraq for eight years, US Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody is found alive. When he returns as a hero to the United States, his country welcomes him with open arms, but CIA Agent Carrie Anderson, who spent five years working in Iraq is not so sure. Carrie believes he is a terrorist who is working with a group of others to plan an attack on US soil. The trouble is, at first, Carrie has a hard time getting others to believe her, including Saul, a long-time agent and friend who recruited her in the first place.

    An excellent program, thrilling and suspenseful, and terrific work by all the principal actors, particularly Claire Danes.

    This show is a must-see.

  • Less lines for Dana, please!

    Season 2 was very good until Dana start talking.

    ... And again in season 3, almost half episode lost on her.
  • Redefining good tv one week at a time.

    (maybe some spoilers...) I can't believe all the bad reviews I'm reading, this show is awesome and let me tell you why, it's well written, even if we don't like something in the story it's done with a purpose and it adds to the intrigue of the show. And fine maybe we find Claire a bit annoying or we don't like what the writers did with her but it's been there all season and she was bound to explode at some point, the only critique i would make was killing off Walker, I thought the character had potential and I still hope that even if he was killed we get more on his backstory, anyways the show is awesome , great acting, great writing, great story, keep it up.
  • Such a Great Start, Such a Bad Ending - Still A Fan.

    Let's be real, 90% of die-hard Homeland fans were disappointed with the Season 4 Finale. The network execs and writers can make excuses all day about the "character development" that was intended, but for true fans, we already know the characters! Sure, we love the characters but we love the action, the suspense, those heart-in-your-stomach moments even more! Maybe I am stretching here, but I feel there were budget or location issues or even a possible behind-the-scenes argument about where the story should go amongst the Showtime staff. I agree with most, the Season Finale did not match or live up to the standards of the other previous episodes of Season 4. Do we really care about the baby? I mean, we know Carrie is a bad mother, and now her mother is a bad mother, thanks. Finally, I don't want this to come off as a rip or tasteless but I have always been curious to know if the Showtime writers intended for Carrie to come off as a slut because of her childhood, or because somehow they are saying she is that way because she is bipolar? Or did they just want her character to be a terrible mom and a slut and show us how contrary that part of her life / character is compared to how well she does her job protecting the country? Either way, it's complex indeed. I just know one thing, I love the series and for the most part, I have nothing but love for how well it has been produced. Still, two things are true: 1. The season 4 Finale could have been better. 2. The Season 5 premiere BETTER make it up to us!

    PS - Though, maybe it wasn't the right moment at Carrie's home, shouldn't Quinn's CIA boss have mentioned something about the whole AWOL incident? No charges, no questions, for going rouge and off the reservation? I mean, even a little "We'll talk later Quinn" would have sufficed.
  • Outstanding drama with the great acting. Must see of the season!


    The story of turned(maybe) POW is very intriguing! You'll never know want will happen in the next episode.

    Brody's behavior is always on the edge, so you'll never know if he is a traitor or not.

    And only one agents sees truth. Or maybe she's overreacting?

    You'll never what is true and what is not. One thing you are able to to do is to sit still and watch this wonderful series!

  • Homeland-Muslims

    The Series is pretty good and well researched.There's one thing though I'd like to add here.More than half of the population in some Arab countries are illiterate.And the governments in question are not interested in educating these people.For reasons I do not want to go into here.So they rely on the Imam to read and explain the Koran to them,that's what's going on in real life...

    The other thing is that for a Muslim it is absolutely forbidden to commit suicide.

    I think it would be helpful to include these facts in the series.Muslims are not automatically "bad" people.Some of them are just misled by their clerics who use ignorance,illiteracy,poverty and stupidity to their own ends.I am not a Muslim myself,but live in a Muslim Country since 15 years.

    Their religion is all about tolerance.prayer,respect and family traditions.It basically says the same things the Bible says...

    The scriptwriters should go in to that more.There is obviously a discrepancy between what the Koran says and how day to day life is led.The other thing is that they never agree to anything.And when they do the "deal" is hardly ever respected.That is a fact people in the West just can't get.You got one Arab,you got one opinion,you got two,three,four...etc.Don't overestimate them or their religious zeal.

    Damian Lewis' portrayal of the main character is excellent.Although I doubt that in real life his character would have developed like it does in the series.Claire Danes' Character portrayal is a thing apart,she's very,very good in this.

    I repeat I'm not a Muslim and I'm not even very fond of them (Arab Muslims,as not all Arabs are Muslims by the way),but try to portray these people more accurately in your TV-Series.I see it as a responsability for the Network to bring people of various religious beliefs together and I think you have the unique opportunity to do just that.


  • Great at the start but not so sure about the ending...

    I loved how homeland started. A marine returning to his country, his life, his family after 8 years of being captured and tortured by terrorists. I loved how how they showed his troubles with returning to his life and how his family had to adjust to him being there again. But after the first half of season one he suddenly seemed to be over his problems and the focus of the show shifted to Carrie and here metal problems and his rise in politics. I would like to have seen his recovery process a little more instead of him suddenly being alright and ready to be the terrorist he was groomed to be.

    The other thing I would like to have seen happen is Brody follow through with his plan in the bunker or at least let his daughter know for sure what he is after the phone call. It brings some of the tension back in the show that got me addicted in the fist place.

    I hope season 2 brings the nail biting tension back from season 1 and more!
  • Season 4 deserves a 4 rating. I wish it ended at season 3.

    This show was about plot twists and super acting. Non of these are in Homeland anymore. Season 4 is incredibly boring and the powerful, strong acting of the past it's just a nice memory.

    I gave it almost 10 because the first two seasons are simply perfect. Season 3 is weak but still enjoyable. Season 4 is a disaster. I fell asleep several times trying to watch it.

    This is the usual networks' greed, trying to squeeze as much money as they can from a show and ruining everything instead.

  • Season 4 Finale

    I came here to watch when Episode 13 would be launched, but then found out that Episode 12 that felt like "the calm before the storm" was the actual finale... "ok"

    Quite disappointing.
  • To Marwan

    Its easier to depict only the prejudiced vision of the arabic world than the truth. Its easier to show filthy "ragheads" then to show the beautifull things Lebanon has.
  • Great show, great actings

    One of the best series ever.
  • don't mind the intrigue... But please don't depict Beirut as a town that is still in the Middle Ages

    Don't mind the Series... Its fictional and it hits home... What irritates me is when you Show Beirut as a rundown City with no Chic ro grand restaurants or even a Nightlife... I suggest to the producers to study a bit more about Beirut before giving the wrong Picture... We do have a night life... we do have clubs, Condos, Beautiful beaches and most of the people are very nice and friendly... That is offensive when we are always the "Bad Guys" When there is a lot Lebanese that just want to LIVE!!! So Please Producers just type in Google... Beirut Nightlife... or even send one scout there and you would be suprised what he will report... How about if a movie came out and showed that all Americans are Red Necks... Don't think you would like that now would you!!! Sorry had to say it...
  • revenge needs to be sweet....

    "Its play time boys", whooosh bang, 30 people dead, "Yeehaa. wrap up the ps3 boys, game over". Lets have a .... happy birthday to you........

    Anything less than the Aayan (remaining wedding survivor) blowing Carries brains all over the sidewalk will be unacceptable. But, thats not going to happen....

    The start of season 4 may have attempted to show that there are some in the CIA/Millitary who simply dont care about murdering non-Americans. But im sure the subtle justifications will start to creep in episode by episode. By the end of the Season, everyone will be feeling like Carrie in episode 1

  • Not so sure about it

    I still don't know if I like the "new" Homeland. I couldn't wait for the next episode in the previous seasons, but now I am watching it to see i it catches up again. If anything, it's too full of cliches and rather dull, sort of dragging along (despite drone attacks etc). I'll still keep trying to see if it picks up speed or at least my interest
  • used* to be fantastic

    the most current season, like many others have agreed, turned into a complete mess. i'll start off by saying i completely adored the first two seasons. my high expectations for season 3 were met with the disappointment of pointless characters, plot holes, and everything else that could destroy previously popular series. i believed that there were areas of season 3 that had potential, but were knocked down by the lack of creativity and misuse of skills of the writers. so sad to see such a thrilling, well-played drama turn to trash.
  • if you want a honest review of season 4 because it was crap wtf happened

    is homeland a fucken love story every fucken season we need to watch carries love life this is abt the cia. it`s like watching a fucken soap opera this was a shit season and waste of my time who gives a fuck and they bring her mum back wtf happened to american television. oh i forgot to to add they introduce her half brother who cares unless he works for the kgb as this will just be a waste of time and lead the story no where as it has noting to do with the cia or protecting america

    there is a few episodes where you get to see action and you feel that the show will take you on a journey may be some plot twists but then you realize it`s just disappointing and noting happens

    hell has happened to homeland run out of money forget the performances the story line is crap and what a waste of air time episode 12 is so shit i have never seen such bad television, i am angry where is the torture or any action or any story with substance what the cia famous for.

    come on filmed it in south Africa i know Pakistan is dangerous but should have least used India actors or filmed it in india give it a real feeling to it insted they used black guys playing brown people what a joke wtf language were they speaking half the time .what happened to the story line from season 3 and where are we going seriously we need to wait another year to watch a series turn even craper . wtf happened here showtime seriously i could have came up with a better plot line in my sleep wtf are you people on crack.

    fuk showtime and it`s writers who are a waste of time i could have written a better plot we have to wait a whole year wtf and the season final was so shit wtf holy crap fuken waste of time you finished with that shit wtf wankers who ever produced and directed this give me my time bak watching this assholes your killing american television you tortured me and gave me false belief that the show will turn to his original form as you can see i am sso annoyed and angry .

    if you were a fan of homeland season 1 and 2 were good and season 3 was watchable but season 4 is shit and unless homeland goes back to it`s original form i do not see the ratings getting better

    please write to showtime in email to express your thoughts and save the show

  • season 4

    The season will premiere on October 5, 2014
  • What just happened?

    Two of the best actors out there, Claire Danes and Damian Lewis come together in a deeply engrossing psycological thriller that will leave you filled with doubts regardless of how sure you think you are about what's coming next. This show is partly so compelling because of it's relevance, partly because of the acting and partly because its just so damn good! Not only is the main story arc compelling but the writers have managed to create some of the deepest and most beautifully damaged characters on television at the moment.
  • Episode 9 made up for everything

    It has been a dead man walking season up until now, but with episode 9 all is forgiven! This fast paced sprint of an episode felt like watching 24 in the old days.
  • Progress of drama

    Season 1 was great. Critics were on board, the network worked it's magic and the fans saw something new.

    Season 2 started off even better. Time went by and the characters changed , they're role evolved, and the people at home got to see a continuation of the story, with few changes but with great progress. It's as if the writers understood that the people like the intrigue, but loved the thrilling chase, the hunt for intel and the assembly of the puzzle. A change is coming to a screen near you and you will not be dissapointed.

    The genre isn't well represented these days so you'd be better off tuning in to see something new and not just another case of the week procedural, this show takes you threw 1 ideea, 1 plotline, and 1destination is allowed. Everyone knows where this is going and were holding on to dear life hopeing we don't miss something in the details (cause... they matter)
  • Absolutely riveting with just one little problem.

    This show is an edge of your seat extremely polished thriller of a show. Claire Danes deserves an Emmy for her performance of the mentally unbalanced CIA agent. And as for the season finale, forget every other post about them not wrapping it up satisfactorily, that would have killed the suspense that will keep us hanging waiting with baited breath for season 2. There is only one problem, which kept me from giving it the perfect score of 10. That problem is as a USMC veteran, I notice that from the stripes Brody wears keep changing him from an E-5 (Sergeant) to and E-7 (Gunnery Sergeant). The continuity there is severely lacking. Realistically speaking, Brody would probably have been an E-6 (Staff Sergeant) when he was captured judging by how old he is. And anybody in the USMC will know that an E-7 is not called Sergeant as they call him, but he would be called "Gunny". Just saying. They really need a USMC advisor on set to catch these glitches. Otherwise, I just can't get enough of this show.
  • A great show that continually finds a way to surprise and stay fresh.

    The first season was by far the standout season as you'll go from the first episode to the second last episode on the edge of your seat, feeling the paranoia of the protagonist. While the second season seemed a bit of a drop in terms of excitement, the three seasons that followed provided fresh stories and new character that keep pulling you into the story. On a side note, I could probably watch an entire season of Quinn shadowing, assassinating, and preventing mass murder.
  • It's a new thing for me.

    It's serious. It's well written. It was captivating.
  • Time to end this...

    While I was really enjoying the first two seasons of Homeland this 3rd season has become quite straining to watch, especially since they have basically turned it into "The Carrie Matheson Show" now! And as great a job as Claire Danes is doing, watching her loony antics all the time is just irksome and exhausting
  • Going in the wrong direction

    Homeland started off good with the first season but it's starting to be way over the I find myself already knowing what is going to happen before the episode is anyone really think Abu Nazir was going to be captured at the end of episode let it go when Brodie was walking around in his uniform and in some episodes in season 1 and he was an E5 Sergeant then in other episodes he was an E7 Gunnery Sergeant, figured ok maybe he was promoted in absentia as MIAs usually do , but then he was back to E5 Sgt, a couple episodes later. Then they started giving his annoying daughter more screen time, I promply fast forward now when she comes on the screen. Then there was a female major wearing a US Army Combat Infantryman Badge which is a badge only awarded to men since there are no women in the infantry of 18 series. Then some a freaking news reporter knows the combination to the assistant CIA director's personal safe in his office. Give me a break! And who didn't see the one girl killing herself with her glasses. this last episode takes the cake though, really death by wifi. I think the show is running out of ideas, and just pulling random stuff out to try and keep the plot going. It's starting to turn the case officers into bumbling baffons with no clue about what they are doing. I have a pretty good idea on how the season ends and I'm only watching now to see if I'm right, since I won't be watching next season.
  • One of the best spy shows out there

    Second to 24 this is the best spy show ever. Very different but With great acting etc. Love Claire Danes in this role. The senator is also great, Soul is awsome, what an Incredible story.
  • Two thumbs up for this show

    Wow. I honestly never thought I would say this but, this show is probably the best show on television right now. Homeland surprisingly has got my full attention.

    In a nutshell this show is about a CIA interrogator (Claire Danes) that suspects a marine who was a POW for eight years of being turned into a terrorist by an Alquaida leader. As the story goes on she unveils tangled webs and tries to put the puzzle together, but nobody in the CIA intelligence really believes her enough to investigate her suspicions.

    Homeland is grade A entertainment. I'm not even a big fan of military espionage dramas, but I watched the first season in 2 days online that is how much I enjoyed it. It keeps you guessing because the storyline is intricate and these writers actually think outside the box for a change. The cast are not just caricatures, but they really embody the roles they're playing. I even liked how they digged deep into the loneliness of Saul and Carrie. Balancing the storyline with other problems that distract from their job. I feel I overlooked Claire Danes as an actress, but I'm dead wrong because she is brilliant and definitely shines in this show. The whole cast is top notch.

    I gave it 9 stars because this show is just starting out. There is more to come and I hope that it continues being this darn good. I wish people that think Falling Skies is so great will watch this show. Homeland sets such a high standard, which is what quality entertainment should be about, instead of trying to make a quick buck with crappy remakes, reality TV, and the other junk they force feed us.
  • Will it work now that we know!!

    What a fab series, but from "The Vest" onwards may have killed series two.

    It was the "is he" "isn't he" conundrum which made the story.

    Damien Lewis at his best, he can be such a baddie (e.g. Colditz) or such a good guy (Band of Brothers) and this brought both sides out beautifully.
  • It's a good show, there's no denying that but STOP PORTRAYING "Beirut" OR "Lebanon" IN GENERAL AS A WARZONE!!

    I have seen a bunch of episodes of "Homeland" and was immediately drawn to its complexity, amazing actors and beautifully written script. The show is always fast-paced and heart-warming at the same time, a combination which makes for perfect television.

    But being an American LEBANESE (and currently living in Lebanon), I do have a HUGE problem with how the show portray Lebanon in general, and Beirut in specific. In a recent episode, there were scenes "supposedly" portraying Hamra Street as a deserted, "war-zone"-like street while in fact if you actually go there (any time of the day, any day of the year), it is one of the most crowded and life-like places to visit in Lebanon. It is currently "THE" place to be.

    I'm sorry, but this insanely huge, awful mistake that ALL Americans do (portraying the Arab world--and this time specifically Lebanon) as a war-zone makes this show a HUGE turn-off for me.

    Will NOT watch this show again.
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